5 Keys to Create a Successful Student CV

Have you ever wondered why some college students get out of college and get a job right away, and others, with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, don’t find a job in their field for years?

Here’s a hint. It has to do with the time you spend looking for a job, your search strategies, and, of course, your resume.  Making a good student CV, oriented to the offer, and with a professional and attractive design that stands out from the rest, is the key.

So, if you are a student or recent graduate, in this article we bring you the best tips to create a perfect student resume and get that job now. Know, you can always ask special services to do my paper for me and they will write you the perfect CV.

How to make a good CV?

The fact of not having work experience does not mean that there are no positive aspects that can be highlighted in your CV. For this reason, it is possible to complete a resume omitting such content. And to do so, here are some tips:

1. Learn about the company you want to work for

With this preliminary fieldwork, you will be able to see what you can contribute to the company and, above all, highlight what they value and what makes up their identity. Once detected, show it in your student resume, and above all, adapt your CV whenever you are going to change company.

2. Take some time to think about what you’ve done that might be relevant to them

There are data that are not necessary, for example, if you are studying for a university degree. It is already understood that you have had to overcome a previous stage to be in that situation. The longer it is, the less likely it is to be read in its entirety.

3. Foreign experience is a plus for companies

If you have done an Erasmus or have had a stay abroad, write it down in your CV. It is a way to demonstrate your ability to adapt to different situations and to stand on your own feet.

4. Add your career goal, and you get points in the selection process

A career objective is a very important and interesting section in your case, as you are going to go from being a student to a professional. Explain where you are, how you got there, and where you want to go if you join the company. Do not make it longer than one paragraph.

5. Organize your resume by sections

One of the many proposals you will see is this structure:

  • Contact details: add your personal details, and don’t forget your mobile and e-mail contact details.
  • Objectives and interests: as this is an important section, don’t forget to put it in the first sections of the CV, so that it can be read quickly.
  • Education: section where you can add your degrees, school, start and end dates, as well as possible merits and awards received.
  • Complementary training: add courses, seminars, workshops, etc. and indicate their official status and put them in the first positions.
  • Languages: an important part that is highly valued by companies, remember to put the level you have, but be careful not to cheat, because it is possible that they will do a level test and you could be in a bad place…
  • Skills and competencies: you can indicate the aspects that you master, such as, for example, specific tools, programs, and other aspects of your personality: leadership, autonomy, teamwork, etc.
  • Other information of interest: in this last section, add anything that may be relevant that is not in the other sections, such as ID cards, availability, volunteering, etc.


Now you have the keys to create your CV and launch with confidence with the optimal tool to find your future employer. Also, you can use different options of CV templates, from the most traditional ones such as word templates to more creative templates with design tools such as Canva, and Edit, among others.

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