4 mins ago

    Jane Seymour finds new love at the age of 63 after she caught her fourth husband cheating with an acquaintance

    After experiencing 4 failed marriages, British-American actress Jane Seymour is not too keen on settling…
    5 mins ago

    Poll: Young Americans say they fear the future of their country

    By Ariel Edwards-Levy, CNN Follow a survey published on Wednesday of the Institute of Politics…
    7 mins ago

    Rupert Grint joins Guillermo del Toro .’s Curious Cabinet Anthology

    Guillermo del Toro . Municipal Cabinet attracted another famous star to add to his collection.…
    8 mins ago

    England overcame Latvia for the 20th time to set a new scoring record

    December 1 – England sealed Belgium’s bolder 19-0 win over Armenia with their 20 goals…



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