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    Mostly White Jury Sits In The Trial Of Kim Potter, Police Officer Arrested While Videoing Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, suburban Minneapolis

    MINNEAPOLIS – A predominantly white jury sat on Friday for the trial of a Minneapolis…
    3 mins ago

    Australia’s Omicron variant spreads, tests reopening plan

    FILE PHOTO: A medical worker carries an RT-PCR swab test at a coronavirus disease (COVID-19)…
    4 mins ago

    Lucy Punch Interview: ‘I moved to the USA because I kept getting cast in the roles of classy idiots’

    Lucy Punch is horrifying. “My God, imagine the protests!” she exclaimed, her mouth curling into…
    5 mins ago

    Scared American woman tells her boss she can’t come to work because she’s in labor

    ONE woman went viral on the internet TikTok after sharing a video of her, in…



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