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    Travel bosses angry at ‘hammer blow’ to industry as tests put in place before UK entry but Raab defends rules

    TRAVEL bosses were furious about the “hammer blow” to the industry when it was announced…
    3 mins ago

    Tom Brady busy in first half, stacking 217 Yards and 3 TDs against Falcons – CBS Boston

    ATLANTA (CBS) – Tom Brady was a busy man early in the game against the…
    4 mins ago

    Hospital wards are packed with CHILDREN with Covid in South Africa as ‘super mutant’ Omicron soars, doctor says

    HOSPITAL wards in South Africa are crammed with sick children with Covid as the “super…
    6 mins ago

    Oxford shooting: Schools should flag disturbing behavior by students, expert says

    PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) – The warning signs are in place: Look for gun ammo on…



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