Zeri nerf in next League of Legends patch removed Spark of Zaun

Zeri, Zaun’s Spark, shined a little too brightly in League of Legends. Riot is targeting the AD carry with multiple nerfs in the upcoming update, with the aim of reducing her damage and mobility, and making her easier to kill.

Zeri has activated Summoner’s Rift since she released League of Legends, but her coat isn’t enough to hold her full power.

Despite multiple nerfs in both the first week fix and in the patches that followed, Zeri kept nearly 51% win rate in all levels and is considered by many to be the strongest ADC in the game along with Jinx.

Her ban rate is 36.85% at all levels, this only increases to 62% when you hit high elo. By Zeri win rate in Diamond + also a very healthy 52.82%, with the best players picking up her high skill level within weeks.

So more nerfs coming to League of Legends patch 12.6 to try and get rid of Zaun’s Spark.

The withered rose Zeri.
Riot Games

Zeri is being upgraded in patch 12.6 of League of Legends.

Riot’s overall goal with the changes, as listed by developer August ‘August’ Browningis to “reduce overall damage and mobility [and] shifts damage out of base AD to nerf with Sheen”.

Stats hit all parts of her kit. Her Q base damage is being increased, but that comes at the cost of reduced base AD and reduced right-click scaling. She will also be weaker with less armor and health, although the latter has scaled up.

Her E cooldown is being increased to a fixed 23 seconds, making it worse late game so she can’t rush into teamfights continuously. The buff to her early game damage also affects her early game when fighting around waves of minions.

Finally, Zeri will gain less movement speed per stack with her ultimate at early ranks, meaning she can’t start zooming around from Level 6.

Zeri’s latest nerf set will be included in patch 12.6 of League of Legends, which is scheduled to launch on March 30.

These will join the small remake of Rengar finally coming out, as well as the major Lifesteal changes that will affect Zeri as well. Zeri nerf in next League of Legends patch removed Spark of Zaun

Emma Bowman

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