You’ve used band-aids all wrong – how to use them correctly

We were too stuck.

A life hack expert has revealed the correct way to use a band-aid – and people are stumped.

Jordan Howlett from San Diego showed on TikTok how to properly bandage a finger wound in a video This has garnered more than 2 million views.

“We put band-aids wrong the whole time,” he exclaimed in the clip.

“If you cut your finger, there’s a certain way the patch should be applied.”

The average person could apply a bandage to their paper cut by wrapping the strips of tape around the circumference of their finger, but Howlett insists his method is more effective.

“Leave the paper on the band-aid and you’ll want scissors,” he explained. “They will cut a line right down the middle of the top and bottom.”

He cut the sticky strips of bandage in half and paused before cutting through the non-stick protective pad.

As he applied the freshly cut patch, he drew a kind of braided pattern with the adhesive sides overlapping for secure placement.

“This wraps your finger perfectly and the glue keeps it from coming off your finger,” he added.

The shocked onlookers threw up their hands in defeat as if Howlett’s latest life hack was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

“At this point, I’m convinced I didn’t do anything right,” one person confessed.

Person putting plaster on leg
TikTokers were shocked by Howlett’s bandage trick despite the fact that it already had ‘pre-cut’ band-aids.
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“I fail at life,” lamented another.

“I don’t think I’m breathing properly at all at this point,” agreed someone else.

While there are bandages that are similar in shape to Howlett’s DIY creation, not everyone may have them on hand, so the so-called hack comes in handy in a pinch.

However, some viewers laughed at the advice, arguing that they didn’t have time to play around with the scissors.

“When I bleed, I don’t cut off a band-aid,” wrote one user.

The Post has reached out to Howlett and Johnson & Johnson, makers of the Band-Aid brand, for comment.

Howlett regularly posts his life hacks on TikTok to his 10.7 million followers, completely stunning his audience every time.

Earlier this year, he revealed the secret ingredient in McDonald’s fries that gives them a delicious flavor: beef flavor.

He then shocked TikTok with a trick to open a can of soda – spoilers, he used a different can.

Howlett previously told The Post that the fast food mystery series, aka his claim to fame, “would be a fun topic of discussion for viewers.”

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