Your sleeping position can ruin your sleep – this is your best bet for a deep rest

EXPERT says a person’s sleeping position could be the key to a good night’s sleep.

But the best way to drift off for one person may not necessarily work for another.

Your sleeping position can ruin your sleep


Your sleeping position can ruin your sleep

Each position has its own unique qualities that, depending on the individual, can disrupt your sleep.

Sammy Margo, a sleep expert and physical therapist, says: “Sleeping in certain positions can exacerbate all sorts of health problems, from back and neck pain to back and neck pain. heartburn.

“The position you choose can even cause your breasts to sag or wrinkle.”

Here The Sun breaks down the best options for you to get a good night’s rest.


A previous study showed that about 60% of people prefer sleeping on their sidee.

This pose is great for people with sleep apnea.

It is also good for people with acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion if the sleeper is especially on the left side.

Dr Angus Nisbet, Consultant Neurologist and Sleep Physician says older people or those experiencing various medical conditions are also more likely to sleep on their side.

I said Live Science: “As we age, we experience more and more diseases. So, assuming one side of your hip has joint disease, you’ll naturally tend to sleep on your side to alleviate the pain you’re experiencing. right.”

However, he explains that there are some limitations to sleeping on your side, and says you can have shoulder pain and risk wincing from pressing down on one side.

If you like to sleep on your side, try and change your sleeping position on a regular basis.

You can also try placing a pillow between your legs to relieve back or hip pain.


Although it may be comfortable, consultant osteopath, Andrew Doody at Fleet . Road Clinic says you should really try and avoid sleeping on your stomach.

“This position puts too much strain on your back from overstretching,” he explains. Unfortunately, for many people, it is the only position where they can doze off, or any other position that causes them to fall asleep. snore”.

“If you’re one of them, try putting a pillow under your belly to relieve pressure on your back. If you’re a side or side sleeper, curl up in your sleep and wake up. , try hugging a large pillow to your chest and abdomen to keep you in position.

“Another reason why sleeping on the front is considered bad is because the head is often turned to one side. This twists the spine and puts extra stress on the neck, shoulders and back.”

To avoid this, Andrew says you can try lying on your stomach.

“Put a small firm pillow or a tightly rolled towel under your forehead, or better still, an upside-down pillow, allowing for breathing space. In this position, you should still place a pillow under your stomach.” .

That said, lying on your stomach is better for people with sleep apnea and also for those who snore.


“Sleeping on your back is probably the best sleeping position for a healthy back,” says Andrew.

“It ensures good spinal alignment from the head and cervical vertebrae, through the ribcage and lumbar, all the way to the pelvis,” he explains.

“Since the back is the widest part of the body, the most weight is distributed in this position, minimizing pressure hot spots.

“However, if you have any lumbar spine problems, you may feel more comfortable with a pillow under your knees.

“This is because many areas of low back pain in the lumbar spine are in the back, facet joints and nerve roots. Placing a pillow under the knee helps the lumbar spine gently flex and extend back, take the pressure off these joints and nerves.”

But sleeping on your back is not good for sleep apnea.


Consultant osteopathic physician Andrew Doody explains: “Finding the best sleeping position can help relieve back pain. Make sure you’ve found a position or two that’s comfortable for you.

“Having multiple people helps so you don’t get stuck in the same spot for hours on end. Everyone sleeps differently.

“So there’s no one perfect position, but a good place to start is to make sure your head, shoulders, and hips are in alignment. The best way to do this is usually lying on your back or side.”

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