Your secret sexual fantasy according to your zodiac sign

“What’s your fantasy?”

asked Ludacris and we tell people, unzip, reveal and spill each zodiac sign’s secret sex fantasy. Whether you’re into butt, BDSM, edging, roleplay, or sex in a fur suit, the spectrum of human sexuality is as broad as it is beautiful.

As with all aspects of sex, consent is the be-all and end-all.

When exploring with a partner, make sure you set clear expectations, firm boundaries, and mutual excitement. Furthermore, there is enough shame, guilt and evil oppression in the world; Do your part to fight this unholy trinity by meeting the disclosure of any fantasies or kinks with compassion, curiosity, and a firm stance of non-judgment.

For those exploring or expressing fantasies with a partner, or deepening their own understanding of desire, a sex fantasy worksheet is a great starting point for conversation and carnal fellowship.

Now it’s time to get in.

Read for your Sun and Rising, as well as your Mars sign, which governs sex drive and desire, and your Neptune, which governs dreams, fantasy, cosplay, and cartoons.

hard sex

Fireman under woman
Aries like rough sex (ice pick negotiable) and firefighter fantasies.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, named after the lord of war and patron saint of passions.

Aries prefer sporty sex, red sports cars and impulse buying.

Always in search of physical exertion and sexual fulfillment, rough sex meets a mix of fantasy, pain and adrenaline as a reaffirmation of one’s vitality.

Passionate Aries are also aroused by any role-playing scenario in which they are portrayed as heroes, particularly and preferably as a firefighter. Pants and suspenders are recommended but not required.

sex in the forest

No clothes, snow problem.
No clothes, snow problem.

Despite all the clichés that Taurus is a comforting, comfort-seeking hedonist, these people are first and foremost the first earth sign of the zodiac.

Ruled by well-being and good looks Venus-Tauruses are generally calmed and energized by nature when they indulge their animalistic urges in the wild.

A picnic that combines sex and snacks, a hammock affair, or a tent pole surrounded by green (her power color) is the way to go.

Quickie in public

Venus in Scorpio
Sex anywhere but ordinary is a carnal cup of tea for Gemini.
Getty Images

Geminis have inquisitive minds and notoriously short attention spans.

Consequently, their sexual fantasies are also brief and exploratory, taking the form of an impulsive rendezvous in a public restroom, a quickie in the car, or on a wall in a nearby alleyway.

Especially hot points when the rendezvous is preceded by dirty feelings confidently whispered in their ear or sent to their inbox.

rope game

Netflix teaches us how to build a sex room
Two women with rope in How to Build A Sex Room.

Cancer rules the 4th house of home and roots, and locals harbor lingering fears of abandonment.

So the sexual balm for abandonment and the key to their attraction lies in rope play.

If you can’t tie them up forever, you can at least tie them up for a night.

New York Post readers also love:


Sex on the laptop.  pornography
Leos want to be wanted and watched.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ruled by the never-subtle Sun, Leos have a serious “look at me” bent.

Imagination takes the form for her to be watched and adored.

Whether it’s on stage, on screen, or on a stripper pole, they’re tough on sexual fame.

Someone who orgasms at the sight of them is the pinnacle of pleasure for the lion pride, even more so when flattering evidence like a pornographic Polaroid or a flattering sex tape comes into play.

imagination in the workplace

Teacher in a low-cut shirt
Ever keen on efficiency, Virgos love to have lunchtime imaginations in the workplace.

Virgo rules the 6th house of service and daily habits, so the idea of ​​being served at work and then returning to business appeals to their sense of duty and efficiency.

A lunchtime sex session over or under the desk, role-playing as a secretary, or oral sex during a Zoom meeting should do the trick.

Get paid to have sex, check, check


BDSM concept image featuring a mask, handcuffs and an R covered whip/whip
Because Libras often struggle with making decisions, they like being told what to do and when to come.

Symbolized by Libra seeking balance, Libras struggle to make decisions and keep people happy.

These traits find their sexual expression and psychological balm through BDSM, particularly through a supporting role.

Telling him exactly what to do and what your partner wants while indulging in pleasure reduces anxiety, intensifies orgasms, and improves complexion, blood flow, and general mood.

Erotic suffocation

Intimate couple, man kissing a woman's neck, close-up
Scorpios love to take pleasure to the extreme.
Getty Images

Scorpio is a sign that craves intensity, intimacy, and intense intimacy.

Rulers of the 8th house of sex, death, mysteries and resurrection, the euphemism of orgasm as petit mort or little death finds a home here.

Pushing your lust to the basement door and ramping up the state of suffocation, whether alone or with a partner, appeals to Scorpio’s fearless spirit.

Mile High Club

A row of seats on an airplane.
Sex at high altitudes and in difficult conditions appeals to adventurous archers.

When it comes to sexuality, Sagittarius gets drunk on the new and the novel, picks up a stranger at a bar, enjoys the thrills of real-life anonymity or roleplay and/or sex in motion; At the Mile High Club, behind a bullet train or a Greyhound bus, moving against the blurred landscape is a tried-and-true draw.

Upbeat problem solvers, Archers care more about the story than the details, so they don’t mind the awkward angles, poor lighting, and suspicious smells of an airplane lavatory.

Missiles in flight, all of you.

Get paid for sex

Man pays dollars to sleeping prostitute on white bed in hotel
Caps get excited at the idea of ​​transactional sex and being good enough in bed to charge top dollar.
Getty Images/EyeEm

Capricorn is the big father of the zodiac who calls the shots and foots the bill.

This is also a sign of punishment of excellence and hot kink under the collar.

Caps want to be the best with an emphasis on capital gains and harbor the secret fantasy of getting paid for sex.

Combining pleasure and potential and keeping it hot by keeping it transactional.

Alien RPG

UFO flies in a dark sky.  alien concept
Kidnapping fantasies are a kind of homecoming for Aquarius.

Beam ’em up and tune in, Aquarius is ruled by riotous Uranus and lives for the unexpected and the yet-to-be-explored.

They vibrate deep with space and identify with the alien plight as the resident misfit/freethinker/loner genius of the zodiac.

Therefore, it is likely that these people are drawn to alien role-playing scenarios and abduction fantasies. Test tubes, probes, suction situations, flashing lights, chrome underwear, Star Trek inspired sex toys, robotic commands, etc.

Water bearers are on their way to go where no man has gone before.


Harvard Sex Week Poll: Foursome, Orgy.
When it comes to sex and the always-inclusive Pisces, the more the merrier.

Pisces is the sign of the limitless dreamer and this blue sky without rules expands and perhaps even amplifies the sexual fantasies of Piscean people.

A pastel colored circus tent orgy where everyone is covered in glitter and moving to experimental Finnish trance music is just the kind of fantasy scene they want to immerse themselves in.

Rulers of the 12th house, where barriers are dissolved and states shifted, a merging of bodies moving as one towards the expressed goal of equal enjoyment, Pisces is great fun.

Bonus points are there if everyone sticks around to cuddle and snuggle up in their pillow fort after the game.

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