Youngkin puts the staff into panic mode after executing a devastating plan: ‘Chaos’

The important race theory is the important race theory by any other name.

Leftists are chameleons. Chameleons change color to blend in with their environment. In this way, they protect themselves and at the same time are camouflaged to lure unsuspecting prey. CRT advocates have adopted chameleon tactics.

In Virginia, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin spotted the CRT in disguise. Based on Newsweek, Youngkin, while explaining his ban important racial theory At schools, he announced that he has set up an email tip stream so parents can report “divisive behavior” in the classroom.

The Virginia teachers union was outraged, and they charged Youngkin with intimidation. When the teachers union is against transparency, it tells you something. Who watches the watchmen when it comes to the education of our children? In Virginia, it’s the parents’ turn.

It’s about time. Good for you Governor Youngkin. Maintain form.


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According to Newsweek, Youngkin told conservative talk show host John Fredericks on Monday that the purpose of the advice is for parents to “send us any case where they feel that basic rights are Their rights are being violated, when their children are not respected. , where there are inherently divisive practices in their schools. ”

In the light of all the uproar in Loudoun County leading up to Younkin’s election, one can guess that the parents weren’t happy with the CRT. Far away from it. When a parent found out that schools were teaching their children to hate each other based on the color of their skin, a lot of them went crazy. People don’t pay attention.

Younkin is leveling the playing field. If the left-wing school board wants to debate the CRT or anything else, that’s fine and fine. Let the debate begin.

Should critical race theory be banned in schools?

But they avoided actual arguments like a school kid shirks his homework. Leftists know that in a public debate the CRT in its various guise – BLM, gender theory or likes – will perish in the light of reason. Public debate used to be at the core of public life.

The best enemyrecords the debate between William F. Buckley Jr. conservative and leftist Gore Vidal. The men don’t like each other – not even a little. But both are smart and have practical arguments behind their positions. They were men with opposing visions of America, and they weren’t afraid to make it public.

Not so with the Virginia teachers union. James J. Fedderman, president of Virginia Education Associationcriticized the tip line: “With only two weeks left in his administration, [Youngkin] caused chaos and division across the Commonwealth with unconstitutional executive orders and poorly designed ‘hotlines’ designed to intimidate educators into simply trying to their job. “

Teachers threatened to defend their point of view against parents who may disagree with them? Scary thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many good teachers out there. But that’s all the good things are, teachers – not political activists.


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Macalauy Porter, a spokesman for Youngkin, said the tip line was set up as a “source of information for parents, teachers and students to forward any questions or concerns”. Of course, not all of these concerns are viable. But some of them, especially considering the way parents treat the Loudoun County School Board, will.

It’s not just Loudoun County. Seven other Virginia school districts defied Younkin’s recent mask ban, as reported in National rating.

A lot of declared in the mainstream media CRT is not taught in public schools trash. In Virginia, such claims have been countered by parents, and they are.

When Youngkin’s Democratic opponent in the gubernatorial race, Terry McAuliffe, claimed that CRT was never taught in Virginia, he lied. Claim was dropped when Fox News Investigations found that a radical CRT theory book was introduced to all stakeholders in the public school system and that the CRT was posted on the Virginia Department of Education website.

You can’t have it both ways, Mr. McAuliffe. Reality always wins.

But CRT is not going away anytime soon.

It is camouflaged in the shadows of new headlines, such as “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”. It’s lost its way into the monotonous world of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo guys that can seem innocuous to those unfamiliar with edu-speak. CRT is a strategy developed by Marxist activists. It is designed to brainwash the masses with empty amusements that act like a hate virus.

Be careful. Those who advocate camouflage love hate. They treat your children as their best prey. They are waiting in our classroom.

Do not fall for it. Open your eyes wide.

https://www.westernjournal.com/youngkin-sends-teachers-unions-panic-mode-executing-devastating-plan-chaos/ Youngkin puts the staff into panic mode after executing a devastating plan: ‘Chaos’


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