Woman bans sister-in-law from babysitting after she puts breast milk in her child’s ears

A woman has spoken out about banning her sister-in-law from babysitting after she tried to cure an ear infection with breast milk.

Every few years new forms of parenting emerge, and with them ideas about what should and shouldn’t be done. There are often heated debates on social media about different opinions, but most people understand that it is ultimately the parents’ decision. The same cannot be said for an unnamed sister-in-law who took matters into her own hands.

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Reddit user SILbabysit, who took to a popular advice thread on the social media platform, reflected on her sister-in-law’s behavior after she was asked to work as a babysitter.

She explained: “Rose is prone to ear infections. She recently had a double ear infection and was unable to go to school on Friday because she had a mild fever.”

Feeling under the weather, Rose stayed home, but her mother “had to go to work” and needed someone to look after her daughter. Of course she accepted her sister-in-law’s (SIL) offer. Although everything seemed fine, the SIL later admitted to using her own breast milk to combat the ear infection.

“She even offered to send some home in a dropper bottle so I could keep giving it to her,” the original poster reads. “She claims it’s a great remedy and Rose is already feeling better.”


The mother “couldn’t believe” her SIL hadn’t consulted her before trying the home remedy, and the pair got into a heated argument that ended in a babysitting ban.

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She continued: “I yelled at her about it, we argued and I told her she couldn’t be left unattended around Rose and looking after her.” Now Rose is upset about not being able to go to her house anymore Aunt can leave, and my brother called me to tell me that I upset his wife, that she was just trying to help, and that I overreacted.”

The original poster said she had a right to be upset because her SIL “squirted her bodily fluids into my child’s ear.”

Did other social media users agree?

The post garnered widespread attention on Reddit, quickly garnering over a thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments.

One user replied: “Ehhh soft NTA but that seems like an overreaction. Yes, she definitely should have asked first. I believe that the labeling of breast milk body fluids, while correct, is somewhat equating it with unsanitary things that one would never put into a child’s body. Again, she should have asked first, but never letting your child see her again seems extreme for this reason. She just wanted to help, it wasn’t malicious.”

“She did it without asking, that’s the problem here,” someone else argued, while a third said: “It’s your role as her parents to protect her and make the best medical decisions for her – none.” “The parent has the right to make this call.”

According to the parent advice site Baby Gooroo“Breast milk contains antibodies that can help fight infections, and studies show that breastfed babies have a lower risk of ear infections.”


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