Wife gets shamed for telling other women not to date broken men.

Her sweetheart has money – but her love for his funds freaks out feminists.

Slanderous phrases like “gold digger,” “madness,” and “money dog” are brutally thrown at a self-proclaimed femininity influencer who – while praising her husband for his big bags – virally urged women not to date men without the green light .

But their unsolicited advice just doesn’t resonate with keyboard critics.

“Daily reminder of Never date broke men‘ demanded Dubai-based TikTok host Sofia Kralow in the on-screen caption of her controversial clip.

The trending footage, which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times, shows the brunette being showered with helicopter flights, designer accessories, luxury cars and large sums of money by her husband Thomas Kralow, a wealthy hedge fund manager and YouTuber.

(Left) A screenshot of Sofia Kralov's money.  (Right) A screenshot of Sofia Kralov's designer handbag.  (Inset) Sofia Kralow and her husband Thomas Kralow dance in front of a helicopter.
Dubai-based influencer Sofia Kralow received a spate of virtual backlash on TikTok after virally reminding women to “never date broke men.”
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“Raise your standards,” she wrote in the caption, underscoring her wisdom with hashtags like “#PrincessTreatment,” “#Goals,” and “#Millionaire.”

As a finishing touch, Kralow — who in other clips blatantly flaunts the ritzy assets of a wealthy man’s wife, like huge bouquets of roses, exotic vacations, enviable spa treatments and a handful of dough — capped the post with a remixed soundbit by rapper Latto, who coquettishly says: “Thanks to my husband”

But instead of being dazzled by her glamorous regalia, the women were disappointed by Kralow’s alleged financial dependency.

A screenshot of Sofia Kralov's new car.
Haters online shamed Kralow for seemingly relying solely on her husband’s money.

Sofia Kralow lives in Dubai with husband Thomas Kralow, a hedge fund manager and YouTuber.
In her post, Kralov thanked her wealthy husband for gifting her fine luxuries.

A screenshot of Sofia Kralow's credit card being stolen.
Both men and women referred to Kralow as a “gold digger” because she reveled in the spoils of her husband’s earnings.

“No thanks I’d rather have my own money and be in love,” wrote one self-sufficient naysayer in the comments.

“So we’re dependent on a man’s salary again 100 years ago? Great message,” quipped an equally unimpressed feminist.

“Daily reminder becomes independent. We don’t need a man to take care of us,” added another.

However, others, including outraged men, shamed Kralow for her dating directive.

Sofia Kralow, based in Dubai, on TikTok.
In a subsequent post, Kralow responded by asking why the online trolls automatically assumed she didn’t have any money of her own.

“Gold digger, money dog,” barked an enemy.

“Lmao date rich man??? Get out of here with your delusional mindset,” another digital hater partially spat.

“Poor man, when the money runs out, the woman goes too. [These] “Typical girls aren’t in love with guys – only money,” wrote another.

Karlow’s advice on avoiding penniless hunks draws heavily on similar advice recently given by British trendsetter Tam Kaur, 22, who revealed her eight strict rules for dating – which included the law that her suitors must be good providers have to be. Her word to the wise also echoes the teachings of New York influencer Ella Freimann, 24, who, despite being hated by trolls who have dubbed her a “gold digger,” refuses to split the bills with every man she meets meets.

And when it came to the shadow she received directly, so was Kralov remained unaffected by the harsh conditions rebukes.

In a separate video, she asked, “Can someone please explain to me the connection between never dating a broke man and being dependent on a rich man or any other man?”

“If you date [a] Rich man,” Kralow said in conclusion, “You can be rich on your own!”

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