Wife cheated on pregnancy and gave full custody to the baby’s father, now wants to reunite with the baby

A woman who cheated on her husband has given up full custody of her newborn daughter to the father. Ten years later, she desperately yearns to meet the girl, but fate has other plans.

A 45-year-old mother thinks social media will give her advice on seeing the estranged daughter she abandoned to be raised by her father. But it is only after going through her full story that one learns the twist of fate in this woman’s tumultuous past.

There is hardly any doubt in the Redditor Throwawayymama’s marital life. She and her husband were enjoying the best times together, and everything seemed pristine until she got pregnant. Deep down, the mother-to-be knows it’s not her husband’s baby and fears the negative consequences.

The mother of 5-year-old twin girls tricked her husband into painful consequences | Photo: Shutterstock

Almost a decade ago, the Original Poster (OP) was at a bachelor’s party for her friend when she ran into another man. The two hooked up soon after and she became pregnant.

OP knows that she cheated on her husband but decides to give herself more time to explain herself. In the end, she welcomed a baby girl, but instead of attracting obedient children, the mother received a backlash from her family and friends.

Even her husband did not spare her because of the obvious difference between him and the infant. He was black, while the child was white with blue eyes and blond hair, similar to the man she was connected to. The mother is soon fired for cheating on her husband and asked to make an important choice.

OP came under intense criticism after her family and friends noticed her baby might not be her husband’s | Photo: Pexels

OP’s husband forgave her, mostly because he wanted her to be a good mother to their 5-year-old twin son. But he also has a condition. He threatened OP to get a divorce unless she gave up her newborn baby for adoption.

But she could no longer refocus after some friends who lived near her partner informed her of his taking other women.

Despite her guilt for cheating on her husband, the desperate mother was determined not to abandon her child so she narrowed down his request to compromise. OP has agreed to give full custody of the child to her biological father, who has offered to raise her.

OP’s husband threatened her with divorce | Photo: Pexels

Once the proceedings were over, the couple moved into another state to escape their controversial life. After ten years and the birth of a daughter, they have managed to mend their fractured relationship.

However, no matter how hard she tries, OP can’t deny that she still wants to meet her first daughter. To her disappointment, her husband repeatedly refused to let her see the girl.

For years, the OP found solace in the occasional updates she received from her daughter’s friends. OP’s husband never allowed her to chat directly with her daughter’s biological father.

OP’s eldest daughter’s father has taken full custody of her | Photo: Pexels

Eventually, the child support payments she paid to her daughter began to affect her overall finances due to her husband’s insistence, forbidding them to combine their finances. When the OP brings up these issues with her husband, he often shuts down the conversation by saying her daughter will visit her when she’s 18.

The mother chose not to spoil the peace in the family by discussing her past with her husband. But she lost her composure after some friends living near her daughter informed her of the father bringing other women around her daughter. She doubts the rumor but worries about the bad effect on her 10-year-old daughter.

OP thought the online forum on Reddit would help her with her problem so she sought advice with the excuse “I feel stuck…”. However, the responses she received were not favorable to her.

OP distraught & helpless | Photo: Pexels

“Honestly, if he finds out that the baby isn’t his at birth, you shouldn’t even mention her. Imagine spending nine months thinking the baby was yours, preparing for it, being happy…and then BOOM! ” Redditor salm82 stated, add:

“He set the ground rules for reconciliation, and you accepted. Leave it there. Your husband is also under no obligation to take care of your daughter. And if she wants to see you, then she can get in touch.”

Most agree with the user and consider it unfair for her to anger her husband by trying to renegotiate the terms they originally agreed to. Among them are users beyoncelomein, who raised a few questions at the OP.

People say it’s unfair for OP to renegotiate the original terms she agreed to with her husband. | Photo: Pexels

“OP, it’s unfortunate to have a child, but you are placing it on your husband to have compassion for you. Hasn’t he done enough? Also, are you evaluating the biological father’s lifestyle, really? ” Redditor Written.

“Why should your husband, whom you cheated on, pay alimony for your child, which is the product of your affair?” question other users.

The OP hasn’t given an update on what she plans to do, and it’s anyone’s guess whether she’ll walk the extra mile to meet her estranged daughter.

It’s been ten years since OP held her daughter. Only fate will tell if they will reconcile | Photo: Pexels

Does OP deserve to be punished for the mistake she made ten years ago that prevented her from seeing her daughter?

Some people think that OP deserves to be punished for her past mistakes and should wait until her daughter comes out. Others assumed that she had already agreed to her husband’s terms, so it was unfair to renegotiate his terms. If you were the OP’s partner, would you amend the terms and allow the mother to see her estranged daughter? Or would it be better if you stood your ground and sternly disagreed?

Do you think OP’s daughter will still want to make peace with her mother after all the bitterness that has happened?

Some people advise OP to know his daughter’s point of view before making peace with her. Furthermore, she only received updates about her daughter through neighbors and friends, not from her daughter herself. Considering their communication distance, do you think the girl would be fine when her mother’s figure suddenly came into her life?

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