Why your thermostat could add hundreds to your energy bill if it’s in the wrong room

THERMAL bills are skyrocketing for households across the country, so many are trying to find ways to keep costs down.

And you may not realize that the exact location of your thermostat in your home can have a big impact.

You should not put the thermostat in the coldest room in the house


You should not put the thermostat in the coldest room in the houseCredit: Getty

Basically, you shouldn’t put the thermostat in the coldest room in the house because it will trick you into paying more to heat other rooms that may not need it.

Experts have revealed that placement is especially important when it comes to your thermostat.

That’s especially important because millions of households are preparing to find out if they face Up 600 pounds on their bills.

The increase in the energy price ceiling will be announced tomorrow and is expected to 50% increase from April 1st.

Experts also predict energy bills could rise again in October to more than £2,000 a year.

This along with cost of living crisis means that the most vulnerable had to take decide between heating and eating in the worst cases.

But yes many steps you can do to try to reduce your bill and you should start with the thermostat.

This tiny dial, which controls the temperature in your home, has a big effect on how big the bill is.

If you put it in the wrong room in your home, it can add hundreds to your bill.

Experts say placing it in the bathroom, a room with such an unsuitable temperature, can damage its indicators.

That’s because the temperature it perceives changes from hot to cold when the shower is run and the tub is withdrawn.

Same with placing the thermostat next to the window.

As well as a Windows can waste energy to drip out of the house as cool air rushes in, the chill of the window ledge can affect your thermostat as well.

But at the other end of the scale, direct sunlight hitting your thermostat can fool users into thinking the house is too hot.

Where should I put the thermostat?

If the thermostat is located in a colder area, especially if it doesn’t reflect what’s going on in temperatures in the rest of your house, it means your home is heating up. unnecessarily.

You should aim for your thermostat’s readings to be as accurate as possible, so that it can work efficiently and you don’t waste energy.

You should have it in your most used room, according to Guidelines for the design of domestic heating systems CIBSE.

This should also be where you’ll want to feel the heat most, like the living room or master bedroom.

Many people also like to keep a few belongings in their hallway, which can be a central spot in the home, but remember to close the sliding doors if that’s the case.

However, if you have a wired thermostat, moving it can be an expensive and difficult undertaking.

Investing in a wireless thermostat that you can put on as you please can be a worthwhile investment as it will give you more control over your heating.

How else can I help reduce my bills?

Not only is it important where you place the thermostat, but also how you use it.

Most households will regularly set their thermostats above 22°C but that’s more than necessary and means you’re also paying more than necessary.

Uswitch explains that households can potentially save up to £127.70, by reduce the temperature of the thermostat only one degree.

Also upgrade your kit to a smart thermostat can save you up to £164 a year – it will connect your heating to the Internet so you can lower the temperature on your phone when you’re out and about.

But this comes with upfront costs that you’ll have to factor in, ranging from £150-£250.

Make sure yours house is insulated too important.

Also, while you are looking for a new home for your thermostat, you should evaluate all wasted energy. room by room in your house.

You can turn something off here, or plug a naughty gap there, and the coins will go up soon.

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