Why Three Friends Did a ‘Love Experiment’ To ‘Date Everyone’

In the new MTV reality series The Love Experiment, three best friends embark on a dating adventure together.

The show airs August 15 (10 p.m.) and follows Atlanta, Georgia-based single woman Marcia, aka “Mars,” 30, a flight attendant; Paige, 27, who has her own management consulting business; and Tamara, 30, flight attendant/entrepreneur, as they select from a pool of 24 men to narrow their choices.

“When you watch shows like ‘Love is Blind’ or ‘Love Island’ you try to feel [the other] Guys out,” Tamara told The Post.

“With us, we had an advantage because we had a strong bond and friendship,” she said. “We said, ‘I’m going to lean on you, and if you see the red flags [in men], Tell me!’ It was good to have support there as we met and found out more about ourselves. This makes our show different from any other show.”

Paige, Tamara and Marcia wear smiling dresses.
Paige, Tamara and Marcia (right) stand in the “Hall” at “The Love Experiment”.
Hugh Tull

“We’re big career women,” Paige told The Post. “We are sisters and friends, we support each other. Yes, we have our friends to text or call after a date [outside of the show]. But having them on this journey while they are on their journey – you never really understand that.”

The friends said they had no qualms about being interested in the same man.

“It wouldn’t happen that way,” Marcia, aka “Mars,” told The Post.

“That’s the beauty of it. We have such different interests in men that our tastes are not the same. It was never going to be, “We both want him.” It was more like, “Girl, get your man!” It was never a competition among us, it was all love and guidance among friends.”

Tamara sits smiling on a couch.
Tamara in “The Love Experiment”.
Allister Foster

On the show, the three ladies enter a “hall” where 24 single men stand in separate booths surrounded by photos and items symbolizing their interests (to mimic the look of a dating app profile).

Each man wears headphones so the ladies can gossip about every man right in his face while they sort of “window shop” to find dates.

“That was the best. I really liked that,” said Mars.

“It was something of an icebreaker between us. We got a chance to keep a little bit of secrecy with the guys – keep our little nicknames, jokes and stuff private. Because [while the men wore headphones]they can see it but not hear it.”

Paige is sitting on a couch in a dress.
Paige makes dating decisions.
Hugh Tull

Paige said she also enjoys being able to talk to her friends about the men while they stood in front of the women and couldn’t hear them speak.

“Of course we don’t want to call you back. But when it’s women doing it, like, ‘You know what, he’s got a really great six-pack,’ then it’s fun because that’s the stuff we do as women,” she said.

“Doing that to their faces is like, ‘Great!’ I’m glad you’re here to see my reaction to you. As soon as I saw the rooms, I thought, “Okay, little artifacts, I see a cross, I see a law book.” If you will, we love being our own little FBI agents. The great thing about walking out of the arena after seeing the guys’ looks was that we were able to shed the layers and get to know them on an up close and personal level.”

Paige and Tamara are sitting on a couch.
Paige and Tamara reflect on their choices in The Love Experiment.
Allister Foster

The three friends said the choice of men is sometimes overwhelming, but Tamara said she appreciates diversity.

“We owe it to ourselves to stay current because we don’t have to commit. That’s the biggest takeaway from the show: date everyone!”

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