Why scientists say it’s time to study sex in space

Prudish NASA has admitted they may need to study sex in space if humanity is ever to make it to other planets.

A growing number of scientists argue that it is essential for human survival on long journeys or when moving to Mars Elon Musk hopes to do this by 2050.

This is something the space agency has long shied away from, so we’re completely in the dark as to how it might work.

“No research has examined intimate relationships or the human experience of sexual functioning and well-being in space or space analogs, or how this may affect crew performance,” says Simon Dubé, a psychologist at Concordia University said Mike.

After avoiding the topic for years, NASA seems a little more open to the idea, but cautioned that it is “not currently seeking any suggestions or considering a dedicated field service or project office on the subject.”

“Our primary concern is to ensure the health and safety of crew members in space over long periods of time,” said a NASA official.

“Should a need for more in-depth studies of reproductive health in space be identified in the future, NASA would take the appropriate steps.”

Scientists say a whole new discipline called “space sexology” needs to be introduced.

Bubé and other experts published research last year saying we “need to learn how to reproduce safely and establish comfortable intimate lives in space.”

They are concerned about the “adverse effects” that long journeys through space could have on astronauts with limited privacy and lack of access to intimate partners.

“Love and sex are central to human life,” the group says.

Scientists say a whole new discipline called "space sexology" must be introduced
Scientists say a whole new discipline called “space sexology” needs to be introduced.

“Nevertheless, national and private space agencies are moving forward with long-term missions to the International Space Station (ISS), the Moon and Mars without concrete research and plans to address human eroticism in space.”

Cosmonaut Valery Polyakov spent an incredible 14 months in space in the 1990s.

The Russian adventurer reportedly came into contact with fellow astronaut Elena Kondakova during their time together on the Mir space station.

But the couple and Kremlin officials angrily denied claims that they stripped and banged in the cramped cubicle for the benefit of all mankind.

In his journals, he mentioned that superiors had suggested he take a sex doll as a companion to explore the stars with him on the mission – but said he feared he would become too attached to the busty inflatable romp unit.

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