Why did Boba get sick on ‘Boba Fett’s Book’?

[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett, Episodes 1-2.]

Thank goodness Jabba the Hutt has a bacta tank lying around in his palace, because Boba (Temuera Morrison) need it.

The fearsome bounty hunter turned crime lord seems to be having a hard time, health wise. A brief scuffle with some assassins – which perhaps once did not make him favorable, in the old days – now requires him to be brought back to the palace by his loyal guardians, and he seems to be going through his daily therapy sessions in the tank. But why? What happened between the flashback and the current plot to affect Boba’s health?

Here, we analyze two theories as to why Boba is sick and what that might mean for his future.

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Theory #1: It’s all Sarlaac’s fault

Being digested by Sarlaac is unpleasant, but surviving it can be even worse. Aside from losing his armor to Jawas and receiving all of Sarlaac’s acid scars, it’s possible the whole ordeal left Boba with additional problems that required bacta treatment.

Normally, when someone was swallowed by Sarlaac, the monster would inject the victim with a painful nerve agent to immobilize. Then, over thousands of years, the prey is digested alive. Boba skipped that last part, but he may have some neurotoxin in his system, and it could cause complications. (We’re guessing he doesn’t have a telepathic link to Sarlaac like he did in the Expanded Universe story, but who knows? To be having bad dreams…)

Boba looks fine in Mandalorian, but he may only begin to feel the effects of his Sarlaac escape later. Or – he probably wasn’t well during that time either, but since those fights weren’t as intense as the one in “Stranger in a Strange Land”, he wasn’t seriously injured by them. Anyhow, if his troubles are largely caused by Sarlaac, maybe he just needs a good, long course of healing to fix them? Either that, or he may continue to require bacta treatment for certain periods of time.

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Theory #2: It’s tied to his DNA

Boba is a copy and duplicate of DNA in Star Wars can be unpredictable. Clones that fight in the Clone Wars have a limited lifespan. They were made to age rapidly during childhood, allowing them to quickly mature to be able to serve the Republic on the battlefield. Even if they’re lucky enough to make it through the war, their lives are shortened: Clones are often engineered in such a way that they live half the lifespan of a “regular” Star Wars. ” (50 years versus the usual 100) before they die.

Now, Boba is a constant clone of Jango, so he doesn’t suffer any of the side effects of accelerated aging — because he doesn’t change, he ages normally. But it’s still possible something from Sarlaac has tampered with his DNA, and that’s why Boba is spending so much time in the bacta tank.

If Boba’s health troubles are tied to his DNA and not a side effect of Sarlaac in general, the show could use it as a way to showcase Bad lotOmega in live-action. She’s Boba’s “sister,” in a way: She’s also an unchanging clone of Jango, but she’s female. She’s the only “original” source of cloned DNA in the galaxy other than Boba, so maybe she’ll have the knowledge to help him or maybe use her DNA to save him somehow. . It is not clear if Boba knew about his “siblings”, but Fennec (Ming-Na Wen), as she helps Omega escape the bounty hunters pursuing her. If it were revealed that Boba’s health problems were related to the cloned DNA, they would likely go after Omega.

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