Why Adam Carrington needs change

Since Adam Carrington (Sam Underwood) first came in the middle of The CW’s age Season 2, he was a thorn in everyone’s heart. Given his traumatic circumstances – when he was abducted when he was only 6 months old – and his unstable mental state, Adam committed some pretty brutal acts against his family members and other people. their loved ones in the name of securing themselves a foothold. during the Carrington dynasty. It’s clear that Adam has serious and unresolved issues that affect him on another level, problems that were around even when he was young and would erupt in violence. In two and a half seasons of age has started since Adam’s introduction, there have been very few changes to the character. The time has come, in the upcoming Season 5, for Adam’s role to change.

Over the past few years in the wild life of the Carringtons, Adam has been the cause of quite a few of their problems. In just the first few episodes, he managed to trick his long-lost brother Steven (James Mackay) thought he was losing his mind and pushed Alexis (later played by Nicollette Sheridan) into a fire, then arrange for Alexis’ plastic surgeon to make her look like her daughter Fallon (woman named Elizabeth Gillies). In the following two things age season, his wild actions didn’t slow anything down. Most recently, in the season 4 finale, he framed his mother, Alexis (now do Elaine Hendrix), for a murder he committed in cold blood, in order to steal the researcher’s information and make a name for himself.

What is particularly unsettling about Adam is his ability to escape whatever. Every bad thing he does, like breaking a flower pot in front of Liam (Adam Huber) head and causes him to lose his memory (then attempt to kill him in the hospital in a later episode), almost immediately forgotten and/or forgiven. In a rare case Adam faces some sort of consequence for his actions, usually due to Blake’s father (Grant Show) ostracized him, a simple thing that would make everything better. Like, in Season 3, when Adam was temporarily blinded by an explosion and so everything he did to the people around him – at least everything that they knew – was forgotten and he was welcomed. back to the manor with open arms. There are no real consequences to his actions, and so Adam has never changed his ways. In some ways, Adam is even worse than when he was first introduced, especially now that he’s killed a man for no personal gain and glory.


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Through the seasons, we’ve seen glimpses of a different side of Adam. During his romantic relationship with Kirby (Maddison Brown). This didn’t last long, however, as Kirby’s struggles with substance abuse resurfaced with ex-boyfriend Oliver (Luke Cook), break both.

Before his self-centered act, age Season 4 introduced a surprising move between Adam and his stepmother Cristal (Daniella Alonso), too. As Cristal grapples with a new health problem, a brain tumor, Adam is the only one who really knows what’s going on with her as he works at the hospital where she seeks treatment. Adam was there for Cristal, and the two struck up a relationship, which was quite a shock. Adam treats Cristal with kindness and compassion, at least at first, it seems like the character has finally grown up after all he’s done. But, alas, he didn’t, and he quickly became frustrated with Cristal for not handling her health situation in a way he deemed appropriate. While it drags on, it’s an incredibly nice dynamic to watch, and shows that Adam is capable of more than just the main villain of the Carrington family. After Cristal’s tumor was no longer an issue, this aspect of Adam and his blossoming relationship with Cristal simply disappeared, which was a surprisingly brutal disappointment.

RELATED: Every season of ‘Dynasty’ reboot (So far), ranked from worst to bestAnother interesting dynamic is that of Adam and his new sister Amanda (Eliza Bennet), who challenged Adam more than anyone else in just a few short episodes. Amanda is the first person to actually see Adam for who he is, as the most recent addition to the family not blinded by the events of Adam’s abduction when he was just a child. This relationship is an opportunity to shake things up with Adam and make him a character worth rooting for and a character who has meaningful relationships with others. Amanda was the rival to Adam that Fallon never had, despite their hardships over the years. Amanda has secured a position at the hospital where Adam works as Chief of Staff, and has planned to further her own name and legacy. Finally, after years of witnessing the same stories being repeated over and over with Adam doing terrible things and saying things are being forgotten, someone has come to make sure that Adam gets get your help. The show seems to be about to change things up with Adam and his role in the family, and the time has come. In addition to Amanda, it’s almost certain that Alexis will also discover how Adam framed her for murder. This would break that mother/son relationship, which had brought Adam out of his helplessness so many times before.


When shove comes shove, Adam will throw all the others to the wolves and put himself on top age. This is a part of who he is, which is not difficult to accept. What is hard to accept is why his family members continue to give him chances when he has definitely made their lives so much worse. At this point, it’s completely unbelievable that Adam still has some role to play in the Carrington family, as he’s offered little more than frustration and disappointment. Considering the family is still unaware of what Adam did to Steven, which he never paid for, Adam did not do enough to secure his place in the family to survive the news. brought to light. (And, imagine how interesting it would be if Amanda had curiously timed Steven’s disappearance and Adam’s appearance and discovered the truth?)

All four seasons of age streaming on Netflix. Season 5 begins with a two-part Christmas special that airs on The CW on December 20, 2021 at 8pm.

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