Who Elon Musk likes to talk to on Twitter — including Catturd

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has roiled the social network and raised a slew of right-wing voices on the platform.

In his public tweets, Musk has shown his willingness to engage with right-wing popular accounts that were once at constant risk of being permanently banned from the network.

A user known only to his fans as “Catturd” has also become a Musk favorite. The pro-Trump account is anonymous and represented only by a cat wearing glasses.

“Right now I’m still Shadowbanned, Ghostbanned, Searchbanned and Twitter removed 1200 followers today – as usual. Nothing has changed – I’ll get back to you tomorrow.” Catturd said in a Tweet on October 27th.

Musk replied, “I’ll investigate further today.”

Catturd said he was unavailable for comment when The Post reached him.

Mike Cernovich said he thought Musk came to Twitter "Let off some steam."
Mike Cernovich said he believes Musk came to Twitter to “let off steam.”

Such new friends are a significant departure from Twitter’s last high-profile boss Jack Dorsey, a left-hander known for feuding with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson and Critical Race Theory guru Ibram X. Kendi – who Dorsey supports with a research grant of US$10 million.

Mike Cernovich, a right-wing influencer and culture pioneer who did frequently engaged with Musk on Twitter This year, he said he believes the billionaire came onto the platform to “let off some steam” and that he’s drawn to right-wingers because of their ideological diversity.

“If you go on Twitter and want to read the news, what do you get when you read one of the top 100 leftists? Embassy discipline, regime propaganda, here’s why the orange man is bad and why Biden is the fittest 80-year-old man ever,” Cernovich said. “They don’t have a lot of clout and if you want something light-hearted you have to go to the right.”

Musk's hiring is a marked departure from Jack Dorsey, who befriended left-wing influencers.
Musk’s hiring is a marked departure from Jack Dorsey, who befriended left-wing influencers.
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“What is [New York magazine writer] Jonathan Chait offering the discourse? When was the last time you went to his account other than to laugh at him?” he added.

Since the social network’s purchase and privatization last month, Musk said he agreed with right-wing author Dinesh D’Souza’s claims that “censorship [on Twitter] was deployed as a unilateral operation against conservatives.”

Ian Miles Cheong, a Malaysia-based contributor to the right-wing Rebel News, believes Musk was drawn to his “human-level” thoughts and observations.

Musk previously said he agrees with right-wing author Dinesh D'Souza's claims.
Musk previously said he agrees with right-wing author Dinesh D’Souza’s claims.

“I treat him like a human being,” Cheong said. “I feel like people are too hard on him. A lot of times people make these weird demands of him, like he’s some kind of robot.”

Above months of correspondenceMusk and Cheong have criticized Black Lives Matter, and discussed the war in Ukraine. When Cheong Musk said to “stop placating the activists because no matter what you do, they will stop at nothing to harm Twitter,” the billionaire replied: “you’re right.”

“I don’t think he’s a right winger. I think he’s a moderate. I think he wants a variety of opinions,” Cheong said.

"I treat him like a human" Ian Miles Cheong spoke about his relationship with Musk.
“I treat him like a human being,” Ian Miles Cheong said of his relationship with Musk.
Ian Miles Cheong/ Twitter

Cheong critics say he is a longtime web troll who has used his large following to ignite US culture wars. In 2020, he falsely accused a black man of being “suspect number one” in a shooting of two Los Angeles police officers. An ex-convict, Deonte Lee Murray, was later charged with the crime.

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