What you need to do NOW to get the most out of your radiator and save on your energy bills

MILLIONS of households are feeling their pockets squeeze and a cold chill on their cheeks as winter begins to accelerate.

And with energy costs rising, it’s important to get the most out of your heating to reduce unnecessarily high energy bills.

The continuing energy crisis means thousands of families are experiencing cold winters


The continuing energy crisis means thousands of families are experiencing cold wintersCredit: Getty

Last October, the energy price cap was raised by energy regulator Ofgem to £1,277, extra £139 on average bill.

But during the cold winter months, it’s not as simple as turning off the heating to reduce rising bills.

Although some households are doing exactly this, as the cost of living crisis forces some families to choose between heating or eating.

For everyone else, an increased energy bill means a debt of £760 for electricity and £605 for gas, according to Citizens Advice.

Meanwhile, more energy companies like Together Energy continue to face collapse, which will affect another 170,000 customers, including those whose suppliers have previously gone bankrupt.

Martin Lewis wants the British Earlier this year energy bills could rise to £600 within a few months, but that could do little, with The Sun reaching out to energy experts for advice on how to heat the house. most efficient home.

You may be making these heat dissipation mistakes

If you’re going to keep your heating on at all times, here are seven heat dissipation tips you might not have known to eliminate the winter chill in your home.

Use the foil behind the radiator

Energy Helpline energy expert Tashema Jackson advises that the foil behind the radiator can help keep heat from escaping the house.

You can purchase a foil panel online and install it yourself, which is a cheap way to maintain warmth.

But Tashema cautions that this tip only really applies to radiators located on the outside facing wall, where the heat is most likely to escape, otherwise it might not be worth it.

Keep an eye out for rusty radiators

Rust on your radiator could indicate that it has a leak.

Tasema says any damage to your radiator panel will reduce the amount of heat it emits and push your bills higher, as you look to raise the temperature of your home.

Not to mention, leaks that go unnoticed can seep into floorboards or ceilings, causing other problems that may require future attention like yellowing.

Don’t forget to bleed your radiator

Heatsink bleeding is a quick job that takes only a few seconds that many people might forget.

By bleeding them, you’re removing trapped air that can create cold spots and prevent your radiator from performing at its best.

All you need is a key to the radiator and some old clothes or bed sheets to catch the runoff. Never melt the radiator while the boiler is on as you may run the risk of burns.

Tashema says it’s a must to clean your radiators at least once a year, otherwise they won’t do their job at keeping your home warm, no matter how long you keep your boiler. .

If this is your first time bleeding a radiator, there are plenty of free videos on YouTube to show you the wires.

Avoid blocking them

A simple trick that will definitely make a difference.

Lowering the temperature to the highest will not do any good if the living room sofa, bed or other furniture is placed in front of your radiator.

If your furniture is covering the radiator, the heat won’t be able to spread it out as efficiently. Consider rearranging your room to allow heat to cover all bases.

If you can’t rearrange your furniture, you should at least facilitate breathing space by creating a space between the radiator and the obstruction, says Tashema.

Note about curtains

It’s not just the sofa that can make your radiator pointless. If you have curtains hanging in front of your radiator, heat will inevitably be absorbed or trapped by them and any heat generated will be lost as windows are one of the main ways heat is vented out of your home.

You should open the curtain behind the radiator to push the heat outside.

Stay up to date on cleaning

Tashema notes that dust in your radiator can make it less efficient, so you should dust your radiator as part of your cleaning schedule to keep your home warm. than.

You can find a lot of helpful cleaning tips on TikTok that teach you how to properly clean your radiator, and you’ll have a smelling good home as a result.

Rethink your radiator cover

Naturally, anything that sits in front of the radiator loses some of its efficiency, and this includes the radiator caps.

They can be unsightly, but if you don’t need your radiator cap for any form of storage or purpose, then you should consider removing it or changing it to a large slit plate. rather than allowing heat to pass through.

If you’re looking for more cost-effective ways to keep your home warm during the winter, we’ve got some Tips and tricks to help you heat your room at a lower cost.

Some households with low incomes and benefits may receive help with energy bills during the winter as part of the Household Support Fund government – check if you can apply.

And it’s not just your energy bills that you can get help with during the winter. If you have white goods need repair or replacement and you are not able to do so, you can get help – learn how.

Expert reveals how to power up your radiator – without spending extra money

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