What is the top metaverse game?

CRYPTO tokens are growing as the metaverse expands, but what games and experiences are worth your time?

Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Gala Games are growing in popularity as their respective tokens go viral.

Decentraland is a browser-based experience where you can play for money


Decentraland is a browser-based experience where you can play for moneyCredit: Decentraland
Townstar is made by one of the co-founders of Zynga - the company behind Farmville


Townstar is made by one of the co-founders of Zynga – the company behind FarmvilleCredits: Gala Games

If you are looking to earn MANA, SAND or GALA, you can read more about them in our metaverse Cryptocurrency tokens and altcoins explanation.

But if you’re curious about how they stack up as games and what they need to get started, here’s what you need to know.

Game Gala vs The Sandbox vs Decentraland: Blockchain

All three tokens are backed by the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized open source platform with smart contract functionality.

Ethereum has its own cryptocurrency called Ether, which is separate from these tokens.

Decentraland recently partnered with Polygon to use its blockchain to address issues around scalability, speed, and transaction costs.

Dubbed a layer 2 (L2) solution, it allows the token to operate on a separate blockchain, but is still linked to the main chain, as explained in blog announcement.

MANA holders can now transfer their assets between the Ethereum blockchain to Polygon’s Matic Network as they see fit.

The benefit of the switch is that “users will be able to claim, buy, sell and trade wearables for their avatar entirely on Polygon with no transaction fees.”

Sandbox is move to Polygon entirely in an effort to go green and improve the user experience in the metaverse by increasing speed and reducing transaction fees.

Gala game is also cooperation with Polygon to solve the scalability issues plaguing the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygons are being added to give players more choice so you don’t have to cycle through if you don’t want to by the sound of things.

The pair are also working together on a new game.

Can I play Gala Games, The Sandbox and Decentraland on mobile devices

Decentraland isn’t supported on mobile yet, but there are plans in the works Frequently asked questions page on its website, but is supported on both PC and Mac.

Similarly, Gala Games is also not available on Android or iOS yet, and there are no hints of any plans to do this right now. It runs on PC or Mac.

Sandbox is available for Android on Google Play Store and for iOS above App Store. But it’s only supported on PC, with Mac and additional OS support coming soon.

So if you don’t want to be restricted to just one desktop, The Sandbox has a clear advantage.

Gala Games, The Sandbox and Decentral and minimum system requirements

As with anything running on your PC, Gala Games, The Sandbox, and Decentraland all have minimal system requirements.

  • Gala Game Minimum System Requirements
    • RAM 4GB
    • 2 CPU cores
    • Disk Space 60 GB
    • Stable internet connection
  • Decentral and minimum system requirements
    • PC or Mac running Chrome or Firefox
  • Sandbox Minimum System Requirements
    • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
    • Operating System: Windows 7
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Processor: Dual Core 2GHz
    • Graphics: 512MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB of available space
  • Sandbox Recommended System Requirements
    • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
    • Operating System: Windows 10
    • Processor: Quad Core 3GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: VRAM 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB of available space

Do I need a wallet to play Gala Games, The Sandbox and Decentraland?

Digital wallets store all your digital assets, like cryptocurrencies, tokens, etc.

You should absolutely get one if you’re into Gala Games, The Sandbox or Decentraland although it’s not necessary for all three.

All three experiences are on the Ethereum network, so any ETH-compatible wallet should be fine, although each platform has its own recommendations.

You can watch The Sun’s best crypto wallet choose to get started.

Gala game

Gala Games requires users to have a wallet, and once you’ve deposited crypto in it, you can purchase NFT, Gala Gold, or Founder’s Node from the Gala Store. You will need Ethereum to mint the items in your Treasure Chest.

Gala doesn’t explicitly state which wallet to use but it does explain adding GALA to MetaMask so a wallet seems like a safe bet.


You don’t need a wallet to play Decentraland, but you should enjoy the full experience.

If you don’t have a wallet, your information will only be stored locally, and while you can participate in the experience with your avatar, you will have your daily rewards cut, events, and postings. import from another device with the same Client ID and Avatar.

Decentraland recommends MetaMask


You will need a wallet for The Sandbox, which will store your SAND and GEM, as well as virtual goods like LAND and ASSETs.

Sandbox supports MetaMask, Bitski, and Venly wallets with Venly setup being described as “easy”, Bitski as “easy”, and MetaMask as “means”.

Gala Games, The Sandbox and Decentraland: Which is the best?

Now that you know what you need to get started in Gale Games, The Sandbox and Decentraland, where the best games and experiences are located?

You also need to take into account that you are playing for money.

If you just like a rich video game, you can choose one PS5, Xbox Series Xor check out thousands of PC games available on PC.

Gala game

Gala Games positions itself as putting “fun first” by “creating blockchain games you really want to play.”

The games are simple to play and you don’t need to be a Blockchain expert to enjoy them.

The development of the game is community driven, with Discord playing a key role in driving it.

So far you’ve got five games on the platform in different stages of development.

  • Spider Tank (beta) – PvP Brawler
  • Townstar (beta) – simulation
  • Mirandus (in development) – Fantasy RPG
  • Echoes of Empire (in development) – strategy, 4X
  • Fortified (in development) – tower defense

Townstar is a free (f2p) game and you play for money meaning you need to play the game and earn daily rewards to start earning.

Similarly, Spider Tanks is also free to start playing with a play-for-money mechanic that allows you to unlock real rewards.


The Sandbox game library includes user-generated content that anyone can create for free.

Users can also create assets and sell them as NFTs, or buy limited LAND resources when it’s sold, which you need to build experience in the metaverse.

So the games available will either be free or charge you to play depending on how it’s made.

You can earn SAND in f2p games that you can use to participate in paid experiences.

There’s a lot to try and you can simply download Game Maker’s tools and use the program to access user-generated games and experiences.

This is more along the lines of Roblox, so it’s a bit free but if you sift through the content you’ll definitely find a few gems.


Decentraland is also very similar to Roblox in terms of discovering user-generated content.

What’s different is that instead of the browsing experience and jumping into each experience from the menu, your avatar is navigating the adjacent game ad experience terrain.

As with The Sandbox, some games will charge you to play, while others are free and there is a huge amount of them to try out.

Gala Games, The Sandbox and Decentraland: Which top metaverse game?

Gala Games seems to be geared more towards creating worthwhile gaming experiences.

Sandbox and Decentraland are an open forum that, like Roblox, allows users to create whatever they like.

Of course, as with Roblox, there are risks to that approach, from content type to quality.

So if you’re not just looking for investments and are interested in the game side of things, Gala is the place to be.

Sandbox comes in second, and the fact that it’s available on mobile, as well as anecdotally, seems to run better than Decentraland and means that if you’re choosing between the two, it’s probably the better choice.

The browser-based Dentraland seems slow to a lot of people (myself included), so if you’re looking for a smooth gaming experience, it’s probably best to avoid using it for now.

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