What is healing work for the inner child and to whom can it benefit?

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My aimless move down TikTok For your Page last week, I watched a video asking viewers to ‘put their fingers down if’ a statement applies to them.

These videos are popular on the app, but are often a bit more subdued than the videos I watch myself.

Creator statements include ‘fear of abandonment’ or ‘yes’ boundary too weak or too rigid’.

At the end of the video, she says, somewhat sternly: ‘If you put more than five fingers down, you could have a baby inside getting hurt.’

On the app, the hashtags #innerchild and #innerchildhealing have 316.2 million and 133.4 million views, respectively, discussing the psychotherapeutic techniques we have gathered regarding emotional healing. as a child.

But it’s hard to pack something this complicated into a video less than three minutes long, so we asked Sally Baker, a senior therapist with over 20 years of experience, to break it down.

What is the work of healing the inner child?

Child inside work, also known as regression, is a psychotherapeutic technique for patients dealing with trauma that occurred to them as children.

Trauma experienced during our early life can stick with us, shaping our thought processes and reactions.

‘What you’re really doing through your inner childcare is healing the part you’re severed from in the trauma, and the part where the adult portion of the patient is to blame for the events that happened to the patient. kid,’ Sally told

‘Whatever happened doesn’t matter. What is often more harmful are the judgments the traumatized person makes about themselves, and their assessment of the child to whom these things happened.

‘The healing work of the inner child is a guided meditation or visualization session by a trained professional.

‘It can be done ecstatically, but it doesn’t have to be.’

In about 90 minutes, the patient is returned to the place and time of their choice, where they will best deal with their problems.

They are asked to embrace, accept, and forgive their inner child so they can start moving forward knowing that their inner child is safe.

“It’s incredibly powerful,” Sally said. ‘Consumers will often feel a great deal of relief, thinking that the injured child who has been through so much pain and suffering is now safe with them.’

To whom does the work of healing the inner child benefit?

Sally told us, “It’s not something I do with every client that I do with my inner child.

This technique benefits people whose childhood trauma is affecting them in many ways.

Sally explains: ‘If I see a customer having problems with an elevator, we address their fear of getting in the elevator.’

‘But if they have something deep and profound that has been with them since childhood, it affects many aspects of their lives, such as their ability to form and relationships , addiction problems, eating disorders or self-destructive behavior, it is often possible that an injured child is the root of such problems. ‘

For these people, healing the inner child can be of great benefit, when done properly.

Sally adds: ‘The main benefits of inner healing for children are feelings of acceptance, self-love, increased self-worth and self-esteem.

‘People move from being a place of dominance to a place of self-empowerment. They feel more courageous, more complete.

‘They’ve integrated a part of them that they already hold within reach, which is hurting and weakening them.

‘It’s incredibly powerful.’

Should people try to heal their inner child without a professional?

While you may believe that TikTok can heal the inner child is not something that should be viewed as a self-help method.

“It’s just too strong,” Baker said. ‘There’s just too much potential for an adverse reaction, which can lead to profound levels of distress.

‘There are quite a few treatments that can be unhealthy and dangerous.

‘It’s like doing your own root canal work – you may not be able to go deep enough to do your own inner work.

‘It has to be managed really closely and the client needs to be in a position where they trust their therapist.’

Before proceeding with a child’s inner healing, there is often a lot of prep work done first, building trust between the patient and their therapist and making sure they are ready to find Deep understanding of his childhood trauma.

Sally adds: “Often people are just looking for a silver bullet.

‘But it’s a process, and healing doesn’t happen in isolation.’

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