What do Democrats and Republicans really believe in in 2022? That will decide midterm

With Republicans turning to Trumpism and Democrats back to their progressive roots, will we have an honest debate this election year in our media?

“What you see is what you get” is an old cliché, but it has persisted throughout the centuries because there is so much truth in it. “Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do” is another realism we can adopt to inform us about politics today.

The past 40 years have seen three Republican and three Democratic presidential terms, and each party’s modern priorities and values ​​are pretty clear now.

On the Republican side, Ronald Reagan was the one who laid the groundwork for George W. Bush and Donald Trump to give $10 trillion in tax cuts to billionaires and giant corporations while spending the same amount on meetings. pointless, unwanted and unresolvable war, leaving us $20 trillion. public debt.

Trump has since united the Ancient Party with the anti-democratic, oligarchic, and male/white values ​​of the South before the Civil War, leading his followers to proudly fly Confederate flags and swagger with multiple guns. biggest they can carry.

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On the Democratic side, the progressive movement is enjoying a steady revival, along with its efforts to uplift the working class and poor in America while cleaning up the environment and protecting the social safety net. festival.

While the Democratic Party embraced neoliberalism for a time, from 1992 to 2016 the majority of Democrats elected today pledged to expand public interests, freedoms, and privileges. population for all Americans, regardless of race, religion, or sex.

There is an unrecognized photo manipulation it has been floating around the internet in various forms for a while, often titled “Shocking Things Liberals Believe” summarizing this:

  • Full-time workers shouldn’t live in poverty
  • Homelessness shouldn’t exist in the richest country in the world
  • Women deserve equal rights and equal pay
  • Corporations and the rich cannot legally bribe politicians
  • Scamming the planet for profit is wrong and must be stopped
  • Every American should have free or low-cost world-class health care
  • Free higher education (and quality public schools) unlocks human potential, benefits the whole country
  • Children should learn the true racial history of the United States so they can empathize with their peers who are still experiencing these problems and grow up to be well-informed adults.
  • Women should make their own medical decisions, not politicians
  • Hugely profitable industries, from oil, coal and gas to Walmart and Amazon, will not receive billions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks.
  • Children should not be afraid of being shot at school
  • When Wall Street bankers stole it all from us, and should be jailed instead of bail
  • No CEO is worth $100,000 an hour ($20 million a year) or more

It’s actually a pretty decent summary of the views and stances of most Democrats who consider themselves liberal or progressive these days and although not descriptive of every party member. Democracy is elected, but shows the direction of the party.

But it immediately raises the opposite question: Now that Trumpism has taken over the GOP, what do they believe in?

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Since the Republican Party stopped publishing a platform or clear stance on issues after the 2016 election, we’ve had to re-examine its behavior, but at least it’s been consistent. Here’s what’s obvious, based on “what they do”:

  • “Free and fair elections” for fools
  • White people should run the country and the world
  • Violence is a legitimate tool in politics
  • Conspiracy theories like the one that Democrats drink children’s blood as an “elixir of youth” are probably true.
  • The rich and their children don’t have to pay taxes
  • More guns means less crime and fewer deaths
  • The darker your skin, the more likely you are to be a criminal
  • Leadership is about awakening fear, not vision
  • Women are the property of men
  • Climate change and evolution are tricks to take away our freedom and destroy religion
  • Education makes people stupid
  • Getting involved in politics is your ticket to riches and fame
  • The rich should make money from everything the government does through privatization
  • Helping people who are going through a difficult time is a waste of time
  • The “rule of law” applies only to minorities and the poor
  • Money and power are the only things that really matter in life
  • Teaching true American racial history is a plot to make white kids feel sad
  • LGBTQ people don’t deserve respect or rights
  • Wealth is proof of kindness; Poverty is evidence of moral failure
  • “Giving” citizens things like healthcare, education, vacations, etc is “socialism” and will destroy the “American way of life”
  • The government has no power to regulate pollution or protect consumers
  • “Fiscal responsibility” is a phrase that can justify anything

Both are clearly partial lists – an attempt to define our political parties based on their behavior, rather than just their words.

This is an election year, and these differences should form the basis of our national conversation about who leads the country in 2023 and beyond.

Should our “reality TV” news media be tasked with comparing and contrasting the two political parties and assessing the most likely outcome of the paths they have chosen?

It will be a challenge as long as Republicans keep spouting crap like John Kasich says on CNN last weekend, when discussing the January 6 attacks, that “we’ve seen hatred on both sides.” Or the great and used Joe Manchin long discredited “but deficit!” and “but the filibuster!” GOP talking point every time the camera appears on Capitol Hill.

On the other hand, if enough we actively hold our fourth asset, especially on social media, and can convey honest messages of compassion, purity and transparency. With regard to our friends and neighbors, perhaps we can indeed have a meaningful election year.

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Huynh Nguyen

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