We reviewed the Wiz Khalifa Virtual Food Concept HotBox

Eat well and great weeds Hand in hand. The whole thing about weeds gives you snacks Not completely yes (some weeds do and some weeds don’t) but one thing is for sure, weeds make food tastier. I don’t mean just a little better. Eating while being stoned can be a purely religious experience. After the fat is removed, you begin to focus the laser on the different flavors, textures and smells of the food. Suddenly, a burger goes from a delicious lunch to a vivid sensory experience bordering on psychedelic.

I know this because I write about food and weeds constantly. So when I heard the famous rocker and musician Wiz Khalifa had launched a food concept (appropriately named HotBox) to pair with his weed brand Khalifa Kush, I know it’s something I have to experience.

Made in partnership with virtual restaurant brand NextBite, Wiz Khalifa’s HotBox is a delivery-only virtual restaurant currently available in Miami, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Houston, etc., and is actively expanding to other cities nationwide. Food is sourced from local restaurants that meet the specific ingredients and preparation processes required by NextBite – so dishes should be fairly consistent, no matter what city you order from. The menu is a fanatic’s paradise for enticing carb-rich snacks like Hot Cheeto cheese sandwiches, zesty buffalo wings, tater tots, mac and cheese, cookies, and more.

None of Wiz’s food is actually laced with marijuana. But the brand and Wiz themselves confirmed during a Zoom trial I attended that they’re actively exploring the idea while also looking to offer plant-based options for the menu. The lack of any cannabis-infused dishes may seem like a missed opportunity, but I think the food actually has a better chance of tasting better without any infusions. In my opinion, it’s better to smoke and treat this as an after-stone meal.

That’s exactly what I did.

The Weed: Khalifa Kush

Wiz Khalifa hot box review
Dane Rivera

Before we get to the menu, we should probably talk about Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush cannabis brand – available in California in preroll and floral form. Cannabis was sourced from the Northern California Bay Area by Colorado-based grower RiverRock Cannabis and appears to be the only weed Wiz smokes. He affectionately calls the brand simply “KK” on social media. I call it pure marketing crap but, having smoked the brand, I can actually buy it.

Khalifa Kush has a pungent flavor and provides a sensation enhancer with THC levels in the 20% average. Smoking the front roll helps me feel comfortable and hypersensitive to my surroundings, while keeping me from feeling heavy and sluggish. It doesn’t have the best flavor to it (I’m smoking a roll first anyway) but the highs are powerful and definitely lift my spirits. Not a bad combination when it comes to menu launches… but for all I smoke for work (living the dream here), my tolerance is high, so I anticipate I intend to be as harsh with HotBox food as I am rating fries, chicken burgers, or any other food.

Nice to try Wiz!

Key point

If you want to smoke what Wiz smokes in the studio, then this hybrid is definitely worth buying.

Food: Rated worst to best

5. So Baked Hybrid Cookies

Wiz Khalifa hot box review
Dane Rivera

No, not a hybrid like the weed line, this is simply a combination of caramel, chocolate and cookies, all mixed into a single cookie served with a salted caramel sauce. This cookie is easily the weakest link on the menu. It’s not that it tastes bad – it’s a damn cookie we’re talking about – but it doesn’t really taste that good either. The cookie is dense, a bit dry, and has more cookies than you’d like in one sitting (so that means it’s perfect for getting stoned) and despite the crackers and salted caramel sauce, this one was much more sweet than salty.

The better balance between savory and sweet flavors could have made this cookie a winner but as it stands, it’s fine. Don’t let the goggles fool you into thinking you really want to order this. You are just tall.

Key point

Unless it’s free with the meal, skip this one, you’re not missing out on anything.

4. Taylor Gang Tots

Wiz Khalifa hot box review
Dane Rivera

I’m a bit torn about these things. First of all, the food is good, it’s good, but it’s not good. When large, crispy taters are kept in a wax-lined paper box, the heat radiating from them and bouncing off the cans turns what should have been a crispy masterpiece into a soggy mess. That’s exactly what happened with these coins, so if you really want them to shine, you’re going to have to put a little effort into it. After some sad compliments, I took my order, spread the bread crumbs on a sheet of aluminum foil, and toss the trash in the toaster for ten minutes until they were nice and crispy again. again.

The tots themselves are delicious, they’re soft, slightly buttery, and full of flavor, but because they don’t move well, we can’t rate them much higher than this. Especially considering that if you’re stoned and hungry, you’ll be less motivated to put the work into helping these opinions shine.

Key point

It’s delicious but not delicious, so if you don’t have the patience to reheat them in the toaster to get them crispy again, skip these.

3. Bigger Blazier Buffalo Wings

Wiz Khalifa hot box review
Dane Rivera

My order of HotBox came with my order of Bigger Blazier Buffalo Wings, not to be confused with the better Bigger Wings on the menu, so I can’t say how much more “brilliant” they are than the OG, but I guess anyway buffalo wings still go these are pretty excellent. I prefer the sharper exterior, but with travel time, I know I won’t get there. I don’t feel the need to reheat these though like snacks. The chicken is tender and juicy while the buffalo sauce offers a savory and spicy taste. Wings are served with a side of ranch dressing or bleu cheese and the standard ‘ol wing comes with carrot and celery sticks.

The HotBox Wings match the kind of quality and depth of flavor you’ll find from WingStop or Buffalo Wild Wings. That’s not amazing, but the wings are perfectly usable and I see little if nothing to complain about.

Key point

A pretty solid winger attempt. Wiz would be wise to add a few more flavors, hoping that a bit of dryness will be on the cards.

2. Fully packed bowl

This is where things get really interesting. Wings and biscuits are both good and good, but the Fully Packed Bowl really delivers on the food utopia promised by this culinary concept. It came out as the most successful package on the entire HotBox menu, a bed of eaters bathed in a small layer of cheese and sauce macaroni with the same buffalo zesty sauce used on the wings along with crispy fried chicken pieces and some hot cheeto dust sprinkled all over. The bowl is crisp, thanks to the fried chicken (the tots still leave a bit to be desired) and the combination of the dusty Cheeto, and the full range of savory flavors that serve as a wonderful treat.

You must be tall even would like to eat this, but from your first fork, you’ll be pleased you ate that big piece before diving in.

Key point As decadent and delectable as it sounds. The fully packaged bowl combines the taste of an appetizer sampler with the style of nachos. This is the friendliest item on the menu and a must-order.

1. Blaze OG Cheetos Burger

Wiz Khalifa hot box review
Dane Rivera

I know I just sang the praises of the Full Packed Bowl, the best food I’ve had all year, but what really pulled me off the HotBox menu was the Blaze OG Cheetos Burger. I’m not the biggest Hot Cheetos fan – yes, I did rate each taste of Flamin ‘Hot never have, but I wouldn’t consider myself a true fan and I certainly am not a fan of hot Cheeto dust in food. I find it extremely ostentatious. Or should I say, I “found” it extremely gimmicky, because the Blaze OG Cheetos Burger completely changed my mind. It may be banned in Europe, but Hot Cheeto dust is a wonderful blend of artificially spicy flavors that bring out the heat without overpowering any other flavors.

Get this dust in the hands of a professional chef ASAP! The Blaze OG Cheetos Burger comes with a thick and juicy burger, American cheese with a layer of hot Cheetos dipped in it, as well as lettuce, tomatoes and what HotBox calls Thrill Sauce on a bun brioche. For whatever reason, my burger didn’t come with Thrill Sauce but it was delicious, honestly it doesn’t matter.

The beef was flavorful, juicy, savory, and cooked to perfection. The burger quality matches the same kind of flavors you’d find at a Fat Burger or Shake Shack. Not quite juicy but definitely a contender for the best deliverable burger in the fast food space. If you’re going to order a HotBox menu item, I’d still recommend trying a fully packaged bowl, but in terms of which menu item tastes the best, it’s hard to beat. Though I haven’t tried the delicious looking chicken sandwich on the menu which Wiz considers a personal highlight.

Key point So good, I wish it was a double!

You can order Wiz Khalifa’s HotBox online at Official website or through third-party delivery services such as DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, and GrubHub.

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