We can’t take our eyes off Ukraine and other commentary

From the right: The bitter lesson of war

“It is important that the world does not turn a blind eye” to the “indifferent brutality of Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine”. argues the editors of The Wall Street Journal, because “it’s a warning of what will become more common as Pax Americana decades into a recession.” As “Ukrainian forces are resisting bravely despite being outnumbered by fire,” both “Europe and the United States should be ashamed for not doing more to help Ukrainians defend themselves.” Consider “a stronger nation’s battle to conquer the empire than to subdue the weak. Westerners have lived in peace and comfort for decades, so they have learned a terrible lesson.

Elex Watch: Increase Earning Will Sting Dems

“The incumbent president’s party has almost always struggled” in midterm elections, but President Biden could face “a challenge no president has faced midterms in nearly 50 years.” year: income declines due to high inflation”. warning Andrew Prokop at Vox. Of the 18 midterms between 1950 and 2018, only three had “negative real income growth” and all were “bad for the president’s party, two of which were the worst” of the year. modern. And according to “the latest economic indicators,” the Democratic Party’s outlook doesn’t “look good.” According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, real wage growth has turned negative in 2021 due to inflation. As voters blamed Biden for a bad economy, the White House sought to “think about a new economic message — but there may be no substitute for improving workers’ real wages.” move.”

Energy Table: Joe’s Assist to Vlad

“The failure in Ukraine shows many failures of Joe Biden,” statement by Roger Kimball at Spectator World. Remember the “good old days when America was energy independent, now, when it’s a net exporter”? That was “as recently as 2020” Then Biden, when he first took office, “closed the Keystone Pipeline” and discouraged domestic production – while green lighting Russia’s Nord Stream 2. Result: In 2020, “natural gas is $4.36 per 1,000 cubic feet”. Last year, “prices more than doubled, averaging $9 per 1,000 cubic feet.” Not only does it “cost more money to heat your house this winter.” You can also thank Biden for “helping to fund Russian military adventure.”

Culture critic: Erasing JK Rowling

New York Times, hold on to Simon Evans at Spiked, “Adopted the view that JK Rowling’s ‘transgender cult’ made her existence very regrettable.” The newspaper’s latest ad “has a subscriber. . . lists a few of her favorite things, “showing her” in a field, wearing some sort of wizarding cloak and blooming a wand, “Imagine Harry Potter without its creator.” “What about” instead of indulging in JK Rowling’s abstract mental beheadings from the body of her work, the Times and its newspaper attempt to be “grateful” for the “ending.” A combination of qualities – her courage to speak the truth, to be sure among them – has enabled J.K. Rowling and no one else to give the Harry Potter world.” And “if that really doesn’t work.” fruit,” just “read another f – – king book.”

Conservative: Pause Elite servicing loan

“The left claims that President Biden’s student loan ban is to help the ‘working class.’ But the ban is a special favor for the wealthy elite,” thunderbolt Isabelle Morales at The Washington Times. Biden extending the repayment deadline until May “is extremely unfair to Americans” who don’t have college debt or have paid off their loans. And while “leftist claims extending the ban will help low-income Americans, it will actually help the wealthy. About “75% of student loan payments come from the top 40% of earners.” Others will pay: With a ban worth “more than $100 billion” in January, it also adds to “historic, out-of-control spending” by the government. – Compiled by The Post’s Editorial Board We can’t take our eyes off Ukraine and other commentary


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