Vile migrant smuggler says ‘I don’t care about deaths’ after 27 people lost their lives in Channel tragedy

The fixer for a migrant smuggling gang has bragged about not feeling guilty for putting people in danger – days after 27 people died in a tragedy across the Channel.

The middleman said the ruthless trafficking networks don’t care about the deaths and will continue their vile trade.

The person who corrects his name as 'Bibi' says gangs will continue to bring migrants to the UK


The person who corrects his name as ‘Bibi’ says gangs will continue to bring migrants to the UKCredit: Peter Jordan

The Sun on Sunday was taken to meet the Afghan man – who just named him Bibi – in a jungle barracks near Dunkirk, northern France.

“We will continue to send people to Britain where they want to go – on boats and in other ways,” he vowed.

“People are not afraid and we will continue to do what we do. The French cannot and will not stop us.

“I don’t feel guilty or care about what I’m doing. Deaths won’t stop me.”

Bibi spoke on Friday – two days after women and children were among at least 27 people killed when their dinghy capsized.

The victims included Baran Nouri Hamadami, 24, who is hoping to join her husband, Iraqi Mohammed Karzan, to the UK.

Yesterday, rescuers found empty life jackets in the sea – suggesting the death toll could rise.

The Sun on Sunday can also reveal:

  • DESPERATE migrants have begun to use children as “human shields” – because the presence of children prevents police intervention without social services. Some allegedly stole or bought babies from others at the camps;
  • SOME have also begun to switch tactics and try to sneak into trucks due to the dangers of sailing and the low temperatures;
  • POLICE determined the nationalities of several drowning victims from cash they brought with them from their home countries.

Speaking of his role, Bibi said he takes the names and locations of people who want to travel, plus a deposit for their crossing – worth £2,500.

The people live in camps scattered around the area on the north coast of France.

He then introduces them to the traffickers and reports to his “boss”.

When we asked if we could meet this boss, Bibi cut her throat and warned that it was “too much danger” for us.

Migrants arriving from the UK are told they are going to a “hotel” – but smugglers take them to detention camps near French beaches, where they try to make their way through in the dark.

Although French authorities demolished the 1,500-migrant camp at Grande Synthe, near Dunkirk two weeks ago, other smaller settlements have sprung up in the area.

One, near Loon Plage – where the tough sea crossing began on Wednesday – is next to unused railway lines and a canal and is home to hundreds of Kurds from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Bibi added: “I don’t feel guilty about what I’m doing because it’s everyone’s dream to come to the UK.

“They have come a long way and need help on the last leg of their journey.

“They love the culture and language of the UK and even support their own teams like Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea.”

Our meeting with Bibi ended when French police asked us to leave the area because it was “too dangerous”.

People smugglers are said to have urged migrants arriving from the UK to put children on small boats to avoid being stopped by police on French beaches.

New tactics appear after Two French border policemen pictured Tuesday doing nothing when a group of 40 migrants placed a flimsy inflatable at sea.

A senior police source said: ‘They were unable to intervene because there were five young children in the group. Our orders are not to handle children or put them in any danger until specialist officers and social services arrive.

“The smugglers are aware of this now, so they make sure there’s always a couple of kids on each boat.”

Yesterday, police were interviewing two survivors of the boat tragedy – Mohammed Shekha and a Somali in his 20s – at their headquarters in Coquelles, near Calais.

In a tent city five miles outside Calais, two Sudanese teenagers vowed to sneak onto a delivery truck.

Mohammed Ahmed, 17, said: “We want to come to the UK to work. Life is easier there than in Europe and we will be taken care of.

“We have heard what happened but we are not afraid. We are going to get on a vehicle and are trying every night.”

Payaz Rahmadi, 30, of Uzbek origin, said he had fled Taliban persecution in Afghanistan.

He vowed to walk to the UK via the 31-mile Eurotunnel railway. Payaz said: “I will walk along the tracks; I can’t walk on water because it’s too dangerous.”

A security guard at the Calais TruckStop truck park said: “It was fine here until a month ago.

We heard what happened but we were not scared. We’re going to get in a car and are trying every night.

Mohammed Ahmed, 17 years old

“We are currently receiving nightly intrusions and infiltration attempts. We are hoping this will happen more in the wake of the tragedy at sea.”

On Friday, about 50 Kurdish migrants were taken from Dunkirk by a coach to a “cleanup center” in a boarding house 60 miles away near Lille.

They were given a place and some money, before they had a chance to apply for asylum in France.

If they refuse that, they are allowed to leave.

More 25,000 migrants have arrived in the UK this year after crossing the Channel.

This has skyrocketed from 8,000 last year and 1,000 in 2019. So far, more than 6,000 people have made the perilous journey in November alone, despite crossing the road much more dangerously in winter. .

Last night, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “These ruthless traffickers are the lowest of the traffickers. The French authorities should arrest them all.

“If the reporter for Sun on Sunday can find out who they are, surely the authorities can arrest them.”

He accused French President Emmanuel Macron of “the crocodile sheds tears while he lets this situation continue”.

Survivors can’t swim

The surveyor of last night’s migrant boat sinking has been named as the swimless shepherd Mohammed Shekha.

The 21-year-old from the Kurdish region of Iran is said to have called his family to ask them to “pray for me” before he attempted a second time to cross the Channel.

The gangsters who organized the journey of doom ordered him to turn off the phone.

He then called his family from an ambulance as he was treated by French paramedics for hypothermia after being rescued.

His brother Marwan, 18, said: “It was a miracle. He can’t swim at all.”

Shekha is said to have returned to the migrant camp in Calais last night, where he is planning another border crossing.

Migrants in the old camp are released to try again

Migrants who fail to make the trip to the UK are likely to try again


Migrants who fail to make the trip to the UK are likely to try againCredit: Peter Jordan

UK-bound migrants busily from a coastal camp to government accommodation are free to try again if they turn down the chance to claim asylum in France.

We saw 50 mostly Iraqi Kurds taken by a coach from a squalid makeshift camp near Dunkirk to a “cleanup center” near Lille, 60 miles inland.

The migrants, most of them single men, were provided with food and toiletries and a clean, spacious place to live before an invitation to apply for asylum was made.

One man on the coach, who gave his name only as Nabil, said: “I’m glad they took us.

“I don’t know how long we will be allowed to stay but I will still try to get to England.”

Crossing the Channel can be a dangerous journey


Crossing the Channel can be a dangerous journeyCredit: Reuters
These men have not been seen since a dinghy capsized


These men have not been seen since a dinghy capsized
Baran Nouri Hamadami hopes to go to Britain with her husband Mohammed Karzan from Iraq


Baran Nouri Hamadami hopes to go to Britain with her husband Mohammed Karzan from Iraq
First image of an inflatable dinghy that sank in the English Channel, killing 27 migrants

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