Venus Cazimi 2023 in Leo will ignite the intimacy of the zodiac signs

Get ready for a heady dose of heart medicine, my babies.

The planet of love and the swanky, life-giving Sun join forces in the radiant sign of Leo on August 13, 2023 at 7:16 am EST.

What is a cazimi?

Cazimi is the Latin rendering of the Arabic word kaṣmīmī which translates to “as in the heart”.

Astrologically, a cazimi occurs when a planet is in close or exact conjunction with the sun, at the heart of the sun, so to speak. The term was first used by the Hellenistic astrologer Rhetorius and refers to a close conjunction between the Sun and one of the corresponding planets in our solar system.

A Venus Cazimi occurs when the planet of love is within one degree of the GOAT star in our solar system.

Speaking of human pregnancies, the Sun and Venus meet in the same sign/degree roughly every nine months.

The last cazimi/conjunction was on October 22, 2022 in the sign of Libra ruled by Venus and the next cazimi will be on June 4, 2024 in the Mercury wind of Gemini.

When Venus meets the heart of the Sun, it is strengthened and amplified and the issues associated with the planet are amplified; Relationships, art, intimacy, the divine feminine, self-esteem, material goods, financial security, and rich fabrics are emphasized.

These areas have been worked on in recent weeks thanks to Venus retrograde in Leo.

Hero’s Journey of the Heart

Human heart and lungs, illustration
Cazimi is an astrological term that refers to planets that are so close to a conjunction with the Sun that they are “at the heart” of that conjunction.
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Cazimi marks the midpoint of Venus’ biblical 40-day retrograde journey in Leo, which began July 22 and lasts through September 3.

Our ancestors envisioned regression as a planet’s descent into the underworld, a sort of heroic journey in which we are called to identify and regain something that was lost or is now more essential than ever to our evolution.

As this regression affects Venus, the planet of wealth and values, our descent/retreat also affects relationship patterns and/or spirals, our ideas of beauty, and our dedication to or disengagement from our creative practices.

The way we love, look, value and adorn is being questioned.

The sun illuminates Venusian themes such as art, intimacy and self-understanding.

A walk through the underworld is never breezy, but it is the sure path to breakthrough and the Cazimi is just the power-up, the flash, the affirmation, the magic touch, the chef’s kiss, the adrenaline rush we need to to advance further.

The Sun lends clarity to Venusian issues, and in the days following Cazimi we should all begin to feel the warm relief of coherence, a shift in perspective, and a gently sobering certainty.

These revelations will be most evident in the house within your natal chart that rules Leo. To determine this house and read your complete Venus retrograde horoscope, see our explanation here.

In the immortal words of “Friday Night Lights,” DILF Coach Taylor, I hope this Cazimi will leave you all with an unshakable belief in the “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” mantra.

Read on to learn how to honor the patronage of the conjunction.

Rituals for this Venus cazimi

Venus planet isolated on black
Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
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It is advisable to treat all Venusian rituals as if you were preparing for a date with your lover or potential lover. Decorate your body, treat it well, feed it well, adjust the lighting, and wear clothes (or lack thereof) that make you feel like a sure-footed sex god who absolutely deserves to be worshiped become. Don’t hesitate for fear of being “extra” because that is the guiding principle of Leo season. We don’t ask for the sun to shine less than we should expect ourselves.

To say is to believe

I watched recently a speech by artist Blu of Earth where she argues that “I am” is among the most powerful phrases in the English language, a present tense consecration. Blu suggests starting each day by repeating the following lines in the mirror; “I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am strong. I am free.” By saying it you believe it and by believing it you become it. Powerful medicine for this retrograde Venus and a fitting incantation for the fateful date of the Cazimi.

Write a love letter

With Venus ruling both love and language, and Leo being the sign of unabashed expression, this conjunction is an excellent time to get our words moving and write a love letter to ourselves or our former selves.

Shower/flatter/feed everyone you meet and everyone you love

Venus bestows beauty. So, after affirming your own beauty, praise others. Bring the contagion of sweetness to every interaction you share today. Treat your friends like a lover; Send them a poem, a handful of flowers, or text detailing what you find unique and sacred about them.

A hobby astronomer aims his telescope at the yellow disc of the rising sun while observing the transit of the planet Venus in Ziegenhain near Jena in eastern Germany.
A hobby astronomer aims his telescope at the yellow disc of the rising sun while observing the transit of the planet Venus in Ziegenhain near Jena in eastern Germany.
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Sunrise greeting

On the east coast of the USA, the Cazimi peaks just after sunrise. In honor of the brightest of stars and its unceasing vitality, I suggest waking up early to greet it fully, naked if possible. As the light spreads, let it warm you, revitalize you, and remind you of your own divinity and the simple, scorching gift of the present moment.

altar of Venus

Build an altar that celebrates and celebrates the facets of Venus and the empowered position of the Cazimi conjunction. Prepare a flat surface with offerings such as honey, flowers, greenery, strawberries, a mirror, copper, a pen, or a brush.

Be thankful for the ways beauty has enriched your life. In particular, ask for clarity and healing regarding the Venusian issues that have affected you. Shame about pleasure or the presentation of the body, destructive relationship patterns, accepting less than one deserves in any area, etc.

Pay close attention to any dreams, omens and coincidences that arise on the day or days surrounding the Cazimi. Thank your body and open yourself to the countless ways you can give and receive love.

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