Understanding Hormone Imbalance in Men: Common Causes and Treatment Options

When you are a man who is experiencing a hormone imbalance, you may feel as if you are the only guy dealing with this problem. However, that’s not true. Actually, men of all ages deal with hormone imbalances caused by many things such as medical conditions, stress, and other factors. To give you a better understanding of what’s involved with hormone imbalances in men, here are some of the most common causes and treatments being used today.

Chronic Stress

When you subject your body to chronic stress that is happening due to personal problems, professional responsibilities, or maybe a combination of these two, it takes a gradual toll that results in your hormones becoming imbalanced. As you build up more and more stress each day, your body begins to produce an overabundance of the hormone cortisol, which over time will result in you feeling fatigued, having trouble concentrating, and experiencing difficulties in getting a good night’s sleep. To deal with stress, you can try a variety of things, which may include:

  • Meditation,
  • Enjoying a hobby,
  • Exercise,
  • Talking with a counselor or trusted friend,

If you can work to reduce your stress level by using a combination of these techniques, your hormonal balance can often return to a healthy range.

Testosterone Gels and Patches

One of the best ways to treat a male hormone imbalance related to low levels of testosterone is to use gels and patches containing various levels of testosterone. Easy to use and proven to be very effective in men of all ages, these are prescribed by your doctor and are used if you are found to be suffering from hypogonadism, which is a condition where your body is unable to produce the necessary levels of testosterone. This can happen if you have been a steady user of anabolic steroids, have been exposed to high levels of pesticides that have disrupted your endocrine system, or are extremely overweight and eat a very poor diet. 

The Aging Process

As you age, it is natural for your body to produce lower and lower levels of testosterone. In fact, it is not uncommon for a man aged 60 to have testosterone levels that are only about half that of a man aged 30. However, getting older does not necessarily mean you are doomed to years and years of low testosterone. Once you talk to your doctor to rule out any potentially serious medical conditions, you can get to work implementing a variety of changes to your daily routine. These can include getting eight hours of sleep each night, eating a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, and starting an exercise routine that combines weight training with aerobic activities. Even though you can’t stop getting older, you can give your body the tools it needs to keep your hormones perfectly balanced. 

Changing Your Medication

As you know, many medications come with various types of side effects. Because of this, your hormonal imbalance may be caused by another type of medication you may already be taking to treat a medical condition. This happens frequently to men who are taking prescription medications to control high cholesterol. If you think this may be happening to you, talking to your doctor can often lead to you being switched to another type of prescription medication for your high cholesterol. Once this is done and your doctor monitors your condition for a few months, chances are your hormone imbalance will become a thing of the past.

Vitamins and Supplements

If you are suffering from low testosterone, the answer to your problem may be simply taking an over-the-counter multivitamin or other supplements. Many men who deal with low-t can take supplemental doses of Vitamin D or magnesium to get their testosterone levels back up where they belong. If you are currently taking prescription medications for other conditions, always talk to your doctor about any vitamins or supplements you may want to use.

Bottom Line

Hormone imbalances can be caused by medical conditions, injuries, or poor lifestyle choices like eating unhealthy foods or smoking. By understanding the causes behind hormone imbalances and how they can impact your overall health, you can make smart choices and once again find yourself feeling great.

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