Uncle of man dismembered on sex call suspects ‘monster’

A married Wisconsin Woman accused of killing and dismembering her lover during sex under the influence of drugs was described as a “monster” by the victim’s uncle, according to one report.

Taylor Schabusiness, 24, allegedly beheaded the Green Bay man after the mad romp – then dumped his head and penis in a bucket and his legs in a pot.

The victim has been identified from the Daily Mail as 24-year-old Shad Rock Thyrion, whose uncle shared the family’s pain at the young man’s brutal death.

“Yesterday we received devastating news. Our nephew Shad Thyrion was taken from us by what I can only assume is a monster,” Nathan Mineau reportedly said on Facebook.

Describing Thyrion as someone who had “a good heart and soul,” he added, “Shad, I love you so much I can’t even begin to describe how we feel.”

Taylor Schabusiness
Taylor Schabusiness, a married Wisconsin woman, is accused of beheading her lover Shad Thyrion and throwing his head and penis in a bucket after sex.
Green Bay Police Department

Schabusiness faces first-degree first-degree manslaughter, corpse mutilation and third-degree sexual assault in the horrific crime.

Police were called to a home on Stony Brook Lane around 3:30am on February 23 by Thyrion’s mother, Tara Pakanich, 47, who reported finding his head in a bucket, according to the outlet.

She said she made the shocking discovery after being woken up by a door slamming and a vehicle pulling away.

Shad Thyrion
Shad Thyrion’s mother discovered his head in a bucket after being woken up by a door slamming.
Shad Thyrion/Facebook

Schabusiness was found in a home on Eastman Avenue with dried blood on her clothing, WBAY reported.

During a search of her van, police found a pot containing human remains, including legs, according to a criminal complaint.

In the mother’s horror house, they later found the head and “male organ” in the bucket, a torso in a storage bag, “body fluid” and knives.

Taylor Schabusiness
Taylor Schabusiness said she and Shad Thyrion smoked meth prior to sex and that she passed out.

She told police she and the man smoked meth before going to his mother’s home, where they had sex with chains, according to WBAY.

Schabusiness said she eventually passed out, then went “crazy” and started choking her partner – she insisted she didn’t mean to kill him but was enjoying choking him.

She said: “Police would have fun finding all the organs while dismembering the body. Schabusiness said all body parts should be in the basement,” the complaint reads.

Shad Thyrion
Shad Thyrion’s uncle, Nathan Mineau, said he had a “good heart and soul.”
Shad Thyrion/Facebook

“Schabusiness indicated that she used knives obtained from the dorm kitchen and that a bread knife worked best because of the serrated blade,” the complaint continues.

She also said she intended to take all the body parts but “got lazy and just put the leg/foot in the van and forgot the head,” according to the complaint.

The married Schabusiness, who recently gave birth, claimed she and Thyrion smoked methamphetamine earlier in the day, the Daily Mail reported.

Taylor Schabusiness
Taylor Schabusiness said she choked Shad Thyrion to death with chains they used for sex.

She said she also injected herself and her sex partner with trazadone, an antidepressant and powerful tranquilizer.

When Schabusiness was informed by police officers that they had the victim’s head in a bucket, he reportedly said, “That sucks.”

And when asked what happened, officers replied, “That’s a good question.”

Taylor Schabusiness
Taylor Schabusiness had recently become a mother.
Warren Schabusiness/Facebook

The woman told investigators that Thyrion had brought two chains for the sex session, one of which he put around his neck before going “crazy” and strangling him, the outlet said.

The alleged killer said as she felt Thyrion’s heart beating, she choked him harder and harder and claimed he wouldn’t die because he kept “building up in muscle,” the outlet reported, citing the complaint.

Schabusiness said she was sitting on the victim “waiting for him to die” as he coughed up blood.

mother's house
Taylor Schabusiness said she wanted to take home all of Shad Thyrion’s dismembered limbs, but got lazy.

“Yes, I liked it,” she said of choking Thyrion, the complaint reads.

“Schabusiness stated that she was sucking the victim’s penis, that she had a dildo that she put in the victim’s mouth and then in the victim’s penis,” it added.

Taylor Schabusiness
Taylor Schabusiness Schabusiness faces first-degree first-degree manslaughter, corpse mutilation and third-degree sexual assault charges and is being held on $2 million bail.

Meanwhile, the reporter who published the story about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Milwaukee in 1991 said WBAY that the suspect in the Green Bay case “was almost in love with Jeffrey Dahmer and the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Anne Schwartz referred to the Schabusiness outlet’s comment that she “liked it”.

“And that’s what makes this case different for me in that she’s admitting — if what the criminal complaint says is true — she’s admitting that there’s a bias that it was kind of exciting,” she said.

Schwartz also mentioned a sinister post by Schabusiness on Facebook, where She wrote on Jan. 13: “Walked away and said to an addict, ‘I’m never going to stop buying you dope so I can sit back and watch you die.'”

“The fact that she used or used social media to telegraph some of these feelings again makes her unusual for someone who mimicked the Jeffrey Dahmer case because he didn’t telegraph,” Schwartz told WBAY.

A court commissioner posted $2 million in cash bail during the suspects’ hearing on Tuesday, when she was ordered to perform in three weeks. Uncle of man dismembered on sex call suspects ‘monster’


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