Ultimate Gran Turismo 7 Settings Guide: The Best Options for the Smoothest Ride

As a “real driving simulator,” Gran Turismo 7 offers players dozens of intricate settings to experiment with to tweak the perfect driving experience. From in-game support to visual fidelity, it can be a lot to digest, so here’s a full breakdown of the key settings to change.

Unlike other arcade-style racing games, the Gran Turismo series has always strived to provide the most authentic racing experience possible.

As a result, you have a long list of settings to tweak before you even get behind the wheel. From optional assistants to help guide your car to general gameplay tweaks, there’s plenty to explore.

Everything can be overwhelming at first, especially when you’re new to the franchise. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the most important settings in Gran Turismo 7 and why you should change them.


Car racing in Gran Turismo 7
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Gran Turismo 7’s settings list offers an extremely customizable racing experience.

General Gran Turismo 7 settings

Before diving into the more complicated settings, it’s worth taking a look at the general Gran Turismo options. You can find these by navigating the top left of the main menu.

First are the display settings. This allows you to choose between a performance mode that prioritizes smooth gameplay or a ray tracing mode that improves graphics.

Since Gran Turismo 7 is already incredibly polished, we recommend that you prioritize ray tracing here. You can also get the most out of your PS5 with this title, considering that performance is never an issue, even in the most visually demanding situations.

Gran Turismo 7 settings
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You can change Gran Turismo 7’s visual settings from the general options.

Next is the race difficulty Attitude. This option appears when you first start Gran Turismo 7, but if you missed it or just want to change it, you can always find it again in the general settings.

There are three difficulty options available, each targeting the game’s AI drivers. On the simplest settings, you’ll be up against pretty standard bots. However, on the hardest settings, you’ll be pushed along every track by some impressive racers.

If Gran Turismo 7 is your first taste of the franchise, we recommend the Easy setting. Normal is a solid middle ground once you have some experience. While Hard should only be selected if you are a veteran of the racing sim genre.

The prize money is not affected by these settings, so playing on a lower difficulty level to orientate yourself has no consequences.

General Gran Turismo 7 Assist settings

Now that you’re ready to start racing, it’s time to take a look at your assist settings. These can be found in the menus before you start a specific activity, so you can always change them before entering a specific track.

Before diving into the essential options here, you need to change yours first Support preset selection. Change this to Custom to access some of the smaller settings below.

With that out of the way, your first real job is addressing the Auto Drive setting. By default, Gran Turismo will take control of your vehicle at various times. If you approach a corner too quickly, your brakes may apply automatically. If you veer off course, the AI ​​might grab the wheel and put you back on track.

However, to truly master Gran Turismo, you should turn this setting to “Off” as soon as possible. This gives you full control of your car and is undoubtedly the best way to play.

Gran Turismo 7 settings
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Disabling Auto-Drive as early as possible can help you learn Gran Turismo properly so you don’t develop bad racing habits.

Next is the catenary assistance Attitude. If you are familiar with most racing simulations, you will recognize this feature immediately. A glowing trail along the floor helps you find the optimal path through each course.

This helps with corner timing, how you should approach a long drift, and every little movement in between. This is particularly useful when visiting a track for the first time. So we recommend you keep this with the Set to All option.

Once you’ve mastered a given track and know each turn before it arrives, you can safely disable this option.

With 11 settings to choose from in this category alone, there’s plenty of customization as you gain more experience.

Below is a full list of our recommended assist settings for the smoothest ride in Gran Turismo 7:

  • Gears: Automatic
  • Support preset selection – Custom
  • Traction Control – Standard (5)
  • ABS – standard
  • Auto Drive – Off
  • Catenary Assistance – All
  • Brake Indicator – On
  • Braking Range – On
  • Replace vehicle after leaving track – On
  • Active Stability Management – ​​On
  • Counter steering assistance – weak
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With your settings fine-tuned now, you should feel a lot more comfortable out on the track.

So these are the best settings to get going in Gran Turismo 7. The more you play, the more you’ll tweak the finer options, but this is a great place to start.

Without too much holding hands of the AI ​​assistants, you master routes and drive record laps in no time. Ultimate Gran Turismo 7 Settings Guide: The Best Options for the Smoothest Ride

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