Two ways you can detect high blood sugar when going to the toilet

High blood sugar is a common problem for people living with diabetes.

If you have diabetes it’s likely that you’ll experience hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) at some point, and there are a number of signs you can look out for – especially when you go to the bathroom.

There are many signs of hyperglycemia, but two are obvious when you go to the bathroom.


There are many signs of hyperglycemia, but two are obvious when you go to the bathroom.Credit: Getty – Contributor

According to the NHS, it’s important not to confuse high blood sugar with hypoglycemia, which is when a person’s blood sugar drops too low.

This condition can affect both people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

It can sometimes affect people without diabetes, but this usually happens in people who have recently had a heart attack or stroke.

There are many symptoms of high blood sugar and one of the most prominent is increased thirst and dry mouth.

Other symptoms include fatigue, blurred vision, unintentional weight loss, abdominal pain or feeling, or being sick.

But there are two main signs that you’re likely to encounter and it’s important that you look out for them when you enter your room.

Peeing a lot

Frequent defecation is a sign of high blood sugar in diabetics.

If your blood sugar is too high then this forces fluid from your cells.

This in turn increases the amount of fluid reaching the kidneys, making you want to urinate more.

If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to urinate, it’s because your kidneys can’t function on time and need to get rid of the urine.

It is also a sign of diabetes.


Urinary tract infections such as thrush and bladder infections are common in people with high blood sugar.

You can’t always tell if you have an infection, and there are important ways you can tell if you do.

If you experience burning pain while urinating and your urine is cloudy, you may have an infection.

Blood in your urine is also a major sign of this and you should always talk to your doctor if you experience this.

What should my blood sugar be?

Diabetics are encouraged to monitor their blood sugar, and if you have diabetes it is likely that you will be provided with a device so you can do this at home.

You will be told what your average blood sugar is and this is called your HbA1c level.

Although they are different for everyone, the NHS says that if you monitor your levels at home a normal target is 4 to 7mmol/l before eating and less than 8.5 to 9mmol/l 2 hours after a meal eat.

If it is checked every few months then a normal HbA1c target is less than 48mmol/mol (or 6.5% on the older scale).

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