Twins spent over $200,000 to look like Barbies

You spent a small fortune to get it all pupated high.

Hardcore barbiecore enthusiasts Daisy and Dolly Simpson, 26-year-old twins from the UK, have spent over $200,000 to have their breasts puffed, their butts enlarged, their noses narrowed and their vaginas redesigned – everything in an effort to look less like herself and more like her perfectly formed plastic icon.

“Before we did anything, we just looked simple,” Dolly, from Stockton-on-Tees, told Caters News. “We didn’t feel as feminine and our looks didn’t match our personality or style.”

“We’d much rather look like Barbie dolls,” the blonde gushed.

Since 2020, the fox-turned-frumps have undergone numerous plastic surgeries, including breast augmentations, labia jobs, rhinoplasty and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The blonde-haired couple have also transformed their looks with botox, veneers and butt fillers, as well as a range of additional cosmetic procedures on their lips, chin, cheeks and jawline.

Ever since they were little girls, the duo’s dream was to transform themselves into flawless, gorgeous babes.

Twin sisters transform into Barbie dolls.
Twin sisters Daisy and Dolly Simpson, 26, from the UK, have spent over $200,000 on breast augmentations, nose jobs, Brazilian butt lifts, botox and labia jobs to transform themselves into Barbie dolls.
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(Left to right) Twins Daisy and Dolly Simpson, 26, from Great Britain, as little girls.
Growing up, Daisy and Dolly longed to look like Barbie, Bratz dolls and Playboy models.
Cater’s news agency

“Before we started our procedures and surgeries, we were pretty insecure about our looks,” Dolly admitted, adding that she and Daisy spent most of their childhoods dreaming of becoming Barbies.

“We’ve always loved the look of blonde girls with great tans and big boobs that looked like dolls,” she said. “When we were very young, we didn’t know how to do that because we didn’t know about surgery.”

“But since we were old enough to know about these things, we couldn’t wait to start the process,” Dolly gushed.

Daisy Simpson, 26, from the UK as a teenager.
Daisy and Dolly grew up believing that tanned women with big breasts and great bodies were the epitome of beauty.
Cater’s news agency

(Left to right) Twins Daisy and Dolly Simpson, 26, from the UK, before their surgeries.
As soon as they were old enough to go under the knife, the twins began transforming their bodies.
Cater’s news agency

Daisy Simpson, 26, from the UK before undergoing her Barbie surgeries.
Dolly says she and Daisy have always been very “insecure” about their looks.
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And when it came time to go under the knife as young adults, the Simpson sisters let Barbie — as well as the toy’s quirky but equally attractive rivals the Bratz Dolls and Hugh Hefner’s exceedingly hot Playboy bunnies — take their cues. to inspire.

The pair aren’t the only ones obsessed with recreating Barbie’s enviable contours.

Online, more than 149.2 million women under the viral hashtag #BarbieNose, including a Manhattan vixen who has spent thousands on the hip overseas surgery, have opted for a rhinoplasty to preserve the doll’s raised snout. And a Long Island doctor recently found what he was looking for when he offered his patients a $120,000 “Barbie” transformation package that includes body, face and hair modifications.

However, Dolly and Daisy started the Barbie customization at the bottom and worked their way up, so to speak.

Dolly Simpson, 26, from the UK, after her Brazilian butt lift procedure.
Dolly underwent a Brazilian butt lift, which inspired Daisy to have the same surgery.
Cater’s news agency

“I had my first plastic surgery in 2020, a labiaplasty in Romania,” Dolly said. “Since then, Daisy has also wanted the same surgery as we like to have matching surgeries so we still look the same.”

In August of that year, despite the crippling pandemic, the girls had their breasts augmented — Dolly received a breast lift and implants, while Daisy just got the implants.

“We both had nose jobs the following year,” Dolly said. “Again, we asked for these to be identical, but we don’t feel like they’re exactly the same.”

Dolly Simpson, 26, from the UK, after a nose job.
Dolly and Daisy underwent nose surgery in 2021 hoping to have Barbie’s flawless beak.
Cater’s news agency

Daisy Simpson, 26, from the UK, after a nose job.
The twins wanted their nose jobs to be identical in hopes they would continue to look the same.
Cater’s news agency

“Since then we’ve both done our cosmetic procedures as well, which really help achieve the doll look,” she boasted. “We use fillers on the cheeks, jawline, lips, nose and chin, as well as botox to keep our skin as smooth and wrinkle-free as possible.

“Daisy also has padding in her butt to make it bigger,” Dolly said.

In 2022, the surgically enthusiastic siblings traveled to Turkey for more superficial surgeries.

Dolly got veneers and a BBL with liposuction. Daisy just had a labia job to improve the appearance of her vagina.

Daisy and Dolly Simpson, 26, from the UK, before plastic surgery.
The Simpson sisters undergo the same surgeries to make them look identical to each other and to Barbie.
Cater’s news agency

But flossy, the flower will soon be wearing panties identical to her twin’s.

“Daisy wants a BBL to match mine next,” Dolly claimed, “although she’s more cautious about who she would go to.”

“I was less afraid to go to Turkey for this, but my sister would rather have it done in the UK for the first time,” boasted the bombshell, although she wasn’t entirely happy with her doctor’s work. “But she says she’s going to show my butt to her surgeon so they can make it as similar as possible.”

And while Daisys Derrière is on deck for the first time, Dolly is already planning to return to the operating table for the second time.

Dolly Simpson, 26, from the UK, after a nose job.
Dolly has expressed interest in another butt lift to get the perfect butt.
Cater’s news agency

Daisy and Dolly Simpson, 26, from the UK, after their surgeries.
Though happy with their new looks, the twins plan to make more cosmetic changes to their bodies.
Cater’s news agency

Daisy Simpson, 26, from the UK, after her surgeries.
Dolly says that she and Daisy would love to get boobs done again.
Cater’s news agency

“I also want another BBL because I haven’t quite gotten the results I was hoping for with this one,” Dolly admitted. “It’s a long process though, because you have to gain weight to have enough fat to transfer.”

And when she can’t put on the pounds fast enough, the siren makes do with silicone.

“I would definitely consider butt implants if my BBLs don’t look dramatic enough,” Dolly said.

And the wannabe Barbies are just beginning their nip-tuck journey.

“Also, we both wish we had bigger boobs and another rhinoplasty to hopefully make them more identical,” Dolly said.

“We are so pleased with how we managed to achieve our look.”

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