Twilight books are ranked from worst to best

The sunset the saga is nothing short of life-changing for Millennials and Gen. Z, played a major role in the entertainment scene for several years. What do you do? sunset too successful is not a love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob, as you would believe from the marketing of the film adaptation. As any truth sunset As fans will know, Bella’s love for Jacob has never even come close to that of Edward, making the “love triangle” practically non-existent in the series.

The beauty of sunset quite literally all of the characters (excluding newbies in Dawn) and how they exist in a universe that combines the best of youth fantasy and adult fiction. Stephanie Meyer successfully makes vampires sexier than they really are, and makes her main character completely obsessed with them, channel exactly how the fans feel. Plus, the backdrop of Forks, Washington shows off the allure of the Pacific Northwest and all the stunning scenery, emphasizing the beauty of the universe that was already rife with it when it came to some fascinating humans. world in the Cullen and Hale family.

Below, we have ranked the books of sunset saga from worst to best, including Midnight sun – aka sunset from Edward’s point of view. Our picks may or may not be controversial, but some books stand out much more than others, providing more characters to develop favorites or introducing lore that continues to change the world. world in which the characters exist.

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5. “Breaking Dawn”

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Honestly, there’s a simple reason Dawn fall to the bottom: Renesmee. The last thing this Bella’s vampire journey needs is a baby who has created complications that are frankly hard to care about. Bella ends up becoming a vampire – something she’s dreamed of from the start – becomes completely overshadowed by her never-before-seen teenager who has had a strange love story with Jacob. Black when his obsession with Bella turns to her children.

When reading the last part, readers spend the last 2/3 of the book expecting the series to end with eclipse and Victoria’s death. Bella’s commitment to pregnancy makes no sense for the character, nor for the child. Bella is willing to risk everything to become a vampire, ready to leave everything to start a new life. The birth of a child only nearly brought Bella back to life before it happened. (Not to mention the logical leaps that force the explanation of Edward the vampire pregnant with Bella.) And, in the face of Edward and Bella’s undying love for each other, which they always put before everyone else, an introduction. a child giving motion just feels impractical and unnecessary.

After Bella and Edward’s wedding, it all fell apart, it became clear that this book was unnecessary. There are plenty of other opportunities to turn Bella into a vampire and end the story without a half-human/half-vampire kid that nearly got them killed by the Volturi. Very little is gained from this book, which reduces the value of the series.


4. “New Moon”

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New Moon, the second book from Bella’s perspective, was a favorite with readers. For this reader, it was a miss. Starting with a birthday party from hell, Bella’s new and perfect life falls apart when Edward leaves Forks (and convinces the rest of the family to stick with him). Considering how early in the series, the decision to let Edward leave seems rushed, and it’s hard to understand how Bella and Edward’s relationship returns when he returns. Especially, when Edward becomes aware that when he leaves, there is still a murderous vampire – Victoria – who decides to kill Bella to avenge her lover’s death at Edward’s hands.

As far as Edward is concerned, he left her unprotected with Victoria and her friend Laurent still out in the world, knowing exactly where Bella is. Her only protection is the Cullen family, all of whom have abandoned her. Unbeknownst to the Cullens, and fortunately for Bella, she had a relationship with the werewolf Jacob Black in the future. After months of being a zombie and treating her loved ones badly after Edward’s death, her friendship with Jacob saved her life, as Jacob and his team killed Laurent when he Go to Forks and take Bella’s life.

While Jacob and Bella’s friendship is definitely a highlight of New Moon, the way it is described is a bit of a hassle. Despite Bella’s continued pushback against Jacob’s romantic feelings for Bella, he always placed those expectations on her and expressed anger and frustration when Bella didn’t reciprocate his feelings for her. All in all, New Moon is more of a disappointment than an exciting next step for the reader. Laurent’s ending and Victoria’s growing presence diminish as the focus is entirely on how Edward abandons Bella, and the historical group of vampires known as the Volturi, whom Edward attempts to kill him. when he believes Bella is dead, better in theory than in action.

3. “Eclipse”

eclipse sunset
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The third part, eclipse, feels like the end of a trilogy sunset series should be. More than a year after James’ death, Victoria’s plan to finish off Bella and the Cullens begins to unfold, proving her to be an utter threat (even without the support of rich vampires). other experience behind). She’s building an army of newborn babies – vampires that have just turned into and are stronger than other vampires because their blood still runs through their veins. This is quite the “final battle” for vampires and werewolves to face each other. And, any little love triangle that might have survived was ended forever when Bella agreed to marry Edward; on the condition that he turns her into a vampire, after their wedding of course.

In addition, as the universe was established, readers were able to learn more about the characters that revolved around Bella. She begins to grow closer to Jasper, learning the story of his life, just as she did with Rosalie. The Cullen family is starting to feel like her own family, a much needed step considering the plan is for Bella to leave Forks and her loved ones for good.

2. “Twilight”


But, of course, none of the others could stand by Introducing this wonderful world for the first time. sunset is a beautiful and powerful start to Bella Swan’s loving, vampire, and clumsy life. The idyllic (and fictional) home in the town of Forks, Washington comes together as the perfect home for Bella from the start. Her relationship with Edward is also unaffected, as readers are immediately drawn to the characters and the potential of their relationship. Edward is, at this point, the ideal fictional love, devoted and devoted to his love.

Before the world got too complicated, the simplicity of vampires glimmering in the sun and staying in dark, coastal, small-town locations to live through their immortal days was an irrational attraction. Every character has a purpose, no matter how small. Even Bella’s human friends are capable of seduction, and their view of the Cullen family highlights the anomalies in Forks.

The Big Bad of the story, James, is also an incredibly interesting villain. His dedication to hunting his prey creates a rather eerie and tense situation to watch, resulting in the reader seeing the other side of the Cullens, a part of them that knows how to protect themselves and have lived for decades as the world’s deadliest predators. Until it started, sunset is as perfect as it can get. The book strikes the perfect balance between romance, action, and fantasy, introducing an unforgettable world and cast of characters.

1. “Midnight Sun”

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Midnight sun is, without a doubt, the best is sunset mass must provide. Published on August 4, 2020 – just over 12 years after the series ended with DawnMidnight sun is a thrilling first film taken back from Edward’s much more sophisticated point of view. At this point, Bella is just learning about the Cullens, being introduced to a world far more complicated than she could have imagined. Edward, however, lived for more than 100 years. He’s been through so many lives that when he met Bella, he really felt like she changed everything for him.

From Edward’s perspective, readers get to see a vastly different version of what happened when Bella first arrived at Forks. We get a better description of how Edward’s powers work as he reads the minds of everyone around him, emphasizing how he’s failed Bella (and Charlie, at least for the time being. to some extent). Edward’s struggle to be with Bella paints a much clearer picture of exactly why it’s so hard for him to control himself when he’s with Bella, something so flawed in the book from the corner up. Bella’s look and made Edward appear much weaker than he really is.

Additionally, with Bella’s limited contact with other members of Edward’s family, readers can gain insight into Edward’s relationships with family members with and without Bella around. Edward becomes more than just Bella’s protector, and his family really comes to life and new sides of each character are introduced, like Alice’s reaction when she finally learns who she is first. upon becoming a vampire due to James’ attack. Even with Bella’s human friends, each character is shown much more clearly than Bella’s view of them, as Edward can read their minds and has an amazing understanding. about exactly who they are and what they want. Those who can’t stand it, like Jessica, are much more annoying, while others like Angela are shown as pure, kind people, something Bella can never see because she never Pay attention to them now.

Probably Midnight sun excellent and became the best work of the series because the universe was formed from Bella’s books. But, Edward is such a compelling character that the movie might be the best even if we learn things through his eyes and mind. He’s a character that’s been around in the universe for much longer, presenting everything that happens in a new light. His attraction to Bella and the need to protect her is much more understandable, and it becomes much clearer why Edward’s family is willing to risk anything to help Edward protect Bella. Aside from Bella, the characters are the strongest in this book, making it quite a fun and engaging ride despite knowing where the story leads.

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