Turn off the liberal media, get over Ivermectin and return to the old American hope

Clay Clark recently brought his Reawaken America tour to Phoenix. I was very eager to speak there. Let me explain why.

In the dark days of the COVID lockdown, we were all asked to gather around our TVs waiting for the latest statement from God Anthony Faucice about how we sacrificed our latest freedom for the noble cause of slowing the spread.

Having worked in the media for 42 years, I can honestly admit that I have never seen a time when the echo chamber was so unchallenged.

Everyone from former President Donald Trump to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders gave us the same message: Line up and get vaccinated. Stay home and follow the experts. The chorus from left to right is almost in unison.

There has been a warning. They are faint and hard to hear. To hear them, you have to really listen carefully. You must be a real opponent.


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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a businessman named Clay Clark was deeply saddened by the devastation caused to his clients. He had a podcast about business issues turned into a daily call to end the lockdown madness.

Why is it safe to go to Walmart and Home Depot, but not to your local grocery or convenience store?

The leader of this incompetent resistance decided to speak up. At first, he said to help his customers, to help them navigate difficulty of shutdown. But like a candle in the dark of COVID, Clark’s activities can be seen for miles.

When Tulsa leaders said people were not allowed to meet in person, he began opening his office on Thursday night as a means of educating those desperate to rebuild their lives. Some local evangelicals, sad that their churches were still closed, also joined.

Did you attend a Clay Clark rally?

Anti-lockdown activists around the country and even around the world connected with Clark and a movement was born. One national leader who noticed Clark’s activities was General Michael Flynn.

When Clark’s office couldn’t hold the crowds anymore, he rented a nearby church and held a three-day conference in April 2021. He invited Flynn and a host of other podcasts, sets. Chief and alternate journalists joined him for the weekend in Tulsa.

I made the trip and admit that I have never seen such a difficult group of speakers. Doctors with COVID-19 treatment protocols was on the agenda with evangelists, podcasters, alternative medicine advocates and even election fraud experts coming to explain the 2020 election.

Actor Jim Caviezel shared the spotlight with musicians, including Ricky Skaggs, who came to blow the shofar, an ancient Israeli war trumpet made from the horns of a ram.

Between speakers, we enjoyed Clark’s commentary, a fusion of bubbly DJ and talk show energy.


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Advice on how to prevent COVID with easily available medicines and staying out of the hospital is paramount. More annoying presentations on how to protect your business and finances combined with spiritual guidance on how not to succumb to despair and COVID-locked depression.

I found the whole event to be a refreshingly anti-establishment festival. I haven’t felt this invigorated since a Tea Party demonstration.

As of April 2021, Clark has held eight similar conferences in coast-to-coast locations. I spoke at four o’clock and hope to gather more in the coming months.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the hopelessness of demigods of doom plaster the wall on TV 24/7. I turned them off. Passing ivermectin, I will go to another Clay Clark Reawaken America Conference in search of a good American hope.

Clark’s next rally is in Canton, Ohio, on February 18 and 19. More information can be found here. here.

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