Trolls call me ugly – but I model oversize more than if I were skinny

SIZE 22 Danielle Gardiner is cashing in on her curves – making up to £10,000 a month as an plus size model.

She’s been trolled for her appearance and branded as ugly – but couldn’t care less.

Size 22 Danielle Gardiner is making money on her curves


Size 22 Danielle Gardiner is making money on her curves
She is earning up to £10,000 a month as a plus size model


She is earning up to £10,000 a month as a plus size model

At the age of 33, and modeling swimwear with “big thighs, stretch marks and all”she claims she is making more money than she would if she was thin.

Danielle, who is single and lives with her children Noah, 10, and Leah, 4, loves her curves and models for big brands like Nike and Nice little thing.

She said: “I get paid a lot for being fat and I’m not going to be a model or have 128,000 followers on the internet. Instagram, if I am slim. There are so many skinny models, I won’t stand out.

“I charge around £650 for a model shoot and usually do it about twice a week.

“When I modeled bikinis and shared photos on social media, people commented that I shouldn’t wear it because of my size because I’m not ‘small or pretty’.

“I’m called a man, and told I’m too fat to be a model – all sorts of things.

“I couldn’t care less because my size is what makes me successful. I would never do it as a model when I was a size 10.

“The industry is saturated with little girls trying to make it big. It’s very competitive and the pressure to stay slim is huge.”

Meanwhile, the actress Rebel Wilson41 years old, recently admitted she chooses comedy roles because of her weight.

Pitch Perfect Star, who plays Fat Amy, said: “I know I’m an older girl so I said, ‘You just have to embrace it. So that’s why I started getting into comedy acting, because I know how powerful comedians can be.”

However, now lighter than 5th, Rebel says she thinks her acting career has been hampered by her size.

But Danielle, of Hornchurch, Essex, is making the most of her curvaceous figure.

On a favorable month she can earn up to £10,000 from influence alone which, alongside her modeling work, brings in an average of £15,000 a year.

She’s an ambassador for Models of Diversity – a charity that advocates for variety industry model.

She modeled lingerie, swimwear, active and glamorous outfits.

“I get up to 40 products a week including clothes, gym gear, bags that I post on Instagram,” says Danielle. I charge £350 to £550 per post and £350 for a three-slide story.

“It was a lot of work, because I set up separate shots for each production. My goal is to get as many likes as possible, as that means more money, but that can be stressful.

“I also work as a social media director for a fashion brand. I have never been busier.”

Danielle used to be a size 10/12 in her teens and twenties, but says she was no longer confident in those days.

And when she joined the police force at the age of 19 as a detention officer, the pressure to stay slim was overwhelming.

I get up to 40 products a week, including clothes, exercise gear, bags – things that I post on Instagram. I charge £350 to £550 per post and £350 for a three-slide story.

Danielle Gardiner

She said: “I knew I had to stay in shape, because my job was so hard, and I was afraid of gaining weight and having to ask for a bigger uniform.

“I spent years trying to lose weight but hated myself for it. At 21, I was a size 14 but still thought I looked massive.”

When Danielle became pregnant at the age of 22, she struggled with morning sickness transparent and she lost three and a half pills in weight.

She explained: “My dress size went down to 10 and people commented on how great I looked, but I felt so sick and could barely sleep. Although I have become slimmer, I feel more miserable than ever.”

During maternity leave, with no regular time off, and feeling the need to be a single mother, Danielle began to gain weight. After six months, she was a size 14/16.

“I was exhausted, lonely and depressed,” she said. I snack all the time, and don’t really eat sensible meals.

“I eat chocolates and crisps, and order takeout when I’m too tired to think about cooking. Having to think about having a baby, I couldn’t work shifts so I ended up quitting my job when my maternity leave was over and spending all my time at home.”

The weight piled up and within a few years she was up to a size 20.

“My confidence hit rock bottom,” she said. I spent so many years trying to be skinny and hating myself for it and now I have to deal with getting big and I don’t know how to accept it either.

“I shut myself out from the world, afraid of people commenting negatively on me.

Deposit to receive house

“I’m trained in beauty therapy but don’t work much so I spend most of my time alone.”

When her son Noah was five years old, Danielle saw a Facebook ad for a body confidence workshop run by Miss Curvaceous UK – a huge modeling agency – and decided to sign up. .

“The workshop taught me to love myself – for me, not my appearance,” she says. I realize beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Then I felt inspired and hopeful for the first time in years. I began to believe that I was beautiful, and that I should love myself.”

At the end of the seminar, Danielle entered a contest to be Miss Curly UK, and began posting photos of herself posing in lingerie on Instagram.

She said: ‘It was a huge leap for me to suddenly show off my body in lingerie but it felt so easy because I was finally satisfied with how I looked. For the first time, I felt free to be myself. It is very powerful. “

As more followers grew, Danielle was approached by brands including Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Missguided.

She said: “It’s a huge compliment to be placed for the job and I’ve gone from being scared in front of the camera to being a lingerie model – big thighs, stretch marks and all. My confidence has completely changed.

“That’s when I realized I could make a career out of great people. I am starting to have more followers on social media and am inspiring other plus size women.”

Just a year later, in 2016, Danielle was crowned Miss Curvaceous UK – two days before finding out she was pregnant with her second child. By April of last year, Danielle’s income meant she could afford a down payment on a home of her own. And now, at 5ft 7in and 16, weight loss is unquestionable.

“I have a niche in the industry and my size is what makes me successful,” she said. If I lose weight, I won’t get the same jobs and will lose my social media following. But I don’t pretend to be something I’m not something and I don’t have to force my size on people.

“I’ve even seen other models try to make more rolls or squeeze their abs to look fatter, because they think that will attract followers and bring in more work.”

Danielle insists she’s just herself. “I’m healthy – I go swimming, I exercise and play with the kids,” she said. It’s not like I’m eating McDonald’s all day.

“I eat a healthy diet. For breakfast, I would have scrambled eggs with avocado on a bagel, and a chicken salad for lunch.

“I don’t care what other people think. Once you stop caring, you are happier.”

Danielle says: 'I spent years trying to get thin but hated myself for it'


Danielle says: ‘I spent years trying to get thin but hated myself for it’
Danielle insists she's just herself


Danielle insists she’s just herself
She said: 'I'm healthy - I go swimming, go to the gym and play with the kids'


She said: ‘I’m healthy – I go swimming, go to the gym and play with the kids’Credit: Danielle Gardiner
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