Trigger Point, season-end recap: The TV series that shocks viewers with the most obvious change of all time

Few of the great shifts of all time can be preceded by the word “obvious”. Obviously he’s dead. Apparently he’s your father. Apparently it was a sled. The thrill of the twist is in its lack of clarity. That’s why, I suspect, Activation PointsThe reveal of the final act will not go down in television history.

Obviously, it’s all him. But we will get there.

This episode opens with a rare win for Lana by Vicky McClure and her bomb disposal team (ExPo). They successfully neutralized the car bomb left behind at the end of the previous episode. Here credit is given to the robot working correctly for the first time in this series. “Nut would be proud of you,” said one character, according to IMDb, known as Hassan Rahim (do EastEnders‘Nabil Elouahabi, he’s almost done nothing) said to her, “…we’re all like that.”

loco . motor

Attention turned to the bomber’s next target, after the attacks on a radio DJ (Miles Jupp actually appeared in the series for five seconds) and campaign headquarters, which appeared to be targeted. around the “Deptford South” by-election, talk about to go to the polls. The police suspected that the final confrontation would happen on election night, but purposely allowed things to go as usual. Perhaps they are truly committed to local democracy, or maybe they think this will spice up the returning officers. By-elections, after all, can be tedious.

Now, at this point, in the middle of its final episode, Activation Points finally bring its card out of the chest and reveal its, extremely complex, motive. I’ll try to summarize: John Hudson (Kris Hitchen), who they believe is involved in this case, is geolocated to a military facility near Porton Down. They suspect this is the source of the HMX 319, which was last distributed for something called “Operation Dynamo”. Hudson also sent Lana a mysterious text with the number “66 11 42”. DI Thom Youngblood (Mark Stanley) makes a logical leap, which at this point I will refer to Dynamo involved in a vehicle accident in Kandahar in which seven soldiers were killed. But the victim’s family always suspected it was an explosion, not an accident and there was a cover-up. Ayesha Campbell-Khan (Salima Saxton), the by-election favorite, is in charge of the investigation, so it looks like the bomber is targeting her. Are you following?

Elementary, my dear Washington

Anyhow, as Lana and her colleagues are preparing the counting site, Karl (Warren Brown) starts with two coffees and a deep desire to talk about their relationship. “I know you’re busy and don’t have a comfortable space,” he told a woman who watched her brother blow up a few days ago. Naturally, Lana didn’t want to feel her heart out at work, nor did she have enough space to grieve. “Anyway, who wants a quiet life?” Sweet young colleague Danny (Eric Shango) asks her a few seconds later. Probably her, Danny. Perhaps the woman who witnessed, at first, her two loved ones turned into human ruins.

Conclusion for trigger point, like the end of any Sunday night cop movie, involving misdirection and revealing enough at the same time to make you long for Peppa Pig’s clarity. John Hudson was found passed out, an apparent suicide, at a “soldier’s chapel”. Everyone is so pleased, thinking they’ve got their man, but then forensic expert Sonia (Kerry Godliman) gets on Lana’s horns and exclaims with the insane thrill of a Connect only contestant, “It’s the periodic table of the elements!”

She meant the numbers John Hudson submitted earlier in the episode – 66 11 42 – relating to the elements of the periodic table. Namely Dysprosium (Dy), Sodium (Na) and Molybdenum (Mo). DyNaMo. If this wasn’t hammy enough, Lana and Sonia realized that the same code was used in the opening episode, for “1912” scrawled on the wall at the site of the first attack (I also forgot the point this plot, don’t worry). 1912, 19 12, Potassium (K) Magnesium (Mg). Kmg. Karl Maguire (I guess his last name was mentioned at some point).

Vicky McClure On The Case In ‘Trigger Point’


Rotate and shoot

Lana receives this message from Sonia and spots Karl in the crowd counting. They locked eyes, looked at each other knowingly, then Karl walked up to the stage and exposed a bomb planted in his chest. To be fair, he was furious about the cover-up in Kandahar. He is one of the soldiers and has spent the years since this event plotting his revenge. He takes Campbell-Khan hostage, holds a “dead man’s switch” (a switch that activates if his grip is relaxed) and broadcasts his grievances to the world.

Lana steps in to try to calm him down. “This is not you,” she told a man who had spent the summer indiscriminately killing civilians. Sorry Lana, it’s probably him. Like all bad guys, he spends these final moments explaining how he carried out his plot, including recruiting “racist idiots” for his own purposes. me. “They wanted a culture war and I gave them one,” he announced, like a columnist for their self-made tax return.

Finally, Lana was able to grab the switch just in time for a sniper to deliver a bullet through Karl’s skull. It ended up being surprisingly simple, a pretty pathetic conclusion to a bad summer for Lana. All the men in her life – Nut (Adrian Lester), Billy (Ewan Mitchell) and now Karl – have all died, which really leaves only Thom Youngblood.

Last Man Standing: Mark Stanley as DI Thom Youngblood in ‘Trigger Point’


Was omitted in the previous episode, we now see Youngblood, at a glance, invite the grieving Lana out for a drink once she’s finished giving evidence to the committee. Despite all his recent modesty, he still manages to look smug. Friend, anyone would be fine if their love rival turned out to be a serial killer.

Manufacturers of Activation Points must have envisioned this final episode as a compelling, shocking conclusion to the series. But for six weeks, they teased us with a shadow bomber that always matched Karl’s basic profile. Departure? Check. Bomb expert? Check. Known to viewers? Check. When the suspects are narrowed down by groundless accusations (John) or trips to the jade portal (Billy), it’s really just Karl. Karl, who was already the most suspicious, was the least suspicious. And so, as the scab falls from the viewer’s eyes and the jacket opens to reveal the suicide vest, I suspect there will be more yawns than gasps. Apparently, it was Karl. Sure.

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