Transman gets in trouble with buddy after he pees in her shower

She was mad.

A 22-year-old man visited Reddit “Am I the A-hole” forum to share that he urinated in his girlfriend’s shower – and hasn’t heard from her since.

The poster said he spent the night at his good friend Natalie’s house, peeing while washing himself in the shower, a practice he says his entire family does. He also stated that he is trans.

“Now, as a man without a penis, I am unable to enjoy the wonders of pissing standing up most of the time,” the unidentified Reddit user wrote. Stand-to-pee prostheses “ scare me, so I just sit down. However, when I shower, I can pee however I want.”

He claimed he was hanging out with Natalie and some of her friends a few weeks after the pee at her house. Somehow the subject of peeing in the shower came up and he admitted he did it while rinsing off.

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A man took to Reddit to find out if it’s appropriate to pee in his boyfriend’s shower.
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“Now, as a male without a penis, I am unable to enjoy the wonders of pissing standing up most of the time,” the unidentified Reddit user explained.

The confession drew mixed reactions. Some friends agreed: “It’s so nice to be able to stand for once”, others found it uncomfortable – including Natalie.

“Natalie came up to me later and nervously asked if I had peed in her shower and I said yes,” the poster reads. “She got very quiet and the whole thing got really awkward. She kind of shuffled off and we avoided each other for the rest of the evening.”

“Later on, one of our mutual friends texted me to say that Natalie was really upset when she found out I’d peed in her shower and reconsidered if she would ever let me stay with her again “, he continued. “I texted her directly and apologized, but she hasn’t responded yet.”

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He claimed his girlfriend no longer speaks to him.
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His magic also split Reddit.

“NTA”, explained one person he’s not the A-hole. “If you pooped in the shower and poured it down the drain, you’d be the asshole.”

Another User agreed and typed“There are two kinds of people in the world: people who pee in the shower and liars.”

Others argued that peeing in the shower was so “disrespectful.”

“YTA” announced one. “What you do at home is not necessarily what you do in someone else’s home. That was disrespectful.”

“The problem isn’t peeing in the shower,” he said Redditor supported, partly. “The problem is pissing SOMEBODY ELSE in the shower when you don’t know if they’re okay with it. If you don’t know if anyone would be okay with that, don’t do it!”

“YTA” someone else commented. “Your shower, do what you want. At someone else’s house, go to the damn toilet. You wouldn’t stay at my house after I found out.”

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Users seemed quite divided over the debacle.
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If you choose to urinate in the shower, there is a health problem.

in 2021, dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas warned against peeing in the shower in a viral TikTok, arguing you “make an association in your brain between the sound of running water and the need to pee.”

This could lead to “leakage problems,” she claimed, and also negatively impact your pelvic floor.

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