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Time to fall en amour with it’s d’Emily Once again, rom-com fans — Part 2 of Emily in Paris almost here!

After the first season of Emily in Paris eWrapped up in 2020 on a challenge plane tailor-made for more episodes, we’ve finally got our first look at what’s going down in Emily’s high flight life in Part 2!

This is everything we know about Emily in Paris Season 2, including the first trailer of the season, when Season 2 officially premieres, what happens next, and what some of the show’s stars have to say so far about Emily’s (and the show’s) future submit).

When Emily in Paris back for Part 2?

During the special preview event “Tudum” in September 2021, Netflix revealed that Part 2 of Emily in Paris will drop on Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

Only one Emily in Paris Part 2 trailer?

Mommy! The first long trailer for Season 2 of Emily in Paris arrived on November 18, and it dropped massive bombs. First, Emily confessed that her breakup with Gabriel – the tempting chef living in her apartment building who was supposed to open a restaurant outside of Paris at the end of Season 1 – became ” the most incredible night of sex I’ve ever had in my entire life! ” Just as quickly, we also learned (through Gabriel’s longtime girlfriend, Camille) that Gabriel was not moving out of Paris; instead, he’s hanging around the City of Light!

However, that two-minute preview also seems to suggest that zzzexy Gabriel won’t be Emily’s only love in Season 2; She can also be seen in the clip having sex with another attractive guy.

An earlier trailer released in September 2021 opened with an illustration of a postcard that read “RSVP to Saint-Tropez”. That’s right: Emily is going to the French Riviera!

Who in the cast of Emily in Paris for Part 2?

If you are wondering whether your favorite Emily in Paris the stars will return in Season 2, the answer is definitely “oui!” In addition to the main characters of Season 1, we will also see some new faces appearing in Paris around this time. These are the people slated to appear in Season 2.

Lily Collins as Emily

It will really be Emily in Paris no Emily? Collins, who earned an Emmy Award nomination for his portrayal of the show’s famous twentieth American, will return in Season 2, speak The glamor, “I hope that we get Season 3, because I really hope we come back and do this again.” Collins, who is also a producer on the series, also addressed criticism of the show’s diversity and its depiction of Paris, saying during part of the second season, “I am really passionate about including [more] women, people of color and sexual orientation, to really show more of what the world is and to be a part of it. Emily family. ”

Camille Razat as Camille

When the stars of the show tease that the main love triangle could become a “collection,” Razat will return as Camille, Gabriel’s girlfriend and Emily’s friend. “I hope we see more of Camille’s dark side because she’s always in a good mood. And I think no one is always in a good mood, even if you are a good person,” said Razat told Tonight’s reception. “So I hope that we can see more of her tough part.”

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel

Looks like the writers created some new storylines for Gabriel in Season 2. While it looks like the handsome chef will pay the price for Paris adieu, The actor of season 1 revealed that he is staying in the city. French actor Bravo provocative Elle Australia that the characters are “traveling” and in part that “there’s so much more to discover” deux of the fashion show, stressing that Emily won’t just be in Paris this season. “Gabriel’s life before was so sad [Emily] to the end, ”Bravo be added Oprah daily trajectory of his character. “He knows what he wants but he doesn’t know how to get it. He doesn’t know how to be the best version of himself.”

Ashley Park as Mindy

Park returns to play Emily’s first friend in France. The first season saw Mindy, a nanny originally from Shanghai, redeemed after an embarrassing appearance on a competition show. However, in the second season, it looks like she might as well spend time with Emily’s co-stars. Park reported provocative TV User Manual, “Mindy hasn’t met Sylvie or Julien or Luc yet so it would be fun if those worlds merge for a bit.”

Samuel Arnold as Julien

Julien, Emily’s rival who became friends at Savoir, will return to the office for Season 2. In a interview with Town & Country After Season 1, actor Arnold said he “loves [his] from A to Z,” adding, “If I had the power to choose any character, I would choose him. What I like most about him is his freedom – he can say or do whatever he wants, he speaks his mind and it’s okay because he has this position at Savoir. ”

Leroy-Beaulieu Philippine as Sylvie

Tres chic! Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu will return as Sylvie, Emily’s boss at Savoir. Former actress told News Scene Magazine that the show marked her first time playing a character like Sylvie, adding, “She’s sassy, ​​vulnerable, has a dry sense of humour. She was politically incorrect… And being an enemy of Emily allowed me to say and do things you wouldn’t normally do or say in real life. ”

William Abadie as Antoine

Abadie has been promoted to series regular for Season 2 of the dramatic comedy, meaning we’ll see how the glamorous perfume mogul’s relationship with Emily plays out as he invests in Gabriel’s restaurant.

Bruno Gouery as Luc

Bruno Gouery will reprise the role of Luc, Emily’s outspoken French colleague who was involved in a number of adventures and misadventures in her Season 1 in Savoir.

Lucien Laviscount as Alfie

The original cast won’t be the only stars to light the City of Lights this time around, as Laviscount will join the cast as Alfie, a Londoner who works for a Kingdom bank He is in Paris. Every Limit line, the new character is “One Fleer and the charming skeptic”, who” refuses to speak French, or to immerse himself in French culture. ” He and Emily “have a villainous relationship that develops into something more,” and, from the look of the trailer, he might just be a new love interest for the next director. understanding of social media. Laviscount is not however, the only new face this season is Netflix tweeted that Jeremy O. Harris and Arnaud Binot will also appear as guest stars, playing “iconic fashion designer” and “party boy of the famous Saint Tropez nightclub” respectively.

What happened in Emily in Paris Part 1?

After the unexpected pregnancy of her boss, Emily, the marketing executive (Lily Collins) for a last-minute move from Chicago to Paris at the start of the show, her next move makes even more sense: Will she stick with the new boo Mathieu (Charles Martins) – who not only has a crush on her, but also happens to run the famous French fashion house she represents — or if she dares to plunge into an affair with chef/cold neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), although he may still be romantically attached to one of her Parisian BFFs, Camille (Camille Razat)?

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Emily will let Mathieu let Gabriel in Emily in Paris Season 2?

Gabriel himself (well, the actor who plays him, Lucas Bravo) told around the world about a possible “#Gabriemily” romance: “The way we leave things, Gabriel is definitely more excited, or more reveled in the promise to go further down the road with Emily, that’s for sure. “He also recently told The glamor, “I think [Gabriel] loves Camille very much, but he also shares a lot of passion with Emily. There’s sexual chemistry, yes, but there’s so much more to it. I think he’s still in the process of figuring out what’s going on.”

Did Camille know that Emily slept with Gabriel?

After Emily finds out during the finale that Gabriel will stay in Paris instead of opening a new restaurant in Normandy, she receives a heart-stopping text from Camille, “I just heard from Gabriel. He is in Paris. Can we talk???” Does that mean Camille has somehow discovered Emily and Gabriel’s tester—or will she soon? The star told TV insider on the Camille question, “At this point, we don’t know what Camille knows, what she doesn’t know, even what Gabriel is thinking. It is very open. “Collins said the same thing The glamor, “The more important thing – the love of FriendshipOr discover what that means in a different way? It’s very complicated.”

Emily will have a romantic relationship with Gabriel and Camille in Part 2 of Emily in Paris?

Um, you can say a trois? In a splendid city like Paris, anything is possible! Bravo has suggested that Emily might become more entangled with Camille as the plot progresses — and the groundwork for a potential same-sex love affair was laid from the start. “Like Camille, when she kissed Emily on the mouth and she said, ‘I’m not sorry,'” Bravo pointed out. Cosmo. “Anything can happen between the three of them. I think Darren [Star] want this second season to be really open. ”

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What else will happen to Emily in Season 2 of Emily in Paris?

Series creator Darren Star revealed to TV insider in October 2020 that he had an idea for Season 2, teasing that Camille’s last message to Emily, asking “can we talk?” will be a “big question” for Season 2. He also teases when he sees Sylvie and Madeline, Lily’s Chicago boss (Kate Walsh) Interactive. “Maybe we’ll see them work together in Season 2,” he revealed.

Romance won’t be the only thing for Emily, says Star Oprah Magazine. “In Season 2, she will become part of the world she lives in. She will be more of a resident of the city,” he explains. “She will stand on the ground a little longer. She is making a living there. ” Stars also have promised that fans will “see more of Emily’s work family” as well as many of her sassy BFFs, Mindy (Ashley Park), because “any reason to see more of Mindy, I’m open.”

Where can I watch? Emily in Paris?

All 10 episodes of Emily in Paris’ Part 1 streaming on Netflix right now.

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