Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands details Spellshot and Clawbringer classes, new environments, enemies, mechanics, etc.

Publishing company 2K games and developer Gearbox Software released new info, videos and screenshots for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands introduces the game’s Spellshot and Clawbringer classes, more environments, new mechanics, and more.

Get details below.

Two more classes revealed

Create your perfect hero through deep appearance customization and a multi-glass system that lets you mix and match six unique character skill trees. Participation Stabbomancer and Brr-Zerker are Spellshot and Clawbringer:

  • Spelling photo are gun-wielding mages who can unleash a continuous barrage of spells and bullets and transform their enemies into harmless animals with the snap of their fingers. While others might see their guns as mere weapons, Spellshot was rigorously trained until it became an extension of their own magical will, combining guns and sorcery. letters to each other to enhance their spells and imbue their weapons.
  • Clawsbringers are loyal warriors who bring thunder and fire to their enemies with a spectral hammer alongside their fire-breathing Wyvern Companion. They are an order of warriors seeking to bring heroism to the Wonderlands. Their Dragon Aura powers up the party with additional damage and more.

More environments

There are many locations to explore in the Wonderlands, each with their own story quests, powerful side quests, unique enemies, and more:

  • The Weepwild Dankness poses many dangers. Countless people have fallen in the face of its smoke, and even more have tripped over bajillion mushrooms and tree roots everywhere. Best advice for any adventurer will have to stay away before your face turns purple like shroom! But the second best piece of advice is to keep your eyes open – your nose and mouth and any other openings you can think of as closed.
  • Fearamid holding the despair and desolate so thick, you can almost taste the sadness in the air. Skeletons grew, undead shivering, and emotionally dead people swept through every corridor. The rare few heroes who enter this place must not be under the illusion of the task at hand: entering unprepared would be a huge mistake.
  • Mount Craw is the seat of a bustling metropolis, where noisy, annoying little Goblins and towering tyrannical Trolls swoop in in the name of their subterranean god. However, not all are satisfied with their efforts. A revolution is slowly taking shape in the nostrils of the workforce. Time to pick a side! And that booger.

Shroom is here!

Wonderland is as dangerous as they are beautiful, with lots of monsters, including those that were once popular:

  • Shroom They may be cute, but they just want to tear you apart. Their armored helmet swings to reveal a giant ape full of sparkling teeth with your name on each. The forest’s immune system will attack you from all directions, sending pathogens to launch spores towards you from afar, or powerful walking swarms to trample you and flood the battlefield with mushrooms.
  • Leprechaun are the greasy glaze thumb stains of a sugar-addicted creative who just ate two sandwiches at the gas station for afternoon tea. Small and tricky, these weird little brussel sprouts can wreak havoc wherever they can. They can be weak individually, but they are very dangerous in large numbers. Always tinkering, Goblins are well versed with a wide variety of ranged weapons and gadgets.
  • Trolls likes one thing and one thing only: having people to beat. As such, you’ll find them supporting the Dragon Lord’s skeleton hordes in their war effort, and wherever you find the Trolls’ ferocious cousins, the Goblins. Watch out for their heavy sticks and billowing rocks, but keep your Ward steady—a few have somehow mastered the spell, solidifying the distinction between wise and intelligent.

New combat and combat mechanics

Enjoy the story alone or start a party with up to three friends seamlessly online Multiplayer or local split screen. Share the loot or rush to get the best loot with new details on in-game mechanics and check out the Game Guide for more details:

  • Cooperate. When it comes to quests, the more the merrier! Your Party among the heroes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands there can be up to four DestinyProducers unite to save queendom. Of course, Tina wants to make sure you’re up to a reasonable challenge regardless of party size, so the more players there are on your party, the tougher your enemies will be. When participating in the creation of a new Fatemaker, you will also have a choice between two options that determine how the loot is handled and the size of the enemies in multiplayer.
  • Guns. There are millions of different guns to loot all over the Wonderlands, as each is randomly assembled from a large variety of parts and components with their own unique characteristics. But they all fall into one of six basic categories, corresponding to the six types of ammo found across environments.
  • Types of damage. There are five types of elemental damage available to you in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Fire, Frost, Lightning, Poison and Dark Magic. When facing enemies, see what color their health bars are; this will tell which elemental damage type is best for them.
  • Ward. If you want to survive in the Wonderlands, you should seek out the Wards as soon as you get the chance. When equipped, Wards wrap your Fatemaker in a vortex of shielding magic, so your tender, tender flesh can easily withstand the slashes of razor-sharp axes and arrows .
  • Ring / Amulet. Loops usually provide a flat gain for your load, like boost Work Skill duration, damage or magazine size for a certain gun, Companion damage, etc. Amulets are more likely to give special effects, such as an instant reload chance. for your equipped gun after a melee hit. They can also increase things like Class Strength and damage, whether it’s all your damage over a wide area or more specific paths like gun damage or status effects.
  • rarity. The longer you adventure, the more familiar you will become with a common truth: not all loot is created equal. The weapons, spells, and equippable gear you find in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands There are rarities, which you can quickly identify by the color an item glows when it drops.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is due PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Playstation 4, Xbox one, and calculator through the Sauna and Epic game store on March 25, 2022.

See the trailer below. See screenshots at the showroom. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands details Spellshot and Clawbringer classes, new environments, enemies, mechanics, etc.


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