Three places you’re forgetting to clean – and how badly they can get

Blogger Carolina shared the video on Instagram (Image: carolina.mccauley)

Even the proudest person at home sometimes misses a spot while cleaning.

However, this influencer’s video shows parts of our homes that many of us overlook – and the dirt lurking there that will shock you.

Australian blogger Carolina McCauley – who has more than a million followers on Instagram thanks to her ‘house hacking’ content – shared a video this week that looks at the dirt traps hidden around the house.

According to Carolina, the three most neglected areas are the outlet, the washing machine filter, and the hood filter.

Taking a walk through her home, she reveals how (and how often) she cleans them using household essentials to limit build-up.

Carolina’s plug was the first to be treated, with the mother of two showing her how to remove the wrapper and find mold underneath.

Even the cleanest-looking sinks can contain dirt, with this trap compartment is rarely opened to wipe out. In Carolina’s case, she used baking soda, laundry detergent, and a battery-powered scrubber to alter what she found.

Her followers have pointed out that you should check how your pipes connect before removing the plug cap.

‘Not screwing the plug like that will loosen the plumbing underneath,’ one person said, ‘you’ll likely need a plumber to put everything back in place. ‘

Most modern sinks are designed to be disassembled for cleaning, but you should be careful if you do, using a bucket under the drain below to catch trapped water that could spill out. Make sure everything is screwed back on before running the water.

This compartment in a socket can hide mold and trapped leftovers (Image: carolina.mccauley)

You don’t have to do this super often, whenever you remember or if you start to notice odors coming out of your drain.

Next on Carolina’s list is the oven filter. The extractor fan hood sucks the grease out while we cook, but how often do you remember to clean the filter in your machine?

She recommends a ‘deep clean’ every two weeks, soaking the metal filter in boiling water and a dishwasher to wash away any sticky oil.

Next, Carolina’s extractor fan filter is soaked to remove grease (Image: carolina.mccauley)

Commenters praised the tablet’s ability to cut grease, with one saying: ‘OMG tablets for mid-range hoods!!! Will definitely try next time!! ‘

The last area in our home that is not usually cleaned is the washing machine. It does all the laundry for us, but rarely cleans itself.

Carolina turned the filter on her machine, draining the water that had accumulated in it into a pan. She recommends doing this once a month.

The result of the sparkling washer is more fragrant clothes and improved stain removal.

Open the filter with a pan below to catch standing water (Image: carolina.mccauley)

One person under Carolina’s video said: ‘I did my washing machine filter the day before and the water smelled like rotten eggs,’ said one person under Carolina’s video, so the proof is in the pudding.

Try not to feel too overwhelmed by what we’re told we ‘should’ do. It’s your home and your rules after all.

But if you notice that the place never seems to be really clean – even after you’ve finished your usual routine – heading to these locations can reveal the answer.

Always check the safety labels of the products you use (to avoid the dangerous consequences of mixing certain chemicals) and do it at your own pace.

You may be surprised at the potential stains you discover, but you’re not alone. And if these devices weren’t dirty, we wouldn’t be content to throw them away.

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