Things to Know About All Season Tires

As a vehicle owner, it is important to know the type of tires that work best for your type of vehicle. This can help reduce a lot of maintenance costs as well as save a lot on the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes. Having a different set of tires to use during winter and another one for the rest of the year could be costly. Instead, you could purchase all season tires that can be used all year long during both summer and winter.

All-season tires are built in such a way that they possess the qualities required to sustain the tire throughout the year. Although they could wear off easily because they are used all year, they can help save on space and money spend on winter tires. The following are some of the most important things to know about all season tires.

  1. The Features They Possess

All season tires have qualities that enable the tire to be functional throughout the year. This is usually enabled by the different unique features they have. The following are some of the distinctive features possessed by all-season tires;

  1. Deep Tread Patterns

These tires have deep tracks between the tread blocks that help to spread out water, ice, and snow during winter. They also help to boost the grip of the tire and the surface. This feature enables the tires to navigate through slippery winter roads.

  1. Voids

These are small slits that are usually found on the tire treads that help to increase the grip the tire has on a surface. This feature is important in ensuring that ice is kept off the road, increasing the stability of the vehicle.

  1. Flexible Rubber Material

All season tires are made using a rubber compound that is flexible. This gives the tire the ability to withstand both warm and cold climates. The tire remains very stable even when the temperatures drop below seven degrees, unlike summer tires that become brittle when the temperatures go low.

  1. The Advantages Of All-Season Tires.

If you live in an area that experiences both summer and winter climates, you might be forced to swap different types of tires whenever seasons change. This becomes very costly as extra storage space and maintenance are required. With cheap all weather tires you do not have to keep switching up tires as they can be used all year long. Getting these tires will help you save a lot. They are not as expensive as many people think, provided you do research on where to find them online.

The following are some of the biggest benefits of having all season tires;

  1. They Offer Better Stability During Summer Compared To Other Tires

All-season tires have better traction during summer than any other type of tires. Despite the fact that the tires are used during winter, they have a good grip even during summer. They are not affected by the high temperatures keeping your vehicle very efficient.

  1. Their Treads Last Long

These tires are made using a flexible compound to sustain the tire throughout the year. This means that the treads are adaptive to each type of climate prolonging their life expectancy.

  1. More Comfortable Rides

Due to the fact that the tires have deep tread patterns and large treads, they usually offer a good quality ride. There is reduced friction, lowering the vibration of your vehicle. The tires are not noisy guaranteeing you a comfortable ride.

  1. Variety Of Options

All-season tires have plenty of options from where you can choose from. The high competition between the different brands helps to lower the cost of the tires at the same time increasing the quality of the tire.

  1. Disadvantages Of All-Season Tires

Despite the fact that these tires can operate all year long, they have cons that limit their performance. The following are some of the drawbacks associated with all-season tires;

  1. Their Efficiency Is Low During Winter

These tires have a great performance during summer and early winter but they are unable to handle severe winter climates. The rubber compound they are made of can begin to harden when temperatures drop below ten degrees. This can reduce the efficiency of your vehicle increasing fuel consumption.

  1. Short Lifespan

Although the treads of an all-season tire can last long, the rubber compound is likely to damage easily. This is because the exposure of the rubber to different climatic conditions weakens it.

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