These single women only date men who have had vasectomies

Gen Z women want their men to be tall, hot and handsome — but they’re not talking about chiseled arms and abs.

Quinn Finite, a 25-year-old content creator, browses dating apps like Tinder and Hinge in search of a man with something special.

And in the case of brunettes, that “something” is a vasectomy.

“I love [men with] Vasectomies,” the Canadian sex and lifestyle influencer told The Post. “I often refer to them as ‘vasect treats.'”

In October 2020, she made a personal vow to only date men who’d undergone circumcision — a form of male birth control that involves severing the vas deferens, effectively cutting off the sperm supply to semen. Accordingly the Cleveland ClinicApproximately 50 million men have had a vasectomy, and more than 500,000 men in the United States choose to have a vasectomy each year.

online, you bravely professed her preference for circumcised suitors to her 368,000 digital followers and finds that guys who haven’t gone under the knife automatically end up on her dating chopping block.

Gen Z women are choosing to only date men who have had vasectomies.
Gen Z women are choosing to only date men who have had vasectomies.
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And Finite’s decision to confine her love life to the growing group of hairy hunks came in an effort to reduce the world’s population, which was about 7.8 billion at the time.

“I never intend to have children,” added Finite, who didn’t reveal her exact location for privacy reasons. “I was never attracted to that … And thanks to vasectomies, I don’t have any of it either.”

But luckily for Finite and the women who make up the 904 million+ TikTok viewers of the viral hashtag #Vascetomy, Gen Z and millennial men are more than happy to comply.

In New York City, urologist Alex Shteynshlyuger told The Post that demand for vasectomies among younger men has increased by more than 500% at his Midtown practice.

And the sudden surge in demand didn’t stop there.

In fact, a June 2023 study of vasectomy trends by researchers at the University of Chicago found that recent increases in vasectomy rates have been most notable among men without children, men with romantic partners over the age of 35, single men, and men between the ages of 35 and 35 observed was aged 18 to 24 years.

A February 2023 study by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic’s Urological and Kidney Institute also found this to be the case in men under the age of 30, as well as in men who have not had children They are significantly more likely to seek counseling for a vasectomy. Analysts attributed the spike in interest to the US Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision overturning Roe v. Wade — a federal ruling that once protected abortion rights.

A man holds his crotch in the doctor's office.
Recent studies have shown that interest in vasectomies is increasing among younger men.
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“Following the court ruling, there was a significant increase in childless men seeking vasectomy,” the study said. “We anticipate that both single and partnered men who have decided not to have any more offspring will now find it necessary to take reproductive autonomy into their own hands.”

Immediately after the controversial overthrow a Report from wellness website Innerbody Research saw a 99% increase in daily internet searches for vasectomies. The data also revealed that searches for “is a vasectomy reversible” and “how much does a vasectomy cost” increased by 250%.

On social media, brave hipsters even started sharing footage of their surgeries with their TikTok fans. A spokesman for Tinder said the New York Times that mentions of the term “vasectomy” on dating profiles increased more than fivefold in 2022 compared to 2021.

And ladies with a distinct penchant for ripped hunks like Finite couldn’t be happier.

Quinn Finite, 25, a sex and lifestyle content creator from Canada, poses on a balcony.
Finite says she has been able to track men who have gone under the knife.
Courtesy of Quinn Finite

“At first I thought that excluding non-vasctomized men would dry up my dating pool,” she told the Post.

“[But] “Men are very receptive to my liking, both in person and online, which I’m ultimately grateful for,” continued Finite, who, despite finding a dating pool of guys who don’t mind the hunk, is currently single.

Cheyanne Rollins, an online dater who began enforcing the “only downtrodden men” rule in her love life back in June 2022, tells The Post that a vasectomy is a dating requirement she doesn’t want to give up – namely for the sake of their own health.

Cheyanne Rollins, 25, a customer service specialist from Indianapolis, Indiana, takes a selfie.
Rollins says a man with a vasectomy is much hotter than a man who hasn’t been circumcised.
Courtesy of Cheyanne Rollins

“It’s unfair that women have to go through so much [prevent pregnancy] because birth control has so many negative side effects,” said Rollins, 25, an Indianapolis-based customer service specialist. “When I was on the pill I developed a cyst in my breast and gained a lot of weight.”

“A [vasectomy] is just a simple cut, nothing else.”

And she, like Finite, believes cut makes men sexier.

“A man with the cut is so attractive,” Rollins said. “He takes responsibility and doesn’t recklessly impregnate everyone — that’s cool.”

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