The Ultimate Guide to Ahri: The best League of Legends builds, runes, tips and tricks

Ahri is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, with a favorite mid lane mage for many years. If you’re a veteran or just picking her up for the first time, we’ve got the ultimate guide here to mastering the Nine-Tails.

Launched in 2011, Ahri is one of the long-standing champions of League of Legends. During her decade-long existence on Summoner’s Rift, her identity has largely remained the same ⁠— aside from a few changes in Season 8.

Regardless of whether you have a Level 7 Mastery or just picked her up for the first time, we’ve got a guide so you can learn everything you need to know about Ahri, including the best builds and runes.

Spirit Blossom Ahri in TFT Fates
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Ahri is one of the most glamorous champions of League of Legends.

Who is Ahri?

Ahri is like a giant fox trying to find meaning in her life on Runeterra. Her first memories involve hunting with a school of fins before she decided to venture into the mortal world of Ionia.

During her quest, she discovered the ability to absorb the soul essence and memories of deceased humans ⁠— and even change them. Now, she is trying to understand her own past and regain her own memories.

On Summoner’s Rift, Ahri is a mid lane assassin mage, seducing enemies and draining their spirits with lots of explosive damage.

Ahri .’s Abilities and Playstyle

Ahri’s gear is full of mobility and explosive damage. She’s the one with all the deals though, with waveclear and utilities to boot.

It’s all about Charm’s landing, though. Although Q maxing is game — it’s her main damage tool, after all — if you can control your mobs, the rest of the kit will naturally be able to dash down or chase your enemies. Literally: Press E, spam your nodes (including Ignite), get the network.

  • Passive: Essence Thief ⁠— When Ahri attacks 9 enemies with her ability, her next ability also heals each enemy hit.
  • Q: Ball of deception ⁠— Ahri flies out and pulls her orb back, dealing magic damage on the way out and real damage on the way back.
  • W: Fire Fox ⁠— Ahri gains Movement Speed ​​for a short duration and releases three fox flames, locking and attacking nearby enemies.
  • E: Charm ⁠— Ahri blows a kiss that damages and charms enemies it encounters, instantly stopping their mobility and causing them to walk towards her harmlessly. The target temporarily takes extra damage from Ahri.
  • R: Spirit Rush ⁠— Ahri dashes forward and fires essence beams, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Spirit Rush can be used up to three times before the cooldown begins.

The best build for Ahri

The fact that Ahri’s mix of being a pseudo-control mage, fake AP assassin means her build can be a bit tricky compared to other options.

That being said, her best Mythic by far is Everfrost. Being able to jump on top of enemies, lock them in place, and then CC chain them to death with Charms is very powerful. It also gives her some much needed energy.

Cosmic Drive is a good choice for increased mobility ⁠— but you can only hit that 160 AP threshold once. It might be worth picking up a Dark Mark to get past that mark until you get to the heavyweights in Rabadon and the Scepter of the Void.

Her final items are quite versatile. Need more utilities? Get the Morellonomicon. Dying too fast? Banshee’s Veil and Zhonya’s Hourglass are the best defensive picks.

Top Ahri meta items in Season 11

  • Mythic: Everfrost / Luden’s Tempest
  • Boots: Sorter’s Shoes
  • Space drive
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Gap staff
  • Banshee’s Veil / Zhonya’s Hourggourglass (for defense)
  • Morellonomicon (if you need to reduce healing)
KDA All Out Ahri in League of Legends
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Ahri’s construction is to create the most damage in the fastest time possible.

Best Runes for Ahri

Ahri’s runes are designed to do two things: Give her the explosive damage she needs to combine an enemy, while also giving her some stamina to maintain lane dominance.

So Electrocute is the best choice. The Taste of Blood and Manaflow Band help keep her health and energy up while the Eyeball Collection, Transcendence, and Ultimate Hunter allow her to scale up late game so she can assassinate enemies.

You can swap a few things. For example, if you need more sustain, you can use Gore Hunter instead of Ultimate Hunter. But this stock standard rune page should be good for 95% of the matches ⁠— just adjust your shard resistance when you need to fill the remaining 5%.

Top Meta Ahri runes in Season 11

  • Electric shock
  • The taste of blood
  • Eyeball Collection
  • Ultimate Hunter
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendent
Guide to Ahri League of Legends Runes
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These Ahri Runes will do the job in almost any situation.

Ahri’s skin in League of Legends

Ahri may seem mechanically advanced for newer players of League of Legends, but she’s definitely a bridge to some of the game’s more complex champions.

There’s nothing scarier than an Ahri who knows what they’re doing, and this guide will give you all the tips you need to become a master of the Nine-Tails. The Ultimate Guide to Ahri: The best League of Legends builds, runes, tips and tricks

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