The symbol you see in this personality test reveals your best quality

MANY optical illusions exist for fun, but this visual test will reveal something very important about you.

Take a close look at this image and pay attention to which symbol stands out the most as it could reveal your best personality trait.

Which symbol do you see first?


Which symbol do you see first?Photo credit: Mind Journal

This image was shared by The Minds Journal contains several symbols that will catch your attention – a book, roses, a tilted cross, balloons, a heart, a lion, a smiling face and a tie.

What the viewer sees first reveals the best part of their personality.

These are the meanings behind the five most popular symbols.

The book

The book stands for intelligence and intuition


The book stands for intelligence and intuitionPhoto credit: Mind Journal

If your gaze is immediately drawn to the book, it means you have the gift of intuition.

“Most people are open books to you, and you are often approached by those who need advice because they are unable to make their own decisions,” the Minds Journal article reads.

“You are able to meet most challenges that come your way with ease and grace.”

The roses

The roses stand for finding beauty


The roses stand for finding beautyPhoto credit: Mind Journal

The roses mean that you can find something beautiful in almost every situation.

“Love is your greatest weapon,” the article adds.

“You prefer to be peaceful and quiet so you don’t indulge in unnecessary gossip and the limelight doesn’t gravitate to you.

“Meekness comes easily to you and you always do your best to please others.”

The balloons

The balloons represent optimism


The balloons represent optimismPhoto credit: Mind Journal

The balloons are a sign that you possess optimism and hope.

“You’re an incurable daydreamer with little to no control over where your mind goes,” according to Mind Journal.

“Once you’ve decided something feels right, no one can change your mind.”

The Inclined Cross

The inclined cross represents self-control


The inclined cross represents self-controlPhoto credit: Mind Journal

The inclined cross is a sign that you have the rare gift of self-control and discipline.

“You find it hard to give your heart to someone else, but when you really want someone, you do your best to make it work,” the article reads.

“You taught yourself self-control and are now a master of yourself, something that others fight for.”

The heart

The heart represents love


The heart represents lovePhoto credit: Mind Journal

Unsurprisingly, heart means you are committed to finding love in any situation.

“You want all people to be happy, and you channel that by developing powerful healing methods,” it says.

“Your natural friendliness ensures you don’t annoy anyone for long. People come to you because you are compassionate and forgiving.”

Another optical illusion contains two different animals – whatever you see says a lot about you.

This image of this ball went viral for appearing to wobble and will trick your eye into seeing movement.

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