The story of a man who frames his brother for sexual assault is only half the drama

A brand new Reddit story titled “Brother framed me with SA 8 years ago, now the truth is out, what’s next?” got netizens talking.

For some netizens, reading Reddit stories is their favorite pastime. Stories posted under the AITA sub of Reddit and others often garner significant attention. Sometimes it’s messy family drama, other times it’s relationship and work issues that Reddit users rant about while commenters share their views. One such story that has become quite popular lately is the “brother tricked me with SA 8 years ago”. The incredible family drama in this story seems nothing less than the plot of a film or book. Here’s a look at it.

Explained the premise of the Reddit story “Brother set me up about SA 8 years ago”.

The Reddit story “Brother framed SA on me 8 years ago” has been published on multiple subreddits. It is also known to be present on the “TrueOffMyChest”. subreddit.

In the story’s original poster (OP), a 39-year-old man recounts his long and arduous journey of being rejected by his family and divorced from his wife after being accused of sexual assault (SA). His older brother Henry is the one who plotted against him, causing him to lose his family, job, wife and children.

The OP loses everything he built and is banished from his family for eight years until the truth comes out.

OP’s brother has eyes for his wife

The OP explains that his brother Henry is 41 years old and two years his senior. Growing up, they were never particularly close. Her parents always seemed to prefer Henry to the OP. Henry was not scolded or punished for getting bad grades at school. While OP graduates from college and builds his own career, his brother Henry drops out. The parents help Henry set up a local hardware store so he can get on his feet upright.

OP is never particularly close to his family, only visiting them on holidays and socializing with them on birthdays. When OP introduces his girlfriend Jenny to his family, they welcome her. However, her brother develops a strong attraction to her. Henry, who hasn’t had much contact with OP before, begins visiting his house regularly after moving in with Jenny.

OP, obviously uncomfortable with his brother’s excessive visits, tells him to stop coming over so often. Visits are becoming less frequent, but remain regular. OP and Jenny wed in 2010 after four years of dating. They have two daughters together. His brother also gets married after dating a girl, but the two quickly divorce. The girl later tells OP they got divorced because Henry was obsessed with OP’s wife Jenny.

While OP’s life is perfect until now, in 2015 everything falls apart. His old high school friend Amanda claims OP sexually assaulted her and threatened her with consequences if she spoke out. OP’s parents kick him out. He is disowned by his extended family after his brother Henry released fake screenshots of his “conversation” with Amanda, threatening to keep her silent. Also some old friends call him to tell him how disgusted they are. OP’s wife eventually files for divorce and the ways part as amicably as possible. At some point he is also beaten bloody by his brother when he comes to his parents’ house.

After suicidal thoughts, OP rebuilds his life

The OP is deeply distraught after allegations of assault shattered his life. “I also drank so much that I kept thinking of insulting myself. “Waking up in a cold sweat after a nightmare has almost become the norm,” the post reads. However, in order to rebuild his life, he moves to a town two hours away to start his life over. A few months after moving to the new location, he meets an old friend, James, who was just starting a management consulting firm. He is introduced to another of James’ partners, Derek, and the three form the company.

The OP informs the duo about his past and they support him. They still do a background check and OP has no sexual assault records. He begins to rebuild his life, going to the gym and going into therapy. Eventually, he meets Kim, who is part Asian and part Italian, at a coffee shop. The two date a few times and get along well. The OP tells her about his past after their first dates. Kim listens to her gut feeling and gives it a chance.

The two are vacationing in Europe before COVID-19 strikes. They will stay in touch throughout the lockdown. Kim announces she is pregnant in February 2023, and the OP raises the question of marriage a few weeks later. The couple is happy until one day the OP gets a call from Amanda.

Amanda confesses what she and OP’s brother did

In her phone call with OP, Amanda confesses that she and the OP’s brother Henry planned the false sexual assault allegations. OP asks her to meet him and his lawyers and make a full confession. Amanda obeys and OP now has the choice to file a defamation lawsuit against her and his brother Henry.

While the OP still doesn’t know if he should file a lawsuit, he asks Amanda to confess the truth to his ex-wife Jenny. A few days later, the OP gets a call from a sobbing Jenny, who apologizes for being so quick to believe the allegations. She then reveals that she married Henry a year after her divorce from the OP as he helped her during that time. She now has a daughter with Henry.

OP, who hasn’t met his daughters in eight years, demands that he wants to reconnect with them and also be a co-parent. He meets her in a park and the girls don’t recognize him but soon warm to him. The OP is now confused as to how to inform his brother of his actions. He’s also torn about whether or not to let his apologetic parents into his life.

Reddit users react

While some users seethed with anger after reading the story, others claimed they had read many different versions of the story. Some believed it was fake.

“Meet your parents, but at the first comment about “being the bigger person” in your brother’s situation, get up and leave,” one user advised the OP. The commenter went on to note that his brother Henry “stole your family and children, now comes karma for him, he’s an unemployed leech, if you go after him it won’t affect his daughter as he has nothing to give her .” .”

“I hope whatever bro is going through goes downhill from here,” wrote another angry Redditor.

However, some others called the story a fake and said they had read different versions of it elsewhere.

“Wait, you’re telling me I read the whole story with tears in my eyes and it was fake? F-I!” Another user commented.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately recognizes the plot,” wrote another Reddit user.

“I swear I’ve read this before, except it was in Mexico. The second is almost the same, jealous brother marries SIL heartbroken but nice try,” said another person.

The story about a man who frames his brother for sexual assault is only half the drama that first appeared on HITC.

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