The simple trick to keep avocados fresh longer as food prices rise

Let’s face it: Avocados are getting mushy faster than the cost of living goes up.

Yes, they are delicious, but you have to care for them until they are ready perfect Maturity is a delicate dance.

And with the prices of fruits and vegetables rising, we really can’t afford to throw these bad boys in the trash a few days after we buy them.

Luckily, one woman shared a simple trick that will make your avocados last longer while reducing food waste.

Hot Tip: Since avocados are at their peak right now, why not stock up and give it a try?

You and your avocado toast habit will thank us later.

The simple trick to make avocados last longer

A woman posted a photo on the family’s Delish Recipes Facebook page of a tray lined with aluminum foil with mounds of avocado on it.

She explained: “I started freezing avocados! I crush them, use a small cookie scoop, and then freeze them!”

Yes, that’s right. You can freeze avocados to quickly turn them into guacamole, smoothies, or a spread.

There is a simple trick to make avocados ripen longer.
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She continued, “They don’t brown AT ALL and when they firm up in a few hours, I throw them in a large ziplock bag. I don’t add anything to them.

“No more unpleasant brown color or throwing away expired products. I freeze about two bags at a time. They also defrost wonderfully. Try it!”

People said in the comments: “This is awesome,” said one.

Another wrote: “I’ll definitely try this!”

“Genius! I had no idea you could do this,” another shared.

By freezing, the avocados last much longer.

Tips for Perfecting the Avocado Freezing Hack

To find out more about perfecting the hack, we spoke to Kidsspot’s kitchen editor, Liz aka. an avocado fan.

“When freezing avocados, make sure the avocados are just ripe. If you wait until they are very soft (to eat), the flesh will be too mushy when thawed,” she explained.

As for freezing time, she said you can store frozen avocado flesh in an airtight container for up to a month.

To master the process, she says, “Freeze balls/slices/avo cubes on a parchment-lined tray for about two to three hours or until solid, then transfer to a snap-top bag or bag airtight container. A bag is good because it allows more air to be removed, keeping the avocado in a better frozen condition.”

She said to be careful because the avocados could easily turn brown when thawed. Therefore, you can sprinkle them with a little lemon or lime juice before freezing to counteract this.

Frozen avocado flesh can be stored in an airtight container for up to a month.
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“Once they have thawed, be sure to use them immediately. It’s not something you can then put in the fridge to use later/the next day,” she said.

“Thaw overnight in the refrigerator or leave it in an airtight container in a bowl of cold water for 30-40 minutes and the frozen avocado will soften,” she added.

“In addition, the texture of the avocado changes slightly after freezing, becoming softer and moister, making it best for pureeing or blending. They also lose a touch of their creamy consistency.”

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