The real reason why you have such strange and vivid dreams after drinking alcohol

As more and more invitations come to parties and gatherings, most of us will drink more alcohol than usual.

While you may nod immediately after a heavy night, it is likely that your dreams will be thwarted by the strange and eccentric.

Although you may nod immediately if you have had a glass of wine, there is a chance that your dreams will be more vivid than usual.


Although you may nod immediately if you have had a glass of wine, there is a chance that your dreams will be more vivid than usual.Credit: Getty

Everyone dreams and that’s completely normal, there are many theories about dreams with the most common being that they are representations of subconscious thoughts.

Many sleep experts have figured out how to deal with what certain dreams can mean.

But many people often say that they have strange and vivid dreams after drinking alcohol and experts at the mattress company Otty say there is a reason for this.

They explain: “When you go to bed after a drunken night, the quality of sleep you enjoy is actually worse.

“The blood alcohol level in your system goes down when you stop drinking, leaving you in a light sleep and frequently confused and awake throughout the night.

“So when you fall into REM sleep (the stage of sleep in which you dream), you’re more likely to recall your dreams.”

Experts say that alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle and blocks REM sleep, making you feel like you are half awake.

“Because of subsequent awakenings throughout the night, you’re more likely to wake up with a vivid and eerie flashback of the dream you just had.

“The alcohol in your body mixed with the lethargy will often cause you to experience vivid, nightmare-filled dreams.

“Your body is trying to gather as much information as possible from its environment, which may not be so black and white after a night of drinking.”

They explain that this can also be psychological, depending on your type of drink.

They add: “If you are typically an emotional alcoholic, these thoughts and feelings can manifest themselves into your dream content, leaving you with haunting or evocative dreams. “.


We all know the feeling of hangover and tightness after a good night’s sleep.

But experts say just one night of restless sleep can lead to a host of adverse symptoms.

The most obvious symptom, they say, is drowsiness, which makes it hard to stay awake and perform simple tasks without falling asleep.

“Your brain will work at a slower rate, which means you’ll really struggle to focus,” they added.

Also, lack of sleep can make you more irritable, so you may find yourself much more angry about things that would normally be little things.

Difficulty sleeping? Your diet may be lacking in these ingredients

If you’re having problems sleeping, it could all be down to your diet, says one expert.

Nutritionist Gail Madalena, who works with PureSport indicates you may benefit from specific natural ingredients.

Combined, she says the ingredients below can help wake the mind and the body into a deeper and more relaxed sleep.

Magnesium: Gail says the mineral magnesium is needed for hundreds of cellular reactions in the body, plus it can also help the body relax. She says you can get magnesium from foods like dark leafy vegetables, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, and almonds.

chrysanthemum: There is research showing that the flavonoid apigenin, found in chamomile extract, can help calm the mind. Gail explained. A cup of chamomile tea before bed can be helpful, and research suggests that a cup of chamomile 45 minutes before bed can help relieve pain.

L-theanine: This amino acid may not be necessary for our bodies, but it can be helpful in changing the levels of certain chemicals in our brain. “The chemicals serotonin and dopamine have an effect on our sleep, and these are the chemicals that L-theanine can affect,” explains Gail.

Cannabidiol: Growing in popularity, research on CBD shows that it can help improve sleep. It is also a popular treatment for insomnia and is believed to be able to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, both of which can have a huge impact on our ability to sleep.

But they say the most noticeable and common bodily symptom is puffiness around the eyes caused by a water imbalance.

“You’ll also most likely get dark circles (‘pockets’) under your eyes. This is due to dilated blood vessels.

“Your sex drive can plummet after just 24 hours of sleep deprivation, due to being too exhausted to feel arousal.

They add: “Because your body is struggling to cope with exhaustion, you will experience increased muscle tension, which can cause tremors.

If you still want a drink but don’t want to suffer the consequences of a hangover or vivid dreams, there are things you can do.

“Try and limit yourself to just a few glasses of wine, avoid extra Sambuca and make sure you get a good night’s sleep,” the experts add.

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