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A young boy overwhelms an old veteran with his act of kindness when he learns that an elderly man goes around the village selling his medals in exchange for food.

Tom was only 4 years old when his parents died in a car accident. After that, the boy’s grandmother Donna raised the boy alone. They live in a small village on the outskirts of town, where life is much less complicated than in the city.

One day, Tom was sitting at the village market with a basket of potatoes in his hand. It was mid-August, and Donna was already growing a lot of potatoes on her small farm for this time of year, which Tom was supposed to market and sell. Donna was 90 years old and as she got older she couldn’t go to the market for long, which is why Tom agreed to do it for her.

Tom approaches an old veteran who is selling all his medals to buy food | Photo: Shutterstock

As he sat in the market that day, all kinds of people passed him, but one of them in particular piqued his curiosity. He wasn’t well groomed, but he didn’t seem like a homeless person either. His clothes are old but clean, and his hair somewhat resembles a crab cut.

Tom has noticed that he often goes to his stall, examines his potatoes, and then leaves empty-handed. Why did he come here and leave without buying any potatoes? Could it be that Grandma set the price a bit high this time?

The young man was always curious. So when an elderly gentleman arrives, Tom will stare at his phone and watch him from the corner of his eye until he walks away.

One day, Tom noticed the elderly man walking from one shopkeeper to another, swinging a dirty rag around. Somehow he didn’t go to Tom’s stall that day, but just passed it. Curious as to why he did this, Tom asked a shopkeeper at a neighboring counter to look after his stall for a few minutes and decided to follow the older man.

The man stopped by a dilapidated old cottage not far from the market and went inside. Tom peeked into the house through the window and saw him take some old, dusty medals from an old canvas bag. “Wow! Are those medals yours?” he cried, ran inside and took the medals in his hand. “You have a lot of them!”

Tom saw the man with a lot of medals | Photo: Pexels

“Of course, they’re mine,” the man retorted, snatching it from Tom’s hand. “But who gave you permission to touch these things? Get out of here!”

“I just came here to ask why you didn’t come to my stall today. Is it because you believe my grandmother raised her prices too much this year?” Tom asked innocently.

“Listen, boy, I don’t want to buy those potatoes! I need firewood for the winter, so I go around the village looking for someone who will buy these medals and give me my money back,” he lied. .

“Oh, so you have no money!” Tom wondered aloud. “Just wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Tom ran to his stall, quickly packed a bag of potatoes, and headed back to the man’s house. “You can’t buy food without money. Keep these with you. You look so weak. Grandma’s potatoes are the best.”

“Listen, boy, I’m not interested in these potatoes, okay?” He glanced at Tom sternly. “I hate begging. Have you seen these medals?

“But…” Before Tom could say anything, the old man pushed him out of the house and slammed the door. Tom went back to his stall, depressed, but he could see the old man was very sad and tired. He should take these. He looked as if he hadn’t eaten in days. The boy wondered as he opened the bag and sat at his stall, waiting for the next customer.

Tom gives a bag of potatoes to the old man | Photo: Unsplash

For the whole week, Tom saw the old man walking around the market every day, trying to sell his medals. With each passing day, he looked more miserable, and his skin became more pale and lifeless. Even a stranger could tell he was sick by his appearance. Should I try asking him again if he wants something to eat? Anyway, Grandma wouldn’t know without a few bags of potatoes..

Tom quickly packed a bag of potatoes for him and silently followed him when he heard the man talking to a shopkeeper. “Can you please take these medals and give me some money. I haven’t eaten in days,” he begged.

“Sorry, but that’s not possible,” the salesman replied and sent him away. “Get out and don’t come here again!”

So he lied to me! He actually sold them for food! The young man thought, silently looking at the man from afar.

“Why are you lying to me that you are selling them for firewood?” Tom asked as he approached him. “Why don’t you let me help?”

Tom helped the old veteran | Photo: Pexels

The man’s eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry, but I’m too embarrassed to ask for your help. Can you share some of your potatoes with me? But I won’t take it for free. Would you be willing to give it away? ” me in exchange for the medals? “

“Sure,” said Tom, handing him a bag of potatoes. “This should last you at least a week.”

The man burst into tears at Tom’s generosity. “Thank you so much, boy! I don’t know how to thank you! What’s your name?”

“My name is Thomas, but you can call me Tom,” replied the boy, smiling.

“Thank you again, Tom. I’m Conner Davidson. Your grandmother is so lucky to have a grandson like you!”

“Take care of yourself. I’ll see you around,” Tom said and walked away happily. As he strolled through the streets, however, he worried about what would happen if his grandmother found out that he had given potatoes in exchange for a medal.

Tom gets scared when he comes home and Donna asks him for money | Photo: Pexels

“So, Tom, where’s the money you made from selling potatoes today?” Donna asked him when he got home.

“Unfortunately, I don’t sell any, ma’am,” he lied, hiding the medals behind his back. “I think we should lower the price.”

“Oh, should we?” Donna raised an eyebrow. “So what are you hiding?” She pulled Tom’s hand and discovered the bag of medals. “You gave up potatoes for this, Tom? Don’t lie to me!”

“Sorry ma’am,” Tom admitted. “I don’t want them, but someone really needs them!”

“What?!” Donna was very angry. “How many times have I told you not to be fooled by strangers, Tom? You mustn’t give them potatoes like that if they don’t give you money.”

“No, ma’am, I haven’t,” said Tom, recounting how Conner hadn’t eaten in days and was wandering the streets selling medals.

Suddenly, Donna hugged him and kissed his forehead. “Did you really do that, Tom? I’m so proud of you. But why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m afraid you’ll scold me, grandma. I think I should have told you first.”

Donna’s Potatoes and Tom’s Generosity Helped a Veteran | Photo: Unsplash

“Fine, honey, but that man must have had a hard time giving up these medals; we shouldn’t have taken them away like that.”

“What do you mean, grandma?”

That night, Donna and Tom went to a jeweler and cleaned the medals and put them in order. The next day, they visited Conner and returned it to them. “Here’s the reward for your bravery; never sell them!” Donna told him.

Conner teared up at Donna’s kindness. He thanked her for her generosity, and since that day, he has sat at their stall in Tom’s place to help her sell the potatoes. Months later, he secretly sold the medals and used the proceeds to send Tom to the city to study. Donna was hesitant to send Tom away, but Conner convinced her.

Today, Tom works as a software engineer in a leading technology company in New York City, thanks to Conner’s efforts.

Tom works as a software engineer in New York | Photo: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • Never refuse to help someone in need. Conner chased Tom away when he first came to help him, but the boy didn’t give up. He could see Conner was having a hard time and he helped him.
  • Kindness begets kindness. Tom helped Conner when he was in trouble, and the man reciprocated his kindness by saving for his education.

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