The media’s ridiculous Musk panic and other comments

From left: Laughable Musk Panic from Media

Although he has “no idea whether [Elon Musk’s] Impact on the company would be positive.” TK News’ Matt Taibbi loves the spectacle of Musk’s Twitter takeover bid, as “other media outlets” insist “Musk’s influence . . . going bad — very bad, bad!” Which “that’s in its own right,” since the same people “spent the last six years practically gleefully as other irresponsible billionaires changed the language landscape in their favor,” but now “on the mere Rumor howling that a less censored fat cat could sit on one of the big chairs. Oh the inhumanity!” One critic “even railed against Musk on the pages of . . . The Washington Post! A newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos.”

Urban Beat: LA Crime Surge targets the wealthy

“Crime has risen dramatically in Los Angeles,” but not in the neighborhoods you’d think James Varney reports at RealClearInvestigations. “Wealthy and predominantly white neighborhoods have seen the sharpest increases in a variety of crimes.” Census and LAPD crime statistics for the 12-month period ended January show that “the richer and whiter the area, the greater the increase in both the crude crime as well as the percentage of total city crime. This includes a wide range of offences, from robbery, burglary, shoplifting and auto theft to aggravated assault and rape.” Now “the fear is more pronounced than ever in posh areas,” a key change for “Angelenos who aren’t used to it to feel the crime”.

Foreign desk: Envoy hides Iran deal details

Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley is yet to appear before Congress to brief Americans on the Iran deal. writes Congressman Claudia Tenney at Newsweek. Why? The “deal would be terrible for our security”. It likely includes “up to $90 billion” in sanctions relief, as well as $7 billion to get hostages back, and contains “no discussion of Iran’s looming ballistic missile program.” . . or his support of terrorist proxies.” The “biggest secret”? Biden ‘has absolutely no plans to involve Congress’, something ‘required by law’ Tehran knows a deal without bipartisan support “won’t last” but is willing to play along for “a lucrative payoff.” It is “enlightening and deeply concerning that the Biden administration fails to recognize this.”

COVID-Journal: Mandates for the “bourgeois”

This month, “a crowd of senior Cabinet officials and lawmakers attended the annual Gridiron Club dinner,” where “at least 72 people contracted COVID-19,” including Attorney General Merrick Garland, Senator Susan Collins and Rep. Adam Schiff. notes Robby Soave at Reason. This shows why “in COVID you can’t just go back to normal” – although “political elites” can. “When cases arise, they will punish common people, but don’t expect them to make many social sacrifices.” And “no political figure represents this hypocrisy better than Vice President Kamala Harris, who was recently caught flouting mask rules .” White House Flicker Jen Psaki defended Harris, noting that the Veep was the only human — but then again, “Aren’t we all? Why are government officials the only people who can get away with this?”

Media Watch: Still in a rush to stop Trump

Instead of “counting on” his decision to squash Hunter Biden’s laptop story in 2020, accuses Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. of the Wall Street Journal., a Washington Post editorial instead “justifies” the move, claiming it was a prudent course after Russian influence in the 2016 election campaign. Still, the media had “plenty of leads to confirm or refute the story,” which was broken by “an established news organization, the New York Post.” In fact, Occam’s razor “strongly suggested” that the laptop “was exactly what it said it was — and intelligent journalists everywhere knew it.” But they ignored the story because they “knew” that Donald Trump’s re-election would be a disaster. And “unless you see the same conjecture already working overtime and on steroids before 2024, don’t pay attention.”

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