The man’s “stomach ache” turns out to be a headphone cord stuck in his bladder

It turns out a man’s stomach pain was caused by a 31-inch headphone cord in his bladder.

And the reason it got stuck there in the first place shocked the doctors.

The 34-year-old patient from Indonesia went to the emergency room and said he was experiencing pain when urinating.

Doctors were stunned when he revealed he had inserted a headphone wire into his urethra while masturbating.

He did this between 3-5 times a week for “sexual pleasure and satisfaction”.

But this time the man couldn’t get the wire out as it became lodged in his bladder, which was “visibly and quickly identified” by the team.

The wire was coiled and fortunately not attached to the bladder wall, and extraction was performed with forceps.

The headphone cable was found to be 1/16 inch tall and 31 inches long.

Doctors warned that a foreign object like this could become tangled in the bladder and more difficult to get out.

The patient was discharged the next day.

According to the story published in Radiological case reportshe “showed no apparent psychotic behaviors and was mentally healthy.”

He had no psychotic symptoms, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, or depression — which is more common in such “unique fetish” cases.

A psychiatric team diagnosed polyembolokoilamania – the insertion of foreign objects into openings such as the rectum and vagina.

Inserting objects into the urethra is usually referred to as “urethral probing.”

An x-ray of the headphone cable that was stuck in the man's bladder.
An x-ray of the headphone cable that was stuck in the man’s bladder.
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The risky activity involves inserting a glass or object into the urethra — the tube through which urine flows — to “increase sexual pleasure and arousal,” reports WedMD.

The journal states: “Although he was mentally healthy, the voluntary insertion of objects into the urethral meatus for sexual gratification reflects a psychopathological condition.

“Self-inserted foreign bodies in the urinary bladder for sexual gratification pose a significant challenge for physicians due to their difficult diagnosis and treatment.

“Most patients were admitted late due to embarrassment, leading to serious short- and long-term complications.”

It comes after doctors reported the case of a woman who found a glass cup was lodged in her bladder.

The Tunisian woman said she used the drinking glass as a sex toy a few years ago.

Apparently she had inserted it into the urethra – the hole where women urinate – and not into the vagina.

Other stories of urethral probing include a 30-year-old man who had a 2-foot cell phone charger stuck in his bladder.

He initially claimed that he had swallowed the cable.

This story originally appeared on the sun and is reproduced here with permission. The man’s “stomach ache” turns out to be a headphone cord stuck in his bladder


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