The low-crime policies of New York progressives are deeply misogynistic

Erik Böttcher, my councilman, says his mother is afraid to come to New York City for fear of being “hit.” She’s not wrong. The elected officials who fight for women’s rights do not take women’s legitimate fears seriously.

It’s no coincidence that when Frank Abrokwa allegedly smeared his feces on a victim in a Bronx subway station on February 21, the victim was a woman.

Before the attack, the suspect tried to hit his victim, saying, “Why don’t you want to talk to me?”

Every woman or girl knows this: A stranger comes up to you and tries to talk to you. Are you completely ignoring him and risking angering him? Or do you engage as little as possible and try to find a way out of the interaction?

Of course, that’s harder when nobody else is around – that’s all too often the case on subway platforms these days.

She ignored him – so he committed a deliberate act of retaliation aimed at humiliating and degrading her. He fled the scene to poop in a bag, returned and smeared the poop all over his victim’s face, hair and back. saying, “So, b-tch?” as she desperately tried to escape. At his indictment, Abrokwa used the same insult to address a judge.

Abrokwa is now back on the streets to escalate his behavior.

Frank Abrokwa
Survillence footage shows Frank Abrokwa smearing his feces on the victim.
Frank Abrokwa
The poop was smeared over his victim’s face, hair and back.

Signs show he will: He has faced 44 arrests in the past and has pending several violent counts in the last six months, including beating two people (men) in two different transit stations and spitting on a man who was he called an “f-King’s Jew”. ”

Because Abrokwa did not kill or rape anyone, judges released him without bail in three separate cases under the 2019 law.

Sure, a judge could held him under a provision that provides for imprisonment for repeat offenders. But she didn’t, believing it was insufficient evidence.

For advocates of bail reform, that means it’s working. He could have been kept – if everything had worked absolutely perfectly.

This insistence that everything is fine ignores the fact that the courts are deeply dysfunctional, and the new bail laws have done nothing to change that. Democratic state legislation has just grafted more opportunities for catastrophic mistakes into a system that makes such mistakes every day.

Frank Abrokwa
At Abrokwa’s indictment, he addressed the judge with an insult.
Wayne Carrington

The downside to bail reform is that Abrokwa may deserve a second chance (or a 45th chance). In this case, he is said to be “getting the help he needs,” in the new “thoughts and prayers” cliché.

Mayor Eric Adams said that “this horrible situation” is partly due to a “failing mental health system,” and Bottcher also says the people scaring his mother have “untreated mental illnesses.”

Okay good. When we’re not putting people in prison, we’re carefully attending to their psychological needs.

But it was Abrovka already on supervised release for his previous alleged assaults.

What mental illness does he have? Like the perpetrators in many recent violent crimes, he appears perfectly lucid and understands cause and effect.

Frank Abrokwa
In three separate cases, judges released Abrokwa without bail under state law in 2019.

Why couldn’t his “supervised release” therapy detect and treat this mysterious disease? What should the treatment be? What happens if he resists treatment?

Too many women are paying the price for the city not answering these questions. At least six New York women have been killed by strangers this year alone: ​​Jennifer Ynoa, Kristal Bayron-Nieves, Michelle Go, Dorothy Clarke-Rozier, Gloria Ortiz, and Christina Yuna Lee.

That’s more than a full year of stranger murders of women in normal years. 2018, no A New York City woman was killed by a stranger, indicating how safe the city has become.

And too many women have had close encounters — especially in the transit system. Urban health researcher Nina Rothschild suffered a fractured skull on a Queens subway stairwell, attacked by a career criminal who just served an 18-year out-of-state sentence.

New York streets
No New York City woman was killed by a stranger in 2018.
grant fainting

A 68 year old woman was slashed last week on the Union Square subway.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this is just life in the big city. This is due to specific changes in state and city policies.

Bayron-Nieves’ attacker had been released without bail after a previous attack. Lee’s alleged killer was also released without bail. Go’s alleged killer was on probationand had missed his appointments – with no penalty.

Police no longer arrest chronic turnstile jumpers – so they can commit major crimes in the transit system.

Looking over her shoulder, New York women should be wondering how feminist their progressive politicians are.

Nicole Gelinas is Associate Editor of the City Journal of the Manhattan Institute. The low-crime policies of New York progressives are deeply misogynistic


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