The long-lost half-sister appears after her father’s death and claims a share of the inheritance

A few years later, a woman appeared after the death of a rich man. She claims she is his long-lost daughter and asks her son to divide her part of the inheritance.

A 28-year-old man was embarrassed to share his inheritance with a woman who claimed she was his long-lost half-sister. He thinks the “relationships” on the subreddit will guide him in making better decisions and posting his story online.

Redditor Inheritance helped his father run the family business and learned the tactics to build an empire of his own. The death of his father left him devastated, and he ended up inheriting a huge fortune. Just as he was about to start his successful life, a woman, 24, came to visit him.

OP plunges into a property war with his long-lost half-brother | Photo: Shutterstock

She meets Original Poster (OP) a few years after his father’s death in an attempt to reconcile with her biological family. OP quickly recalled his father’s love affair with a young woman he had nourished.

Years ago, the OP’s father and the woman he had an affair with had a child they had adopted. OP’s parents split up after that, and he’s pretty sure a half-brother exists somewhere.

However, he was unsure of the girl’s name and whereabouts until she appeared that day. Deep inside, OP has his doubts and wants to confirm if she is his half sister through DNA test.

OP’s half-sister to be adopted | Photo: Unsplash

The results show that she is his half-sister, but he is not excited because he still considers her a stranger. The woman said she wanted to know more about her biological family because her adoptive parents did not have a good relationship with her. OP agrees and thinks she deserves a chance.

He spent time with her and even introduced her to other family members. Everyone is happy to have her around, and he thinks all is well.

A few days later, she visits him under the pretext of knowing more about their father’s death. After chatting for a while, she slowly spread his thoughts about giving her a “fair share” of the inheritance.

OP’s sister claims shares from his inheritance | Photo: Pexels

She said it wouldn’t be fair to her to claim half of the OP’s inheritance because he helped their father build their fortune, so she narrowed her claim down to a quarter or a fifth.

OP was furious and told his half-sister that her fair share was zero, but he would gladly help her with her studies and career. This is what he originally promised after testing their DNA, but the woman got angry and bombarded the OP with the allegation.

Some people asked OP if his half-sister would still be accessible if he wasn’t rich.

She then reached out to their grandparents, who found solace in her while grieving the loss of their son. So OP wasn’t surprised when his grandfather criticized him and said he was mean.

OP’s grandfather condemns him | Photo: Pexels

The OP tried to explain that he was still considering funding her career and education, but his grandfather was unmoved. The OP is traumatized and is starting to doubt whether or not he should share it with someone he barely knows. Several Redditors have advised him to consult an attorney. Among them are users Doughchild, who stated:

“You should ask your lawyer. There is often a difference in personal and business assets. If you’re a business partner, you have a second role besides sons, making inheritance a complicated pie to cut. “

OP answered that he tried doing it and that his half-sister has no legal claim. “It’s all family drama,” he added. Meanwhile, some users doubted their sister’s true intentions when she returned after the death of their father.

OP wondered if he was wrong and turned to social media for advice | Photo: Pexels

“I would call her parents and tell them what she said about being abandoned and asking for money… She was (probably) adopted by nice and well cared for people. ,” another Redditor Written.

OP later declare that his half-sister’s adoptive parents were upper-middle-class and doing pretty well, so it’s not like the bankrupt parents raised her.

OP is adamant in his decision | Photo: Pexels

Some people asked OP if his half-sister would still be accessible if he wasn’t rich. He reveals that he knows she doesn’t care about her biological mother’s family and that he is adamant that he won’t give her any part of his inheritance.

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