The lead appears in ‘The Bachelor’ for Clayton’s heart as Shanae breaks the rules

NEW YORK – The Shrimp Gate continued to be held at the rose ceremony from last week when the women tried to hash it out before Clayton arrived for their scheduled cocktail party. However, he walks in and overhears the conversation, and says he knows about the movie and he has to work that out before he can move on. Clayton asks Elizabeth and Shanae to speak to him privately outside. Elizabeth was completely calm while Shanae brought up the situation about the shrimp. It just sounds ridiculous. Clayton told Elizabeth and Shanae that he had to get up and leave for a minute because he felt they weren’t solving anything, they were just talking about shrimp. After fighting each other for a minute or two, Elizabeth stepped in to talk to the other women and remove herself from the situation with Shanae. Then, Shanae picked up almost all the shrimp rolls from a buffet and sat down to enjoy her shrimp.

Jesse stepped back in and told the women that Clayton was skipping the cocktail party and heading straight for the rose ceremony.

Rose Festival
1) Eliza (rose group day)
2) Sarah (once-a-day dating commission)
3) Gabby (rose group day)
4) Marlena
5) Teddi
6) Rachel
7) Mara
8) Sierra
9) Susie
10) Jill
11) Serenity

12) Genevieve
13) Hunter
14) Lyndsey
15) Shanae

In an absurd turn of events, Clayton eliminated Elizabeth instead of Shanae. Wow, he would be shocked to watch this scene again and see that Shanae said she would push the rose on his *bleep* if he gave it to Elizabeth. Sorry.

Back at the house, Gabby was crying with Genevieve when Elizabeth left and Shanae stayed. She did not like to see justice not served. Shanae told the women that she felt a weight lifted from her and that she was glad Elizabeth was out of the house.

Bachelor goes to Houston
Jesse arrives and tells the women that there won’t be any dates that day… in Los Angeles, they are preparing for an international journey with Clayton. Their first stop will be Houston, Texas. Lyndsey is from Houston so she’s happy to be home. Clayton hopes that a new city will reset the drama in the house of zero.

Clarence, Clayton’s good friend who lives in Houston and who played with him, stopped by the hotel to visit him. Clayton is seeking advice from Clarence because he is married and has a child and that is what he wants for his own life.

Dating someone with Rachel
A dating card came in and it said, “Rachel, Find our love in the heart of Texas.” Rachel was thrilled to have one on one! Rachel met Clayton in the woods and they got into a serious kiss! Then they hiked to some horses so they could take a ride on the trail. As they walked along, they found a group of people having a barbecue. It’s a little weird when they break their party, but family is the game they’re in. Rachel hooked up with the lone woman there and Clayton had a good time with the guys. Clayton likes to see how Rachel can get along with people.

Clayton asks Rachel what her last name is and makes sure she knows his middle name. Those are the good things to know about the person you’re dating! Rachel kept whispering… and didn’t they know they were on TV? Everyone needs to hear these! Clayton tells Rachel that he’s given up on the hard game, he doesn’t want to waste any more time. He promised her that he wouldn’t surpass him for a day. They seem to make a very strong connection.

That night, Rachel and Clayton went to a beautifully furnished barn for dinner. He said he was wondering how a beautiful woman like her with such a lousy job and being so kind is single? She said she knew she wanted to be a pilot all her life since she was a kid. Rachel says she has to prove herself every day and her past relationship doesn’t support her career. She said she didn’t want a conditional love. Rachel wants to get married and be a mother badly, but doesn’t want to give up piloting to do it. Clayton says he admires her passion and would never ask her to stop doing what she loves. Rachel cried with joy and then Clayton took her to a private Restless Road gig. They sang “Growing Old with You.” It’s a perfect song for them! Of course, Clayton gave her the date rose and said, “I’ll never dim your light.”

Second group day
The team’s day card reads “Sarah, Eliza, Teddi, Marlena, Jill, Susie, Mara, Sierra, Hunter, Lyndsey, Genevieve, Gabby, Shanae, meet me at the stadium.” Before they left for the date, Shanae overheard Sierra talking about her and rallied the army against her.

The women went to the Houston Texans football stadium for a makeover, and as they happily did so, Jonathan Greenard and Kamu Grugier-Hill, both Texas backing players, showed up. They will teach the women some soccer skills so they can compete in rugby. Sorry! The winning team will go to the party after the losers return to the hotel. The blue team is the Smashing Shrimp and the purple team is the purple Punisher. Since the purple team has Olympian athletes, you can tell what happened. Shanae asks Clayton for a kiss as she falls. Hannah Storm worked with Jesse on the play “The Bachelor Bowl” and it was probably the best commentary we’ve ever had.

Shanae sat at the hotel and cried when her team lost. Teddi showed Clayton her scratched knee that he was stroking. She shared about her parents’ breakup with Clayton and said it was a similar feeling trying to win his love than trying to win her parents’ love during that time. Clayton tells her to just be herself. Sierra decides to talk to Clayton about Shanae and he tells the truth that he saw her handle Shanae when she didn’t even have the ball. Genevieve also took Shanae to Clayton and he found it running low.

Shanae shows up and says she deserves to be at the party after party even though she’s the losing team. She asked to speak to Clayton and he was confused but said it was fine. The other women were shocked to learn that she showed up. He told her that he wanted to ask her some questions about what Sierra and Genevieve had said. She plays the victim again with Clayton and then spends the rest of her time making up with him at the bar. Shanae then turned to the women and told them to “keep my name * out of your mouths.” Then she picked up their trophy and threw it!

Next week
Clayton and the women go to Niagara Falls. He continues to forge deep connections with Sarah, Rachel, and Gabby. Shanae continues to feud with the women but goes on two-on-one dates with Genevieve.

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